Sunday, March 1, 2009

Latin Play

I started feeling like I was coming down with a bad cold last weekend. Instead taking it seriously, I figure, it's no big deal. I was horny, as usual and met up with Latin dude. We had been going back and forth all day. It was kinda tiring just emailing and the bullshit that happens when you are trying to hookup. I end up at his place. He puts on one of my favorite porn flicks, an Active Duty dvd featuring Cole, who is this brutal top/ bb'er who fucks all these young, almost virgin like guys fiercely with his monster dick. I like this one cause he flips in it and gets fucked and then gives it back to the guy 20 X harder. Back to the actual fucking, we start jacking off and watching the porn. He blows me for a bit. He's doing an OK job. Nothing special. Then all of the sudden, I cum. No warning, no big build-up, no heart pounding, knee buckling load blasting moment. I didn't even have the ability to say I am going to cum cause it was just happening before I even knew it. He swallowed it, jacked off and I went on my way. Not exactly hot especially since this this guy wanted me to fuck him. Only the next day did I realize that it was because I had the flu. I was lucky I even came.

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