Thursday, February 26, 2009

James & the seedy motel

I am talking with this guy 22 year old twink online last month. He had some cock pics and his stats posted (22, 6'1, 150). He's in the closet, lives at home, doesn't have a car, lives on the other side of town in an area that can best be described as working class. Not exactly a great start. And before I forget, he won't send a face pic or give his phone number out. The saving grace is he is a young, skinny twink who likes older guys. I decide to meet him. He asks me to pick him up at the car wash. I told him OK, I'd be there in about 45 minutes and I give him my number. I'm running way behind and he calls me and asks where I am. I'm not too far away so I told him to hold on. The fucking moron is waiting outside and it's in the single digits. I get there about 20 minutes later and he's not there. I email him and take care of some business. I don't hear back, so I leave, pissed at myself for going when I was suspicious of his whole routine. I get to work and he has sent me a pissy email. I respond back and make sure he knows I was there. He apologizes and says he left because he was too cold. Whatever. I figure enough of him. He keeps emailing me wanting to get together and he somehow talks me into it. I think I figured that I wouldn't have waited outside when it was 6 degrees either. But I head out........

He emails me to pick him up near his house and describes what he'll be wearing. I love the fact that he's in the closet but this meet me here crap is getting a bit old. I pull up and he gets in my car. He's cute but looks bigger than 150 but not fat. Since he can't host, we head over to this motel that is nearby. We have some stupid conversation along the way but he's growing on me. We finally get there and it's kinda seedy and has a horrible tropical name. I go in and get a room, for $35. Who knew....

We get in the room and I pee while he finds the free bad porn on the TV. He asks for the condoms and I pull some out. He starts getting undressed and I realize he is about 150 it's just the bad over sized clothes he's wearing that make him look heavier. He's got a nice body. He's thin. The type that doesn't have any fat on him and smooth with milky white skin. We both get naked and I'm feeling him up. He turns his face away when I try to kiss him and says he doesn't kiss. I wish he did but I can deal with it because I am rock hard and want this little punk bad. I start licking up his body. I push his arm back and start eating out his pits. Nice and clean. Yum. He has really nice small nipples which I then suck on. I love his body, he's not muscular but doesn't have any fat so it's all natural. I can eat him up. I kiss his body going down the sides and back up. I then start sucking his dick. He has a nice cock, about 7. As I'm giving him head, I go to finger his ass. He tells me that I put some preparation H down there because getting fucking hurts him and this makes it easier. So much for eating your ass out pal. And it's a cute little ass too. I continue giving him head alternating sucking him, running his shaft up my goatee so I can see his cock twitch, sucking his balls, tonguing his slit, and sucking hard. He tells me to stop cause he's getting close to cumming. I tell him he better not cum yet. He says no problem and reaches over for the condoms and puts it on my raging hard cock. He scoots up and I put his legs over my shoulders and line my prick up with his hole. He asks me to go slow, so I do. I go in slowly and stop, letting him get used to it. I keep looking at him and love his body so much. Not just the chest but the thin muscular arms and legs. I could look at him all day. But I don't. I move further in and stop again. I wait to make sure he's ready for it all. Once I push so that I it's basically my pubes that are visible, I start moving my cock sideways to stretch him out. I start picking up the pace but am still slow fucking him. He's getting into so it I can start going harder. After about 15 minutes, he says his legs hurt so we start fucking doggy style. I start banging him hard and he loves it. The nice part is I can reach around and start stroking his cock as I beat down on his hole. I can feel him getting excited, his hole starts getting tighter. I feel his ass contract as he starts to cum and this throws me over the edge and I pull out, whip off the condom and start cumming on his ass. This freaks him out a bit but too bad. I want my boys to be free. I notice that he wasn't as clean as I thought but that's the motel's problem. We clean up and I drive him back. On the way he puts the hoodie covering his face. I ask him about it and he say "Bro, I'm not out and if anyone sees me with you they'll be asking who's the old dude in the nice ride." OMFG, just put a knife in there punk. This old dude just fucked the shit out of you. I get a grip and make a smart ass remark and he apologizes and says "I think your hot". I'm tell him it's OK because, I realize I'm 16 years older than him (I'm 38), in a suit, driving a $40K+ foreign car in a neighborhood where you don't see it. This kid is a keeper, I may need to make him a fb.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

For your enjoyment

This cold still has me by the balls so in the interim enjoy these pics.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Forgot how hot he was

I have a couple of posts still to write but I'm a bit under the weather here so I'm going to hold off on writing those. But last night watching the Oscars, I forgot how much I want Adrien Brody to fuck the daylights out of me. Ever since I saw him in Summer of Sam, with that spiked hair, hot body and bikini briefs showing off a huge cock, I've dug him. Even while not in the best of conditions, I had to rub one out to him last night. That's about the only thing to be thankful from the Oscar show. By the way, this does confirm, I do love a bad boy.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The 40 something year old virgin???

I had this meeting out in the burbs the other day. I rarely make it out that way and figured why not see what there is to offer. I put out and ad and was shocked that there were so many guys into cock out there. Most of the guys skewed over 30. I received this interesting email response:

No Kissing! bud pritty much everything elses goes hispanic married home alone loking to get ponded for the first time small dick wold do for me

Married virgins always peak my interest plus I love Hispanic. May not be able to help him with the small dick part but not too large here so, this could be hot. We chat up and he invites me over. Once I get there, he's definitely Hispanic but not sure what nationality, maybe South American cause he's tall, over 6 feet tall. He's about 42, 175 pounds with nice pecs.

I arrive and he's on the phone dealing with some unauthorized charge on his credit card that his daughter made. I am standing there listening, feeling kinda guilty about this. Not guilty enough to leave so I wait. He's in a t-shirt and underwear and clues me in that I can stay by bring me to the bedroom. He gets off the phone and I quiz him about being a virgin and he says he tried before but one guy couldn't penetrate him and the other came before they fucked. He asks me if I brought "protection" and I tell him no. He looks as I am now out of my suit and says ok. He starts sucking me through my boxers before taking them off. He asks me to go on the bed. He gets up there and starts sucking my dick and puts his ass for me to eat. I'm not feeling it so I spit and start to finger him. He asks me if I want to fuck him. I'm here dude, so yeah. He goes onto his back and raises his legs. He says to be careful cause he's tight. I spit on my cock and stick the head in raw. He moans and says that my head is big. And reminds me to go slow. I slowly stick it all the way in. He's handling it well so I continue until I'm all the way in. I just stop and let him feel it. I do a jig to move side to side, to stretch the hole out a bit. It's time to start really fucking so I start fucking him., giving his the pounding he said he wanted. He's moaning and grimacing so I roll him to his side and fuck him on his side. He starts going nuts. It probably doesn't hurt that I jack him off while breaking his ass apart. It's obvious that he can take it a lot better this way. Plus, you can really pound one out on a guy that is on his side. I start to really fuck him, fast and furiously and hard. He's getting into. I can feel I'm getting close and was going to ask him where he wanted me to cum. What am I thinking, if this dude WAS a virgin, he's going to feel cum deep in his ass. Plus breeding a married man is hot. I shoot my jizz up his ass and continue fucking until I'm soft. I'm not sure if he was a virgin but I'm going to take him at his word plus it made it hot for me, taking some man cherry.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Something wasn't right

On President's day, I'm chatting up with this sexy black guy, 23, 6'0, 180. He's looking to host and is open about getting fucked. He gives me his address and it's not in the best of neighborhoods. But it's late morning so I'm ok with it. I head down there and text him that I'm there. He asks me to meet him in the back by the basement. I park on the side street which is adjacent to the building. This car pulls up and just stays there and it's not the guy I was meeting. I'm thinking that's kinda weird. I get out and notice another dude, a big guy, 250-275 pounds in the back alley. Somethings not adding up. I go back to the car and call him. It goes to voicemail. I'm totally weirded out and take off. You never know and I always trust my gut.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentine's Day Part 2

Technically it was Sunday. After my man laid some serious wood on me, we had a nice dinner, watched a flick, drank some booze and fell asleep. Since I didn't cum earlier, I woke up hornier than usual. While he's sleeping, I start to grope him. All this while rubbing up against him. Pretty soon, my goal of waking him up is in full gear. I roll him over and start blowing him. I can taste me on his cock and it's hot and gross at the same time. He then goes down and starts giving me head. I'm laying back allowing him to give me a wet, slow blow job. The kind I like to get hard with when I'm going to fuck, not the I want to face fuck you type. While he's sucking my cock, I tell him to roll over, I want his ass. He gets on his side. I'm not sure if he wants to fuck since he's never done this before but fucking on your side is fun. I start rubbing my cock on his ass. I'm spilling pre-cum everywhere. I go and get the lube and lube up his ass and my cock. I push it in. I hear him as I do this so I take it slow. I listen to his breathing so I know when I can pick up the pace. I start giving it to him harder. I gran a hold of him as I continue fucking him. I'm not sure why this is the first time we've fucked this way cause it's hot and intimate at the same time. As I push my cock in and out of his ass, I kiss his neck. He's bucking with me. We are fucking in sync. I'm getting ready to cum and almost forget to pull out (it's his rule, no cumming inside). I blow my load all over him the bed and the pillows. We kiss for a bit, cuddle and fall back to sleep. ah...I need the rest.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Day

I spent Valentine's Day with my main man. I get kinda romantic about this stuff and get a little goofy. Part of his present is that I will bottom for him. Being the top that I am this is no easy deal for me. If you take into account that he has a huge, thick uncut piece of meat, you know it wasn't easy to do. As I hate a musky, not so fresh as, I took a long hot shower. I soaped up my ass and fingered it nice and deep to get the clean going. I was kinda digging it so I did it a little longer than usual. Plus I knew I had an 8 x 6 snake coming later. I get out of the shower and am totally horned up. I saunter up in my towel and kiss him on the back of his neck as he is working on the computer. He barely pays any attention, so I take off the towel and throw it over his computer. Now he notices. He gives me a smile and we start kissing. I turn him to face me and take out his cock and start blowing him. He's hard real fast. I take him to the bedroom, start ripping off his clothes and throw him on the bed. He gets on top of me and starts kissing me, licking down to my cock which he takes in with all my precum. I tell him it feels great and I want him to fuck me. He looks at me and says,

BF: "Are you serious?"
Me: "Of course I am and you better hurry before I change my mind."

He starts eating my ass out, sticking his tongue into my super tight ass. He comes up and kisses me (by the way why does everyone with ass breath want you to kiss them) and he starts sucking me again and fingering my ass.

Me: "Fuck me NOW!"

He doesn't need a second warning. He grabs the lube and slicks up his hot Mexican cock then rubs my ass with his hand. He sticks it in me and it fucking hurts.

Me: "Go slow"

He listens but that big fucking snake wants to go deep. He slides further in ripping me open. It hurts but I know if I can get him in it will feel good. He stops and lets me adjust to it. He can feel my ass walls gripping his cock tight, smothering it. He eventually gets all the way in. He slow fucks me and is asking if I am ok. He keeps at until I tell him it's ok to go faster. He's getting off on how I am willing to do this. It still hurts but in a good way. He's getting ready to cum, I can tell cause it feels like someone is blowing up his cock and he pulls out and blows his load all over my chest. I'm wiped out from it. He just looks at me and is smiling. I smile back cause he didn't fuck me, he made love to me. And he wonders why I love him.

Monday, February 16, 2009

A hook-up turns into a date

I am not sure how this actually happened. I was chatting up this middle eastern guy last week and put him off in favor of munching the Rican straight boy. We made plans for Friday night and I wasn't sure if I would meet him since I fucked the Mexican twink earlier. Well, I did. We email back and forth and I find out he's a doctor. Good, I am assuming he is clean but may have a bit of a god complex. I meet him at his place and he's really sweet and adorable. 5'10, brown, brown, 155-160, 29. I sit down and we start talking. After about 15 minutes, I can tell he digs me plus he told me that I was hot and looked better than my pics. Good start plus some flattery will get you everywhere. We start kissing. He's OK but something not quite right, like he hasn't kissed much. We kiss for awhile and slowly take our clothes off. He's feeling up my pecs and eventually we go to the bed. We get down to our underwear and start kissing again. Now we are groping each other everywhere. Pretty soon I have off his underwear and I take his cock in my mouth. He's a good size, not too big and not too small. He has to stop me cause he says he's close. I tell him he better not come yet!!! He laughs nervously and tells me that he hasn't been with many guys. I asked him when he started and less than a year. Not a big surprise with the kissing and the rough, I am not familiar with a guy, way that he has played. He also tells me that he's only topped a guy and he's a virgin ass. I know he's not giving it up tonight so we just continue to play and chat. He goes down on my cock now and I start fucking his mouth. We go back and forth sucking each other, do a little 69 action, a little rimming. He' s rubbing on me, a little frottage action and tells me he's going to cum. Cool. Well, fuck, he starts shooting missiles at me, three go flying by my head and hit the wall, the fourth hits me right in the eye. And in case you don't know, it fucking burns. I deal with it and start rubbing on his ass. My cock against his hole. I can tell he digs this and wants it but is thinking he shouldn't be a slut. After a bit of thrusting my cock shaft over his manhole, I cum. We kiss and take a long shower. We get dressed and hang out for a bit talking. He asks me to go out on Valentine's day and I tell him to email but I have plans. I get home and he's sent me this super sweet email or maybe a bit stalkerish:

"Hey, May I say that you are just amazing, I couldn't wait until tomorrow to send you an e mail.your presence with me made me so happy, you really have so much excitement.I will keep in touch and hope to see you soon."

That's how I ended up on a date. I do have to say that I did like this guy. Cute, smart, eager to please. He may be a nice side bf. I also have this guy pegged at giving up his cherry on the third time/"date". Any thoughts on that?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mexican tea time

I put out an ad on Friday afternoon as I was going to be at the Mart and there are always lots of hot gay boys around there. I'm chatting with this little hottie, 22, 5'10, 155, Mexican dude. I really dig Latin guys and this guy was really cute. We decide to meet up but he wants to do it in a bathroom. I'm not down with this but he lays out a plan that will allow me to ditch him if I fee things are not cool. He wants me to meet him in what would be a pretty busy bathroom. He'll be in the second or third stall. I should go into the toilet next to him and drop a pen so he know its me and he'll flush. I am supposed to follow him to the next bathroom where we'll play. All goes as planned and I start following him through the Mart. He takes me past the elevators, through the part I thought we'd go to. We end up in the other building where the Holiday Inn, Sun Times and Comcast station is. I then follow him through another maze and he enters a bathroom and a stall. He tells me to go to the next one. I see him sticking his hot Latin cock underneath the stall. It's about 7 inches, uncut and darker than his caramel colored skin. I get my head under the stall and start sucking on his chorizo like my life depended on it. I've got a raging boner myself as I'm sprawled out on the bathroom floor sucking him off. While this bath room was super clean, I head over to his stall and enter. I start sucking him off and playing with his chest. He has a nice body, strong, thick legs and a nice chest. I stand up and push him down, he sucks on my cock for a bit. When he gets up, I turn him around and bury my face in his ass. It's clean and I start rimming him. He reaches into his backpack and takes out a condom and hands it to me. I put it on, spit on my dick and his ass and stick it in. He gasps as he is facing the wall of the toilet. I go deeper into him and start pounding his ass as he jerks his cock. I dig fucking his ass. He's got a strong meaty one to go with his legs and it feels good to be invading him. I Can feel him tightening up as he spurts a huge load, squirting the wall three time and shooting the rest all over the toilet seat. It doesn't take long for me to cum after and I shoot it deep in the condom as I continue to pound his hole. We finish up, get our clothes on and go wash up by the sink. I walk out first, he follows and we go our separate ways. Totally hot dude and scene. It's fucking amazing that you can have a hot fuck like that and speak less than 3 or 4 sentences to each other.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Thug Play

The other night I respond to this ad on Craigslist. The dude is Latin 26 and not too far from me. In chatting with him, he tells me that he has only had 2 experiences with a guy. I'm a little skeptical but we makes plans to meet. I have to wait for him outside, where he drives up and sits until the coast is clear. He calls me over to the window and I'm thinking he is either on the DL or I am going to get bashed. He asks me if I'm interested and I say yes. He gets out of the car and we go in. He's cute 5'9, 170, shaved head, a hot little Puerto Rican dude. He's also dressed like a thug. Baggy jersey shirt, jeans way too big, sneakers and a baseball cap. We get in and he's totally nervous. He's actually making me nervous. We sit on the couch and talk. He tells me that I'm going to be the third guy he's with and wants to be totally comfortable. It's cool, whatever you want. He wants to watch porn so we head to the bedroom. We get down to our underwear and t-shirts and lay on the bed. We feel each other up, real slow. Eventually I pull his cock out and start stroking it. It's nice, uncut, not too thick, 7.5 and a beautiful head. I ask him what he wants and he wants to be rimmed because his girlfriend won't do that. I'm cool with that and usually rimming leads to me fucking that ass, so I am down. He has a nice hole, hairy but clean. I start licking. I raise his legs so I can get all in there and go to town. Eventually, I put a pillow under him to raise his ass so I can really focus on eating the Latin hole out. While I am doing this I am gyrating, grinding my cock into the bed. I probably shouldn't be cause I'm getting so turned on I cum all over the bed. Knowing that I came seems to relax him. I keep eating him out and he grabs his ankles and rolls back so I can go deeper into him. I get a better angle and start making out with his ass. I start stroking him and continue tossing his salad until he comes. He tells me that was great and asks if I'm cool with doing this again. Fuck yeah, hit me up anytime papi. The burning question I have is: Do you think he'll give up that virgin Rican J-Lo ass to me? Cause I want it.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Cold Outside Fuck w/ 19 year old

I answered this ad from this 19 year old kid. He's Italian and has a cute face, a bit of a cub. I'm pretty horny so I figure why not. I'm supposed to meet him at his sister's place. As I'm on my way, he lets me know his sister is going to be home but to come over and we'll find a place in her building. We're looking around and there are not any spots to play. We walk outside by the outdoor garage and there are some dark corners but not where you can't be scene. Then I notice that part of wooden privacy fence is knocked down. We go over to the building next door and the back is pretty private. The buildings around can't see and there's only a back door. So we both nod to try it. It's about 42 degrees outside so this is going to be a clothing on and try to finish off asap. We start kissing and rubbing each others crotches. I unzip my pants and pull my cock out of my boxers but leave the pants belted and on. He drops his pants a bit and I turn him around. I spit on my cock and push it in his hole. He asks me to be gentle that he is really inexperienced. I will but it being dry isn't going to help. He was super tight but I get my cock in him. I ease slowly further in. I'm taking nice slow, long stokes. He's moaning like a little girl. I smacked upside his head and told him to shut the fuck up. I start fucking faster cause it's too cold to be fucking outside and he's going to get us caught. As I getting ready to blow, we hear some noises so I cum everywhere. In him. On his crack. On his underwear. I get some on his jacket. He's a mess. False alarm. I zip up and we walk back into the building and I leave. He emails me later saying that he found a room we could of used. I love breaking in new ground as I've never fucked outdoors before.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I just had to say no - twice

It was a little weird this weekend. I had been emailing with this guy who was into oral only. I put him on the back burner but was going to meet up with him this weekend. He was very persistent, kept emailing me. This is usually a negative but I figure why not. So I make plans to meet with him and he gives me the address. I realize that I had been there before and the guys is kinda weird and controlling. I look at the pics but still it doesn't click but I'm not going back for seconds. First off, I couldn't get out of there fast enough last time and I was not going to deal with it again. Second, blow jobs only rarely merit a return session unless they can suck the hub caps off your car. And this did not qualify.

The second guy was a lot different. He only posted a body pic claiming not to have a face. I was into his bid, nice Latino ass, great chest, nice uncut cock. He gives me the address and I know it. I had been with him several times in the past, probably 5. But the last time I said not again. The last time he arranges a three way with the light skinned redbone with a huge cock, maybe 8.5 or 9 inches. It was going well and I was really into the redbone, so much so that I was thinking about taking his cock. It would have been a tight fit. Before we get to that, he scoots us together, balls to balls, cock shaft to cock shaft, lubes us and his ass and sits on both of us raw. It took some effort but not that much for the massive cock of the redbone and my nearly 7 incher. It was totally hot, I love feeling the redbones dick fucking while I was fucking. It felt fucking great. I edged up and shot a load deep into his ass. It was even hotter feeling redbone's boys going up his prick and shooting. After having been there a bunch and double dicking the slut, where was there to go. It couldn't have been any hotter. And I was bit bother by the ease of him taking it so I figured, time to put this in the past. I didn't meet up even though some time has passed. I could never forget the redbone experience and would want it again. I wish I would have exchanged contact info with redbone but didn't. So an eventful yet uneventful weekend.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Role Play - Interview with Rob

Was feeling kinda kinky the other day and wanted something fun. I post that I'm looking for: to conduct an interview and during the interview we end up having sex. Hot scene. I email up with this guy Rob, who is 35, 5'8. 140 with nice cock and beautiful hairy bush. We make arrangements for the next day and he comes for his interview. It's all good to start, he's kinda cute and skinny which I dig. I am asking his some bullshit questions and use the prepared line and he's supposed to come over and look at the resume and rub up on me. I tell him:

Me: Your resume doesn't reflect that.

Rob: Sorry, must be a typo.

At this point, I'm thinking dude, that's the cue. So I ask him another question to which he responds and I repeat the it's not on his resume and he figures out that he's supposed to come over. He does and rubs his cock against me and lets his hand gingerly brush against my neck. I grab his leg and pull him closer. He grinds into me harder. I stand up and we grind into each other. We have a soft kiss and start rubbing each others packages. I open his pants and rub his nice 8 inch cock. He does the same to mine. We undress so we can don't have to waste time later getting the clothes off. I then push him down to suck me and he gives head for a bit. I then go down and try to swallow his cock but can't take it all. I stand up and start kissing his neck and twist his nipples. He lets out a screech, telling me how much he loves this. Perfect. I turn him around, twist his nipples and start rubbing my cock on his ass and.....the fucker didn't clean his ass before coming over. I'm totally pissed. I don't understand why a guy would meet up and not clean up before hand. I do and I pretty much only top but you never know when someone might want to eat your ass or rub your hole. And as he is supposed to bottom, it really gets me going, in a bad way. Anyhow, as you can guess, this totally ruined it for me. I told him let's just jack off. I spit on my cock and starting jerking it. He shoots a huge load which gets me going. I think of a former trick and blow mine. On his way out he asks:

Rob: Did I get the job?
Me: We just started conducting interviews so I'll let you know if we are conducting second interviews.
Rob: Let me know, I am willing to meet with anyone from your company.

I bet you are willing. Please. He's lucky I didn't throw his ass out of there when I stuck my cock on his smarmy ass. What the fuck is wrong with this guy. Not exactly a good time but you know sometimes you just need to get off or I would have thrown him out and his clothes alone with his shame.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Erick - Jockstrap twink

I've been chatting with this guy Erick for about 6 months but we haven't been able to meet up as it's always been are u free now and the answer has always been no. So yesterday we catch each other online and both are free and horny. He's totally adorable, a little twink (5'8, 130, 23 y/o). He says he's house sitting and if I want to come over. Of course I do. He lets me know this is what he wants: "I like anonymous or walk in type scenes where you just find me on the bed inside and have your way." I'm up for that, so I tell him I'll be there in about 30 minutes. I call before I get there and leaves the door open for me. I walk in and he's in the bedroom wearing a jock strap. He helps me undress, and rubs his ass on me as I am unbuttoning my jeans. He helps and does it again when I am in my boxers. I let him rub on me as I take my t-shirt off. He pulls out my cock and starts sucking it. I'm totally hard. He pulls my boxers down, twirls them around and throws them aside. I ask him if he is going to leave the jock strap on and he says "I love wearing a jock when I get fucked." It is pretty hot so I cool with it. He's now on all fours, with his ass staring at me. There's no lube or rubbers out, so I spit on his hole and rub my cock on it. I spit again and push the head in raw. He goes nuts. Starts moaning and bucking like a little bitch. He's really moving around a lot, throwing me off a bit, so that I keep coming out. He pushes me right back in and continues to buck and groan. I come out again and he turns around on his back, pulls off his jock and raises his legs. I go right back at him and he moans like crazy. He's getting a little loud and he pulls the pillow over his face and starts yelling and groaning into it. I'm getting really turned on. He eventually grabs his ankles and spreads his legs out as far as he can. I continue pounding at his hot little ass until I shoot my load right up it. He knows I did and groans louder. I continue fucking him until I go soft. I get up to clean off and he's prancing about with this big winter jacket on but no clothes. He starts showing off his ass and I tell him his white, creamy ass looks good like this. He comes over and rubs his ass against my crotch. He's a good little bottom bitch and just looking at his ass above makes me want to fuck it again.