Wednesday, March 30, 2011

one more go with the twink

About a month passed and I had texted the new twink a few times about getting together.  He usually responded that he was working, in school, with his girl or otherwise not free.  I pretty much didn't expect to hear from him again until one day out of the blue, I get a text asking me what I'm up to and if I want to come over.  The answer was clearly, yes.  I pretty much dropped everything and headed over to his place.  I get there and we start making out at the door.  He mumbles that we have a couple of hours before his roommates will be home.  We undress each other as we make out and get into the bed.  After some kissing and grinding, I start kissing down his body before I start sucking his dick.  Damn, it's big.  He says it's 8 inches but damn it  looks bigger than that.  And it's so thick.  I go down on his cock, playing with his foreskin for a bit before I throw his legs up and start eating his ass out.  I'm enjoying his tasty boy pussy, grinding my cock into the bed before I have to stop because I'm starting to edge and that is not where I want to cum.  I  move back up and we start kissing again before he moves my cock down toward his hole, pretty much telling me to fuck him now.  I slowly enter him and get his ass ready for my assault.  We've never done it missionary style before and it's hot to be able to kiss him as we fuck.  I feel him getting comfortable and I start thrusting my cock in his hot little hole.  We are getting it on really hot and heavy.  The making out while we fuck seems to be taking him to a different place.  I have to continually stop myself from cumming a gs I want this to last longer. I did too good of a job because I blue balled myself while fucking him.  I realized I was losing my hard on so I pulled my dick out of him and changed positions, with him on top of me.  He starts rubbing his cock into my groin as we kiss.  He eventually starts pushing his cock down by my hole. I let him know it;'s cool to play down there but he can't fuck me as he would rip my ass apart.  In a soft, almost shy voice, he asks if he can stick the head in.  I start laughing and tell him that I'm not a 14 year old girl.  He continues to rub and grind and cums all over me.  In the moment (and quite a brilliant one at that), I take his cum and lube up my dick.  I get behind him and fuck him, pushing his cum deep inside of him.  I'm so turned on by using his cum for lube that I quickly blow my load deep in his ass, mixing my cum with his.  Exhausted, we both fall on the bed and kiss for a bit.  As I'm getting dressed to leave, he matter of factly tells me that was the best fuck he's ever had.  He's all of 19 and a confused mess but my ego is stroked and I love it.  I've texted him since for another go but he has been evasive.  He'll let me know when he wants it again and I'll let you guys know right away too.

Friday, March 25, 2011

I just had to

I couldn't help myself.  I was turned on by it all.  I ended up texting Rob the next day to make sure everything was cool with his girl and of course, get some more ass.  It worked and we arranged a time to meet that day.  I get to his place and we chat about how crazy it was before we get down to playing.  I felt more comfortable with him.  We kissed for a bit and there was some passion before he leaned over me so that I could suck his dick to.  I suck that monster for a bit before moving up to his ass and eating.  Two of favorite things, getting my dick sucked and eating ass.  We went at it for awhile.  His ass tasted good and I wanted him ready to take it this time.  After a bit, I slap him on the ass and tell him to turn around.  He gets in the doggy position, I pull his light caramel ass towards me, lube up my cock and then spit on his sweet pink hole before I stick my big head in. As I put my cock in, his head rocks and his crazy hair is flying all over the place.  I go in slowly as he moans and let it build up until he is ready for it harder.  And when he is, I start pounding his ass.  He's going crazy and he tells me that he's getting close.  Then I felt his ass contract and he came into his hand as I continued to pound away.  I told him to "eat that cum" and he followed my order and starts licking up his cum from his palm.  That drove me over the edge and I let loose a big load in his ass.  This time, it was all in. We talked for a bit as I cleaned up.  We left it open ended but it was way better this time around. And the deviant in both of knew exactly why.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The drama with the new twink

A few days after I fuck Rob, worlds collide.  In the only way they can and should, awkwardly.  My best friend's dad died somewhat suddenly and being a good friend, I go to the wake to support him.  My ex and I go together and have a bunch of friends there as well.  My friend's dad was a bit of a player player and had several kids with a few women, so I am meeting a bunch of his step-brothers and sisters that I have never met before. Eventually, I meet his half-sister Katie and her boyfriend Rob.  I almost shit in my pants.  It was obvious we knew each other and his sister as well as my friend are wondering how.  He works at a Starbucks and tells them that I am a regular customer.  It's a brilliant lie and I go along with it.  We spent the rest of the night pretending not to be looking at each other.  I know this was wrong, but I wanted him right there.  It was hard to focus and be respectful when you are sitting there popping wood thinking about fucking your best friends sister's man at their father's funeral.  So I played it cool and so did he.  I saw him checking me out a few times and he did the same.  I was so horned up thinking about him I actually put some moves on my ex to try and get off (not a good idea)...I thought about texting him but held back.  But I loved it.  I was so turned on by how deceitful and wrong this was.

Monday, March 21, 2011

A new twink

This is a really strange hook-up series even for me.  I met this kid, Rob online. He's cute, 19, about 6 foot, 150-155 pounds, latin, white and maybe a bit of black in him.  He looks French, kinda like Joakim Noah, the basketball player, but less dorky. We meet up and I am definitely into him.  We start playing around and things are okay but kinda weird.  He's blowing me pretty good and I tell him to sit on it.  He looks up at me and says bareback? And while I wasn't sure what he was up to, I just moan and he sits on my dick.  He's having a hard time taking the dick, his ass is super tight.  But he keeps going at it, taking the dick but it's a struggle.  After about ten minutes of watching him squirm I tell him to move.  I go behind him and start kissing his neck before I push him down and fuck him hard from behind.  Before he was struggling to take it, now he has no option.  I know he's having a hard time but at this point, I'm not too concerned.  As I'm getting ready to cum, I start to move out of him but not totally so I cum part in him and part on his hole, leaving him a sloppy mess.  I have to say I loved watching my cum dripping all over him especially since he didn't plan on getting fucked, especially bare. As I left, I was hoping this kid wouldn't contact me again because it was ok but sometimes you just let it be. Then, unexpectedly, and not at a good time or place....he shows up out of nowhere. To be continued....for the drama...

P.S.  I couldn't find a really good pic of a guy that looked like him but he's sort of a cross between the two but with a big, fat, 8 inch uncut cock.

Friday, March 18, 2011

How "real" is it, Dustin aka Spencer

This has been out there for a bit but with the new season airing, the past of this character has come into play.  For those of you that don't know, the Real World season 25 recently kicked off.  Not big news, no one really cares about this show anymore as it was once relevant and ground breaking but now, not so much.  This season, a little hottie named Dustin appears.  Dustin has a past and he's not exactly hiding it.  Dustin was a on a gay for pay porn site, where he was pretty much naked all the time.  The stuff you see on the site is tame, lots of nakedness, dumb ramblings, jacking off, every once in awhile, playing with his ass, a duo and some jerking etc.  You don't see anything too crazy but it is reported that he blew some dude and he fucked, got fucked etc.  What I find so interesting is that MTV knew about this and basically used it as a ratings tease.  There's not a gay character but a gay for pay with the buzz it creates, free publicity and probably better ratings.  Hell, I watched that stupid show and checked that hot piece of ass out on too.  fratpad is not the best site but it has a place and I did jack off to it so I can't really say too many bad things about it.   Judge for yourself, and FYI, will have a new post up this weekend.  Keep a look out boys.