Thursday, December 31, 2009

A New Years Eve Present

I tried to arrange an early morning hook-up but wasn't successful.  By the time we arranged everything, the coast was no longer clear.  That's the rub about these early am ones, time is of the essence and you don't have time to email back and forth.  Not wanting to waste a perfectly good hardon and needing some release, I shut my door and stroked one out watching some amateur military porn.  Hot shit.  And as a bonus, a shot of Windy City here. Enjoy boys. Have a safe New Year.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Waiter Boy and the Garage Round 2

Waiter boy was mad at me after I shot my load in him last time.  He got over it though as he texted me wanting to fool around before school.  I said sure, my garage is available again.  He knew the routine and was ready willing and able to take it raw again, so I picked him up. 

We head to my garage and waste no time getting undressed.  He isn't wasting time today, he's super horny.  I bend him over and he leans up against my car.  I line my cock up, spit on it and enter him bare.  He takes it like a champ and I start in on him right away.  I keep thrusting pretty hard and keep knock him around.  After playing around with him moving all over the place, I open the back door of my car and push him on the seat.  I get back on him and just start fucking him as hard as I possibly can.  He's moaning and groaning and I have him right where I want him, where he's being completely dominated by me and rough fucked.  I keep at it until I blow my load deep inside him, stroking it deep.  He gets up and I notice he shot his load while I was fucking him all over my leather seats.  I tell him to clean it up and he says he doesn't have anything to.  I grab his shirt and he says no.  I let him know it's the shirt or licks up his own load.  He's kinda in shock and I start going toward the back seat.  He pushes me out of the way and licks up his own cum and spits it out on the garage floor.  Not exactly what I had in mind but still hot.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A mouthful

Technically we met on Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  But getting boozy and cruising each other meant it didn't happen until after midnight.  He's 28. 5'8. 150 dark hair, brown eyes, greek.  Neither one of us had a place we could go to but he suggested an adult bookstore was near by.  I was a bit nervous going in.  I'm not sure why but there is a certain seediness to it which is a turn-on and a turn-off at the same time.  I can't really explain it, I know I am a big slut but this seemed like a new level of sluttiness.  It is kind of small inside there but we both want it.  I take my jacket off and he does the same.  We both place our t-shirts behind our heads and he goes and unzips my pants.  He takes my cock out and plays with it getting me hard.  He goes down and starts sucking on it.  He's really good.  He stands up and tells me to suck on his nipples.  He asks me to suck his dick and I say no, this is about you getting your mouth fucked.  He goes back down and starts sucking again alternating getting up and demanding I suck on his nips.  I do and eventually start fingering his ass.  He tells me that he's only into oral so no fucking.  Damn.  He goes back down and I start taking control now that I realize that this is all I'm getting.  I fuck his mouth furiously.  I have his head in my palms and I am forcing his head deeper down my shaft, trying to make him gag.  He's good and I only get him to gag one time, when I pulled his hair and his head back and then jammed my prick down his throat.  We are going at it when I realize there is a glory hole in the booth and some dude is watching us and jacking off to the action.  I start really thrusting and right before I cum, I let him know.  He doesn't move and I keep thrusting and start shooting my load down his throat.  He pulls off and I hit his face and chest with the last of my boys.  He has a gob of my cum between his lips when he asks why I didn't shoot over his shoulder and not him.  I shrug and he spits my cum on the chair.  He swears about all the fucking cum on him.  He texts me after and says thanks.  I love a good looking, grateful, cum eating slut.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I think I like him more now

What could I be talking about:  Tiger Woods.  I've never really paid much attention to him, just his golf game but for the most part, I wasn't hot for him.  I thought he was a bit of a pussy.  Uptight, rich, arrogant wanna be.  Well now with the bitches falling out of the sky at a record pace, I realize he's just a dirty bastard, not too different than me.  He's just a fuck machine.  Now I kinda like this guy, fucking around on his wife, taking his ho's all over the place, texting in the middle of the night, blowing his seed all over the world.  Tiger, you are a man.  You need to spread your seed.  Be the man whore you really want to be.  You got away with it for a long time with a lot of people in the know and the pesky media following you.  Damn, you might be the best.  The pic has nothing to do with Tiger.  Couldn't find anything blogworthy by Tiger.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Too much of everything....

It's been a crazy fucking day.  Run run run and oh yeah I got laid on my way to a meeting.  I'm too fucking tired to write.  Too fucking tired to think.  Too fucking tired to sleep.  Too fucking stressed for all this bullshit. Maybe I should just fuck again.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Jock Strap Boy fucks me good.

I am finally on the way.  Since I am coming from work, things are not exactly how I would normally be when I trick.  I usually have time to clean up and try to be as fresh as possible.  Well, today, I am kinda ripe and I let him know that before hand.  I arrive at Jock Strap Boys place and I give him a jock strap.  He changes while I take a shower. I get out and I start putting on my underwear and am wondering why.  I'm clean and why waste time taking it off.  I go out there and he's wearing my black jock and nothing else.  He looks totally hot.  I walk up to him naked, get down down on my knees and start sucking him through the jock strap.  I then pull it out through the side and start licking his the head, taking in his uncut skin.  I lick his slit which is just peaking out of the foreskin.  I stick my tongue into his slit.  I take it in and and start going down on his his entire cock.  He orders me to suck his balls.  I take one in and lick the ball.  I start sucking it and roll it over my tongue.  I then take in the second ball and roll both of them in my mouth.  I  go back to sucking his dick and let him know I want to eat his ass.  He gets on the couch and puts his ass out.  I bury my face in his hairy ass. It's nice with the pink off his latin body.  He did a good job cleaning and tastes fresh.  I am taking in his ass.  I lick the crack.  I stick my tongue in him and tongue fuck him.  I bury my face and devour his hole. It tastes so good, my dick is hard as shit, gushing pre-cum all over the place.  I want his ass bad but he won't let me fuck him.  I keep eating him out, getting ready to blow.  He asks me if I want his dick.  I do.  I grab some lube, he grabs the condom and I sit on his dick.  The positioning on the couch isn't good for leverage and being so tight, it hurts like hell.  We move to the floor where he takes me from behind.  He slowly slips the head in, stretching my hole.  Damn.  He's patient with me and slowly inches his way in.  He gets off on feeling my ass get ripped open and grab his cock, suffocating his dick and begging for more.  When he gets in, he asks me how it feels, it feels good but it hurts.  I let him know and he just stays there for a second, and then pulls me back.  A rush hits me.  He then starts to fuck me.  Slow but steady.  He picks up the pace.  He starts giving it to me, increasing the movement.  He doesn't last long until he blows his load deep inside me.  He pulls out and waves his dick at me.  It's hot to see his dick full of loaded with cum.  He pulls it off and sits on the couch.  I stand in front of him and he sucks my cock.  I am getting close and pull out and jack the last few strokes and blow all over his chest. 

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Jock Strap Boy Texts Part 2

Here's the follow up to our earlier texts:

Me:  I just left work

JSB:  Ok...

JSB:  I have a thong

Me:  On?

JSB:  No....

Me:  For me?  I'm too masculine 4 a thong

JSB:  No it would be cool if we both had some on don't u think?

Me:  I have a jock or two

JSB:  Me too but I think it would be cool to both wear one..or me but I thought I had one but I dont

JSB:  Would u like me to wear a thong?

Me:  It would be hot to eat ur ass out in a jock

JSB:  But I need a jock

Me:  What happened to yours?

JSB:  it got dirty if u know what I mean....

JSB:  Yeah I got cum on it from earlier but it would be cool to get a new white one...or a thong would be hot

Me:  U got some earlier?

JSB:  It got dirty cause I jerked off while I was talking to u or texting

Me:  Now that's hot

JSB:  We should get some new ones white ones would  be hot

Me:  Yeah

JSB:  Jock straps I mean

Me:  I have a white one

JSB:  I don't can u get one for would be hot to wear and to get rimmed in

Me:  Fuck yeah.  I really want to eat your ass out

Me:  I'll want to fuck u after tho

JSB:  Lol naw rim but not fucking

JSB:  So let's play tonight...will get the strap

Me:  Can't blame me for trying

Me:  Yeah.  Really want u in a jock.

JSB:  Damn...I'm really horny

JSB:  Imma take a shower and get me ready to get rimmed

JSB:  We'll jock play then flesh light oral porn fucking.....

Me:  Fuck yeah

JSB:  I just showered ready to play.  Want my balls licked

JSB:  U ready for jock play?

Me:  Fuck yeah.

JSB:  I want that cherry...

Me:  Leaving in 2

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Jock Strap Boy Texts Part 1

Jock Strap Boy texts me while I am at work wanting to hook-up.  It was pretty hot, so I thought I share it with you.

JSB:  Hey bud

Me:  Hi

JSB:  How's it going

Me:  Okay. At work.

JSB:  I'm horned.  I'm wearing my jock strap

Me:  Nice

JSB:  U?

Me:  Boxers

JSB:  u get into role play?  toys?

Me:  Yes to role play.  What kind of toys?

JSB:  What kind u got

Me:  Flesh light.  Not much else.

Me:  If I used toys I wouldn't be so tight

JSB:  We can play with the fleshlight

JSB:  Nice.  I would love to try that and you can put it on me

Me:  that could work

JSB:  U are tight

Me:  and lick your balls.  that's what you like.

JSB:  We can use it while we watch porn...

JSB:  Yes...damn I'm hard

Me:  No others r getting it, reserved for u

JSB:  It's my cherry....damn I wanna play....I'm playing with my cock

JSB:  So we playing tonight

Me:  Still at work.  Also need to clean up.

Me:  U like it tight and fresh

JSB:  Nice so do u think you'll b e free later....

Me:  Not sure,  I'll text you when I get home

He got me all fucking hard and I was barely able to concentrate......