Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My office reeks of ass

Breaking news,  I just fucked some twink in my office and can't concentrate because the place smells like ass and lube and cum and fucking.  I may need to take a walk to get away from it.  Will update you on this when I get to the other 8 tricks I haven't told you about yet.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Some virgin ass

I met up with this black guy on the DL. He had been with guys before but only getting his dick sucked or topping. I am all for giving head but I was not about to take his 10 inch cock. We meet up and decide to play even though it may just be oral and we both want more. He's cute, 6'0, 150, shaved head, dark skinned, and a big one. He has a nice tight body. We get at feeling each other up and soon are naked. His dick was all he said and more. Big and thick. I was sucking him for a bit and started fingering his ass. It was super tight. He told me he's never had anything down there before, dick, finger or toy. I asked him how he liked it and said he did. I asked him if I could fuck him and he said maybe but only if I let him fuck me. He said only if he could fuck me. I said yes mainly because I know these donkey dick dudes have a hard time keeping it hard and could tell that was going to be the case with him. I put the condom on him and I was oddly turned on. While he was laying on the floor, I got on his chest and stroked his dick. He reached up and started sucking my dick, which got him hard. He was not good as he kept scraping his teeth on my cock. When I pulled out, he apologized saying that he had never sucked a dick before. I noticed that he went alot softer as soon as he stopped sucking. I told him that he isn't hard enough to fuck me. He agreed and I said, how about I fuck you. He asked me to go slow. Sure. No problem. I turned him around, lubed up his ass and my cock and stuck it in him raw. Not only was he getting his first cock, but his first raw cock. I wasn't in him for long when he started complaining about it hurting. I wasn't surprised cause his hole was tight. A nice, small piece of chocolate. I tried a few more times, but he was never able to take it for more than a minute. Eventually, I starting rubbing up against his ass and when I was getting close to cumming stickin it back in, getting some cum in him, the rest all over his hole. He was turned on and came all over the rug shortly after. Love fucking and breeding virgin ass, even if you have to deal with all the bs of them not being able to take it for long.

Friday, September 25, 2009

A mercy scene

I should have known better. I had been chatting with this guy for awhile. So long that I forgot what he looked like and if we had exchanged pics. We had never been on the same wave length so we had never met up.  Well, it was bound to happen that we were both free at the same time. We made plans to meet. I didn't ask him to resend a photo. Mistake. When he arrives, he is older than he said. Let's just say if he is in his early 30's, I'm in my late 20's. So not the case. He's also very average. I probably wouldn't look twice at him. I was horny so I decided to throw a dog a bone and do a fugly cause I was that horny. Not a good plan. He takes off his pants and he has a small uncut dick. Maybe four inches. But the foreskin hung a lot lower than that. I've seen a lot of uncut dick before, but all that extra skin was not a good sight. It looked like his dick should have been bigger but was almost missing. Enough so that it was like a handicapped dick. He sucked me for a bit but I was just not into it and we jacked off. On the plus side, It was relatively tame. It just tells you this, always get a pic. If you can't remember what they looked like, admit it and get a pic. Or deal with it. Yes, I know, I am such a slut.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

the tables are turned

I am chatting with this hot puerto rican boy online. He's 23, 5'7, 140 and light skinned. We're both horned up and we decide to meet. He wants me to wear a jock strap. That's cool, I can work with that. The only issue is he's a versatile top so I figure I can make him do what I want. I get there and he's better looking in person. Nice tight body. I go into his place and we start watching some porn. He puts on Take it Like a Bitch Boy and I'm excited because I love that flick. We start rubbing each other's legs. He has a nice cock. So I pull down his sweatpants and he's wearing this hot black jock strap. I start kissing his chest which he has shaved. I go down and start mouthing his cock through his jock strap. He's into it. He orders me to take my clothes off but leave my jock on. I comply, showing off my ass. Eventually I take out his cock and he's about 6-6.5 inches, uncut but thick as hell. I start sucking his cock and playing with the foreskin. He tells me how he wants it me to suck his dick, when he wants it deep throated, when he wants attention on the head. I'm totally into him telling me how to do it. His cock is hot. The size is perfect and the thickness is great. At one point I start slapping his cock against my face and this gets him hard as fuck. After about 15 minutes of blowing him, he tells me to suck his balls. I listen and take his sack in my mouth. I suck and tickle them with my tongue. He really gets off on this and starts jacking his cock. Not on my watch, the dick is mine, so I alternate between sucking on his balls and cock. Eventually I take his cock and rub the the head on my lips like it was chapstick. He laughs and loves it. He pulls me over and starts to suck my cock. I'm pre-cumming all over the place. I tell him I want his cock. I'm surprised as I almost always top and with a hook-up it is 100% of the time. Until now. He puts on a condom and I sit on his cock. My ass is so tight that it can't really do it. We try reversing the position but that doesn't work either. I then get on all fours and he slowly fucks me. He knows that he's getting some tight shit. He comments on how he wants my cherry. He fucks me for a bit, picking up the pace when he knows I can take it. He really knows how to fuck, I'm so turned on. I tell him that when he's close to pull out and turn me over and cum on my chest. He listens and pulls out, throws the condom off and blows a huge load on me. It was hot and sticky and everywhere. I start jacking furiously and blow a huge load too. I clean up and he walks me out and says he wants to break in my ass again. I'm not a bottom but for him, hell yeah. He made me his bitch, and I liked it.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Quick Hitter

Hey boys, just want to thank all you guys for putting me past the 75,000 hits earlier in the week.  Here's to more hot sex.  Enjoy boys.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Twink who digs daddy suit dick

I was totally horned up at work today and completely useless. So when that happens and opportunity avails itself to me, I usually take advantage. I spent sometime cruising Craigslist ads today. It's been awhile and I forgot about the bs involved. Any I found this interesting ad:

"i want to get fucked by a man in a business suit. any businessman want a private meeting in their office?
looking for now.
i'm white 21, and cute with a slim body"

That works for me. His idea of now was about 2+ hours later. Not sure if that meant the little slut was out getting it from other guys or was just annoying. He makes it clear he has limited time and can probably only blow me. That's fine.

I meet him outside and he's definitely slim. About 5'6 ish, blond, 120 pounds, with no fat on him. We get up to my office and I start feeling him up. Nice taut body. He also has a pretty good size hard on in his shorts. He feels up my chest for a minute before unbottoning my pants and pulling out my cock. He gives me a couple of tugs and I can tell he's looking to see if everything is cool. Smart kid, check it out first. He gets on his knees and puts my head in his mouth. He has a small mouth and my head looks so big. Full disclosure here, I have a huge mushroom head. He takes it in and starts sucking it. He tries going down all the way but isn't able to. I start thrusting my cock in his mouth and he gags. I tell him to take his cock out and stroke it. I like looking down at dick when I'm mouth fucking. He's going at it, trying his best. It's an alright blow job. We start to alternate between me stroking and him sucking. I'm getting close and I stick my dick right up on his lips and tell him I'm cumming. He doesn't open up for it and the first load goes up and hits him in the forehead and drips down. After that he shuts his eyes and I shoot right there and then all over his lips, chin and cheeks. He definitely ate some of my boys and was surprised by the load. It was a couple day load, so there was plenty to go around. He cleaned up and took his little suit loving, twinky tramp ass away. I tell you it's nice shooting your load all over some little sluts face to end a long day at the office.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

no is in my vocabulary

I'm not so sure how much longer my relationship with my man is going to last. As y'all know, I have lots of sex outside of our relationship. He knows but turns a blind eye because he really doesn't want to know. Whatever. Even if we had more sex, I'd still want some new ass/dick. Well, I knew things were going down hill but the trip to Mexico sealed the deal. Obviously, I had some hot shot going on with that twink. But the truth is that I was looking at the trip for us to reconnect. It didn't happen. Things haven't been better since we came home. I can't describe it but I would say B-A-D bad without drama. It all came to ahead the other night. He proposed to me. I was shocked because as the man I expect to be the one proposing. But it didn't feel right. I didn't feel I could make a lifetime commitment. I didn't know what to say. So I said, let me think about it. A cop out to be sure. But the next day, I gave him the ring back and said no. I felt better but things have been more questionable than ever.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

And a couple more reasons

There are a few other reasons for some of the frustration going on. I forgot to mention Lewis. He's a hot fuck but geographically undesirable and transportation challenged. What that means is unless he is at his friend who lives by me I either have to pick him up or drop him off. Not that I mind, but it's a bit taxing and adds an extra 60-90 minutes of non-fuck time on the schedule. Plus he live on the far south east side and for those of you who know anything about Chicago, not a good neighborhood. I prefer to pick him up as we can play in the car, then fuck and he leaves and I'm done with the scene. I can't help that he has no wheels, can't host and apparently is short for the bus card. The other issue is with my man. That's a bit more complicated and worthy of its own post, so be on the lookout.

Monday, September 7, 2009

General frustration

You guys always know I have a lot going on. But the key to having a hot sex life is having the old faithful guys that you can count on when you need to fuck. I have had some problems recently with my regular tricks. First, Space is MIA. I have no idea what has happened to him. It's not unusual, I expect him to pop up soon. Second, UofC has a boyfriend. I know he'll be back but for now he's unavailable. I hate when guys get all lovey dovey, even with me. Third, I've decided after the last event that I am not going to be fucking waiter boy again. I don't care if he text stalks me or what, I'm over it. Done. Moving on. Fourth, I don't care how many times Hot Chocolate calls, texts, emails, I'm done. I wouldn't fuck him with again ever. No way, no how, not happening. I'm flattered by the continual requests because most guys, short of stalkers, give up. And as big a mess as he is, he is not a stalker. I'm on the hunt for new ass. So the stories should be hot but keep in mind that I'm looking for regulars.

Later bitches.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Running out with my pants undone

I know I said that i was done with him as he was just too difficult to manage. But hey a guy gets horny and he's persistent. I guess wc here likes a guy to chase him. Not really. he texts me early in the morning and i was up and going to the office. he says he has a place, so i pick him up. it's his old apartment building. We go and walk around through what feels like a maze. we end up in this back hall near the fire exit. he pulls down his pants and i do the same. he asks me if i have a condom and i say no. he's says OK and pushes his ass back and grabs my cock. he usually makes me wear a condom so I'm really excited. i enter him raw and his ass feels like silk. i start pounding away on him. we're fucking for about 2 or 3 minutes when we hear this door open and foot steps. the next thing i know, we are running out of the building, undressed. i stop by a garbage dumpster, make it seem like i am taking a piss and get my shit together. waiter boy ran the other direction. seriously, wtf, i am too old for this shit. running down and alley in a suit before 7 am.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Breeding sweet Lewis

Lewis texts me that he is going to be around my hood and wants to get at it. I pick him up and we head to my place. We start kissing and get naked. I tell him to get in the bed. I get in the bed and suck his big black cock. I can't take it and let him know that I need to fuck him and right now. We try missionary style but he isn't comfortable. I move him over on all fours and do him doggy style. His ass feels great and it's been awhile since I had it. I fuck him fast and furiously and have to stop so I don't cum. I'm not going to just fuck this quickly. He thinks I came and said don't cum yet and not inside me. I told him I didn't that I was pacing myself. He was stoked as he said it felt good to get fucked. I get back to it and make his ass mine. I can't take it too much longer and blow my load inside him. He kept wiping his after as the cum was leaking out of him. I love when I cum so much that it leaks everywhere. Another good time fucking and breeding Lewis.