Thursday, October 29, 2009

Blow Job Day ends with a....

I was pretty content with my twink when I received this email from this twink with a hot bod.  He's 23, 5'10, 150, dark hair, dark eyes and super sexy, hairy chest.  He sends a pic and he's cute but has this smile that made me melt.  I had to have this punk in a bad way and see that sexy as grin as I am inhaling his meat.  We emailed and texted each other for abit.  We met up about 8ish at my office, which is pretty late for me to be hooking up at work.  Since the cleaning people had been there already, I take him into my conference room and have him look out at the view.  I get up close to him and start feeling him up.  He's super sexy and I can't really control myself. He undoes his buttons and he's commando.  Hot.  I go over and grab his cock in my hand, it's nice, he claims he's 7 but I think he's smaller than that (and the pic backs my assessment up) but it doesn't matter.  I couldn't get enough of his cock.  I was sucking the shit out of his dick.  Playing with the head, the shaft, deep throating, sucking his balls, licking the taint, inhaling the smell of his pubes.  It's hard to attack a cock, beat off and look up at his sexy chest and smile but somehow I managed to do it until I felt his cock getting harder and expanding in my mouth.  He wanted me to swallow and I was ready to say yes.  Instead, he pulled out and shot his load all over my chest, then reached down and grabbed mine and I shot my load on his arm, chest and leg.  He could tell I was totally into him so he hung around and talked about my job.  Then all the fucking things, he asks me if I could get him a job at my work.  As hot as it would be to fuck around with this hot ass all the time, the last thing I need is a sexual harrassment complaint against me.  I said I'd see.  Too bad he to ruin it.  I want him again but don't need the trouble.  Once again, the after messing around chit chat screws things up.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Blow Job Day, Part 1

I put out an ad on Craigslist and this twink wants to come by.  He's 24, 6"1, 150 pounds, dark hair and eyes.  He was cuter in his pics but still cute in person.  He pretty much just wants to give head and scoot his twink ass back to the office.  I love a guy that takes a quick work break to give some head and then goes back to the office finish out the grind.  We get up close and start feeling each other up.  He wastes no time at all, and starts taking my belt off.  Pretty soon, my pants are unzipped and he's taking my cock out of my boxers.  He starts going down on my cock and I have to stop him to take off my suit pants and underwear.  I tell him to take his out so I can see him stroke it.  He does and he has a nice size dick.  I love when these skinny boys have big dicks.  He starts stroking as he blows me.  It gets me super hard.  As I am known to do, I take charge of the blow job and start fucking his mouth.  He loves it even when I jam his head back and hold my prick in his mouth.  It makes him harder and stroke faster.  I keep at it until I blow my load down his throat.  He pulls me in to make sure he gets every drop of my cum.  I love a good boy that knows to swallow it all.  After taking my jizz, he shoots his load into his hand and licks up every drop.  Damn what a cum slut. He saw my dirty smirk and winks, gets dressed and leaves without saying a word. 

Friday, October 23, 2009

Eager slut

I met up with this interesting dude.  We had hooked up before, about two years ago, pretty much your run of the mill hook-up.  He's cute, thin, in shape, attractive, 5'7, 130 pounds, Spanish Arab mix, late 20's.  I didn't recognize him from his pics but did when we met up.  Not sure if he did.  It wasn't brought up.  We went up to my office and he's all excited as he says this is a fantasy of his.  I play along, me too except I've done it a few too many times to be a new experience but I am always fantasizing about the next one.  We get up and we feel each other up.  He has a nice taut body.  I kiss his neck and grab his ass, pulling him into me.  We start undressing each other.  Once we're naked, he starts giving me heading.  He's pretty good at it and I take advantage and start fucking his mouth, pulling on his longish hair.  After a bit of me working over his mouth and enjoying my pre-cum, he stands up and turns around.  I know where this is headed.  I bend him over a bit, grab some lube and stick my dick in him raw.  He has a nice ass.  Silicone based lube is feels so good when fucking bare.  He's pretty vocal.  No one is here but you never know so I tell him to shut the fuck up.  I'm not really all that verbal when I'm fucking, I usually like to concentrate and fuck.  Recently, I've taking a liking to talking smack to a guy when I fuck him.  He submits and I start calling him names. Telling him he's a dirty slut.  He's getting off on it.  Eventually, he moves to a chair I have against the wall and gets in it. Now I really start pounding him and he loves it.  He tells me he wants my cum in him. I tell him he's going to have to work for it and keep pounding his ass.  Letting up at times so I don't cum too quickly.  I want to really fuck him long and hard and take it out on him.  He's definitely game.  He's getting loud again and as I keep pounding him, I smack the back of his head and tell him to shut the fuck up.  He's totally surprised and really goes back on my cock as he tightens up.  That's it.  I grab his little hips and pull him back as I thrust and shoot a load deep in his ass.  He tells me he can feel my hot cum in him and it's a huge load.  He cleans up and leaves.  About an hour later, I check my email and he's already sent me an email about fucking him again.  I like an eager boy but not that eager.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

It is abundently clear

I didn't take long for me to realize a bad idea.  The overwhelming response or rather lack thereof tells me all I need to know.  I don't know what happened to me, call it temporary insanity but the offer is gone.  At least, I have a reason to post another hot pic. Enjoy and there will be a new post which will be a lot more exciting.

Is this prize worthy?

I'm coming up on my 100,000th hit.  My blogging bud offered up a prize for his 500,000th and I thought maybe I could do the same.  Any interest?  Thoughts on prizes? Maybe let a poll decide. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My friend left that for me. Yeah right.

I met up with this Middle Eastern dude that seemed promising.  He had some hot pics and really wanted to play.  I get to his place and he has me waiting outside in the hallway for about 5-8 minutes.  Seriously, I was ready to leave when he answered his door.  The pics he was using were definitely not current.  He resembled the pic but about 5-7 years ago.  That being said, he was still doable.  I get in and he has a nice place.  He basically lets me know that he'll blow me but he's not that into it and really wants to get fucked.  Cool.  He also is not into reciprocation so he doesn't expect me to blow him.  Fine, I didn't really want to.  He shows me his room and low and behold he has a sling in it.  I was curious as I've never fucked anyone in one before as well as weirded out because you should really mention that kinda thing before hand.  I get undressed andI lay in his bed and he starts blowing me.  He has his shirt off and he's pretty hairy so I'm expecting his ass to be the same.  I'm nice and hard and he suggests using the sling.  I ask some questions and he says a porn star friend of his let him borrow it as he was leaving town.  Huh???  That doesn't even make sense.   Whatever, blame it on the anonymous slutty porn star.  Yeah right.  He gets in it and we lock him up so he is restrained.  I line up my cock and stick it in. He has a lot of lube there so I goes in pretty easily.  It's kinda cool to fuck somebody in the rocking fashion of the sling but he won't shut up and it's a real turn off.  I tell him to shut up but he keeps going on and on about how he loves getting fucked in the sling and for me to fuck him.  Dude, in case you haven't noticed, a.  you are in the sling and b.  I am fucking you.  Pretty soon, I start to lose my hard on.  Eventually, I let him out of the sling and try to fuck him on the bed.  It wasn't working, as I was not into the scene at all.  I stop trying and start jerking off.  As I get close, he asks for me to shoot inside him but I don't want to.  Instead, I blow it on his face and he gets pissed.  I shrug my shoulders and apologize.  I get dressed and go to my office to clean up before heading home.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Jock Strap Boy Round 2

There is something about this boy.  He's totally my type, except for the not bottoming part.  But it doesn't matter, there is something about the way he handles himself that makes me want to submit to him.  I saw him online the other day and we started chatting.  He asked me if I wanted his dick again.  He knew I did before he even asked me the question.  I told him yeah.  He says get over here and I am there within fifteen minutes.  He answers his door wearing nothing but his jock and a pair of socks.  Fucking hot.  I follow him up the stairs checking out his tiny ass and thin legs.  I want to push him down on the stairs and bury my face in his ass so bad but I don't.  We get up and he puts on some porn.  Some amateur military stuff, kinda hot.  He sits back on the couch and tells me to suck his dick.  I get down between his legs and start sucking him through his underwear.  It doesn't last long as I take his prick out and start sucking on it.  He gets hard quick.  I love his cock.  He has nice thickness and just the right size, not too big or too small.  Plus he has hot foreskin.  His head just peaks out throught it until you really go to town on his cock.  He loves ordering me to pay attention to the head and then deep throat it.  He loves his balls sucked.  Not my favorite thing but if it gets him off, I'm all in.  I suck on his balls and lick aroung the balls, the pube and the taint area.  I try to get at his ass to rim it but he doesn't want me to.  I go back to sucking his balls, take one in and tonguing it, then take the other in and slowing using my tongue to alternate on them.  This really gets him off.  He asks me if I want his cock in my ass.  Fuck yeah.  I know the deal here and it's my ass that's going to take it all.  I lube up my ass and he puts on a condom and lubes up his dick.  I try to sit on it but I can't.  It hurts alot.  I get on all fours.  Before the goes at me, he wipes me down as I've been doing so much work, I'm all sweaty.  He goes in nice and slow.  Inches in, allowing me to get used to it.  He gets all in and I gasp.  He starts to fuck and I ask him to just stay still and get used to it.  He's a good top, he does that.  When he starts up, he goes slow knowing that he's still breaking in my cherry.  He slow fucks me and it feels fucking amazing.  He keeps at it and picks up the pace.  I can take it better because he's been working on me. He keeps telling me how tight my ass is and how great it feels.  He says he's going to cum and tell him to cum on me.  He pulls out, takes off the condom and is stroking when he shoots all over me.  He totally shot a huge load.  He gets up and cleans me up.  We go back to the couch and I start jacking off. He is playing with my balls as I jack. He reach over and start playing with his foreskin.  He tells me that it's not going to get hard right away.  I know that but I love touching his cock so much, it doesn't matter.  I can't get enough.  As I am playing with his soft cock, he jacks me off and I'm getting super hard.  I can feel it coming, I'm leaking all over the place when I shoot a huge load myself.  He's amazed at how much cum there is.  I clean up and he says, next time I should be able to fuck you harder as I breaking you in.  I love his attitude. Fuck yeah, break me in.  Make me sniff your crotch.  Make me suck your balls.  Take my ass.  Make it your ass.

Monday, October 12, 2009

A surprise visit

You guys know that I like Lewis alot.  He's hot and a good fuck.  The only problem is that it takes too long as I either have to pick him up, drop him off or both.  He texts me and lets me know he is going to be downtown.  Perfect, I can host.  He comes over at lunch time.  We don't waste too much time.  He starts undressing me and gets right down and starts sucking my dick.  He's alll into it and loves sucking it from my suit.  He unbuttons his pants and takes his out to stroke.  He's sucking me for a bit when I decide to dick slap him around.  As I am whacking my cock across his face, he shoots his load.  That was fast.  He starts sucking again and I tell him that I want to get undressed and fuck him.  We both get naked, I grab the Vaseline and lube up my cock and his hole.  I approach from behind and push him forward and line my cock up and stick in raw.  It feels good and tight.  I fuck him for a bit, pushing him forward so that he lies across the desk.  I am pounding his, making sure that when I feel too excited I slow down so as not to cum.  We go at it for a bit when he asks to change positions.  He turns around my chair and gets in it, and I push in from behind and fuck him from behind. I am giving it to him good and hard and after a bit, he says he can't take it anymore.  He starts sucking me off and I throat fuck him, good and hard.  When I get close, I tell him and blow my load in his mouth.  He keeps it in there for a bit, getting it all up and eventually spits the rest out, saying I had a huge wad for him.  It was a nice, unexpected visit from my little thug.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hot Phillipino fuck

It was early and I was horny.  I meet up with this little Phillipino guy.  He's abut 26, 5'6, 130, olive complexion, looks more Hispanic than Phillipino.  I get to his place and he meets me at the door and we take the elevator up.  I'm totally turned on so I start getting fresh in the elevator by touching his body.  He responds and my dick is already hard.  We get into his studio and we leads me to the couch.  I slip out of my shorts and he takes my cock out and starts sucking me.  He wants to control the action, so I let him take the lead on it.  He's going at it for awhile and I tell him to take his clothes off.  He asks me to lay down on the bed and I do.  He lubes up his ass, puts a condom on me and sits on my dick.  He's into it and rides me.  Eventually, I start to lift up and without pulling out move him so that we are in the missionary position.  I start pounding him.  I felt like I was going to last awhile so I really gave it to him.  So much so, that we almost fell off the bed.  We didn't but you get the point.  I kept at it and he was loving it.  He was getting a good work out.  When I got close, I pulled out and took the condom off.  He wanted me to cum inside but not without the condom.  I hate coming in a condom so I started rubbing against his ass until I shot my load all over the crack of his ass, balls and cock.  He got up, wiped off and jacked off until he came.  A nice way to start your Saturday morning.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Good news!!!

Just tested today and the results were negative.  I'm not surprised but as big of a slut as I am there is always the nagging fear of what if.  Especially when you are sitting there waiting, and waiting and waiting.  Seriously, it took a lot longer than usual, I was wondering if they were re-testing.  Thanks Howard Brown for the good news and the free testing.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Beefy Latin Stud

I'm at work and I'm horny as hell.  I put out a feeler to see if some of my regulars are around but no luck.  Without much expectation due to the time of day (late) and not being able to host, I put an ad on CL.  I get the typical responses but receive one that is clearly better than the rest and has my juices flowing.  He's young, 22, 5'10, 178, brown, brown, latin euro mix.  He's bigger than my usual twink but hey I just want to fuck, not marry him.  I really don't think of him as a twink because he's man sized.  We meet up at his place.  I get there and he's exactly as described, young, cute, thick man sized boy.  He's wearing a tank and athletic/basketball shorts.  he doesn't waste time and takes me into his bedroom and starts kissing me.  Next thing I know he's taking off his shorts and he's commando.  Hot.  Nice cock too, about 7.5, thick and more of the pinkish brown latin cock than the dark latin cock.  I'm definitely in.  We get completely naked and go to the bed.  We're making out and feeling each other up.  He's a good kisser, strong lips.  I start kissing down his chest to his cock.  He's fully hard and leaking pre-cum like he left the faucet on.  It's hot but I have mixed feelings about it.  While pre-cum is hot, I usually don't like that much of it, that soon but I'm not stopping.  I blow him for a bit and we trade places.  He gives me a pretty wet blow job and we eventually end up kissing again with me grinding on him.  I raise his legs and start rubbing my cock on his ass.  It feels good and I really want to take his hot hole.  He's jacking while I'm doing this and shoots a huge load all over his chest.  Fuck, dude that was too soon.  I continue rubbing my cock and am thinking he may let me fuck him raw.  I tell him that I want to fuck him and he says he didn't clean down there so not today.  So much for that idea.  I continue grinding my cock across his hole letting my head inch in and hit the upper part of his ass hole.  He's going nuts and I lose it, blowing my load all over his ass, cock and stomach.  We kiss afterwards and let the cum rub into each other.  We shower up and get ready to take off.  Before I leave, he asks me if I'm married.  I ask why and he says that I'm not the gay type and he figures I am.  I tell him yes so he can have his fantasy about the "straight" dude.  There's no point in ruining it for him.  Plus if we hook up again, it will make it hotter for him.