Saturday, November 28, 2009

He got exactly what he wanted

This ked has this ad on CL..He sounds hot and it's on my way home.  I wan't exactly what he was looking for in the ad but I figured why not.  He wanted someone under 30 so I avoided my age in responding.  He didn't want to send out a pic but we somehow decided to meet up.   He's young about 19 or 20, 5'5, 120 pounds and latin. He answes the door wearing a pair of shorts, no short.  He has a smooth chest.  He says he doesn't have a lot of time and heads to the bedroom and pulls off his shorts.  I get undressed and move in and he sucks my dick, getting me hard.  He lays on the edge of the bed and raises his legs.  I spit on my dick and go down and fuck him raw. I enter slowly and he says he wants it harder.  I start pounding away on him.  I am sort of disengaged from this kid.  I just want to get off and shoot inside him and leave.  He doesn't matter except for he has the hole.  I'm really giving it to him and he cums.  He says he won't be able to fuck much longer so I need to cum.  I am not listening but just taking some aggression out on his ass.  I'm working so damn hard that the sweat is pouring off me.  He's asking me if I am close and  I shoot my load up his ass.  I pull out and ask for the bathroom.  He acts all weird and starts asking me why I answered his ad as I wasn't what he said he was looking for.  I ignored him and he keeps it up.  I was going to respond but it wasn't worth it.  Seriously, if I wasn't what you wanted, why did you let me fuck you, raw.  But it didn't need to be said.  He was young and dealing with his issues which I didn't care about.  What I cared about was over, getting my load in his tight, little ass. Plus, his acting all freaky and me walking out, ignoring him, let him know what the deal was. I'm pretty sure this scene has happened with him before. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Waiter boi hits the garage

I have this on again, off again thing with waiter boi.  I like him but he's a bit much to handle.  He likes me way too much.  I'm not looking for a boyfriend and I've had to put him on hold a bunch of times because he's looking for more,  Plus, he can't fuck after he cums and he's a bit too quick to cum.  Big problem. 

After much hounding, we make plans to meet.  I usually don't trick at home but make an exception but I won't let him in the house.  It has to be in the garage.  He's ok with that.  I pick him up and we drive over,  We do more kissing than usual before I go down on him.  After a bit, I pull his pants down and start grinding on him.  I turn him around and grap the vaseline.  He pulls out a condom and I throw them aside and let him know that I am not fucking him with one.  He asks why and since we already have fucked bare in the past, I'm not going back to wrapped.  He agrees but is reluctant.  I get behind him and push him toward my car and enter him.  I fuck him raw while leaning up against my car.  His ass feels great and after a nice pounding, I unload my spunk in him.  He jacks himself off after and is real quiet. 

He texts me after and wants to know why I insisted on not using a condom. I explained it again and he also said he felt dirty from me breeding him.  Even though we fucked bare in the past, it was more like, well we're here and I want to fuck even though we don't have a condom.  This time, the condom was there but I laid it out that I wasn't using it.  It was about choice vs circumstance and I don't thnk he wants to think of himself as a guy looking for bb.   Whatever the reason for his reluctance, he didn't cum fast which led to him getting a huge load of cum up his ass.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hot Beey Latin Stud - Finally Meet Up Again

I met up with him a while back and we had some, hot but fairly vanilla sex.  We've chatted a few times since then but just haven't been able to make it work.We finally were emailed and were on the same schedule.  I was psyched cause he's totally hot.  Beefy and muscular, not my usual willowy twink type.  I arrive and he leads me into the bedroom.  He takes me into the master this time and says his roommate isn't home.  I'm beginning to think it's his lover not his roommate which makes the inability to meet up make more sense.  Works for me.  We get to the bedroom and start kissing.  He immediately pulls down his track pants and his thick lating cock is sticking out.  I start taking off my suit and he gets completely naked.  We go into the bed and really start making out.  He's a strong kisser.  Hard and deep.  I could make out with him for days.  After hot rubbing, I start to go down on him. His dick is bigger than I remember.  Nice and he has a slight sweaty, smell to him but clean.  After a bit, we switch back to making out and he goes down on my cock for a bit.  He then pull up and we start grinding into each other kissing and flailing.  It's going to be hot.  I tell him I want to fuck.  He smiles and goes and gets a condom.  I'm stoked for his muscular Latin boi ass.  He comes back and starts putting the condom on him.  Fuck, how did this happen.  I want his ass.  For some reason, I don't say anything,  I like that fact that he took control of the situation.  I especially like that he let it be known what his intentions are.  This is my routine.  Don't ask, let them know what you are taking.  I tell him that it's going to be tight.  He asks what position I want to start with.  I say on top.  We lube up and I slowly start sitting on his thick piece of meat.  He smiles and comments about how tight I am.  I slowly have his cock in me, taking it lightly and bit by bit.  It fucking hurts but in a good way.  I'm controlling the pace and he is cool with that.  He's ripping me open but not being aggressive.  I get down all the way and stop.  I have a hard time getting used to it, I'm moaning and gasping like crazy.  This is getting him worked up.  He says it's cool and that he won't last long cause a tight ass and a guy struggling to take it makes him cum quicker.  Shortly after that he thrusts and I can tell he just came.  It is feeling better and keep riding him.  He says he can stay hard for awhile after and to keep going.  I ride him for a bit longer before getting off.  I lay next to him and we start making out while I stroke my cock.  I eventually get back on his chest and continue jacking utnil I blow my load all over his pecs, neck and face.  Fuck, it was good.  And I am not really into bottoming.  But I seem to be doing it more than ever.  Maybe I have to start saying I'm a versitile top.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'll call him Smegs

For those of you that don't know the technical term for dick cheese is smegma. I'll have to say, I am not really a big fan.  I usually prefer a ripeness to guy after a late night of boozing and meeting some guy in a bar and taking it from there.  But even in those circumstances, I like a guy to do what I do, freshen up.  Hose down the old cock and ass area so no one gets an unexpected surprise.  just a preference but not into a cheesy dick or a clammy ass. 

Anyhow,  I meet up with this Latin twink.  He's 22, 5'6, 125, thin and very cute, with a small, thin cock, about 5-6 inches.  We head up to my office and we start by kissing.  It doesn't last long before he is taking my pants off and sucking my cock.  I pull him off and start taking off his clothes.  He is nice and smooth to go along with that caramel skin color.  I can't wait to fuck this boy.  I go down to start on him and I can smell before I get there that he was rip.  At this point, to do that would be a real buzz kill so I figure what the fuck, let's continue on.  I start giving him head and realize that there is a lot more there than I thought.  As I am blowing him, the foreskin goes down and I end up with a mouth full of egg salad.    I could tell he was embarrassed as I looked up.  And once you have the head cheese flavor, it's there for a bit.  So I didn't stop and he relaxed.  Not wanting to let him off the hook for being a fuck tard and cleaning up, I made him kiss me again so he could taste his cheddar.  He didn't really want to but I didn't give him a choice. After our kiss, I turned him around and was happy to see that he was relatively clean back there, no duck butter or clammy ass.  I push him down across my desk and start to rub my cock up his ass crack.  I lube him up and am getting ready to push in raw when he asks where the condom is.  Fuck, but he insists so I get one and push in.  He winces a bit but takes it good.  I push him down on the desk and start going long and deep in him.  He tries to arch up but I push him back down and start thrusting hard, shaking the desk and and all the items on it, ie the computer monitor.  He tries to arch back and again and I just take it more aggressively and really pound him.  Eventually I let up and we move off the desk, when I take the condom off.  He gets on all fours, I go behind him and get ready to fuck him again.  He stops me and makes me put on a condom.  I do but don't hesitate when entering.  There is no slow start, I just go deep and start hitting it hard.  He is gasping and moaning like crazy.  He takes it well and really likes it.  I keep at it for about ten minutes when I blow my load and pull out.  He gets up and I notice he came all over the rug when I was fucking him.  He cleans up and leaves but I can smell him all over the place.  I can't quite get rid of the stench of the sex - lube, spit, sweat, ass juice, cum and smegma.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

This is some crazy shit

I thought I had written about this guy but I just checked the blog and I hadn't but should have.  We played a couple of times this year.  He a really goodlooking latin dude (late 20's, 6'3, 170 pounds, smooth and loves to fuck) that is a bit fucked up.  He's a bit too into drugs but it makes him uninhibited which means the sex is good cause he can take a pounding.  We had chatted a bunch online but it took awhile for us to meet up.  We eventually met up at his buds place and had a three way.  If it hadn't of been mothers day, it would probably have lasted most of the night. The second time was a quick hit.  I had plans to meet a girlfriend of mine at this bar and stopped and fucked him, dumped in him and left.  He was a little pissed cause he wanted a longer session. Not in the cards but I did need to get off.  It was kinda weird scene since his roommate/friend/whatever was around and we fucked with the door open. 

This time, we make plans and I pick him up at his friends place.  He asks if we can make a stop before we get to his place.  Great, this isn't going to go well.  We get to his bud's place and of course a deal is going down.  I was surprised his friend was ok with it.  The bud says something like, I know you, we've partied together.  Acutally no, since I don't do drugs, but I let him think that so we could move on.   My guy, I guess I'll call him High Boy, asks to use the bathroom.  He's in there for a long time.  High boys bud says, he better not be o'ding in the bathroom.  If he does, you have to help me move the body.  FUCK.  This is not happening.  I should just leave but I'm literally in a daze.  He checks on high boy and apparently he is taking care of business, ie getting high and cleaning up.  Eventually, he gets out and we leave. 

We are waiting by the elevator anf High boy notices this doorway.  It leads to the fire escape and the trash shoot.  He enters and pulls me in. We go over by the corner and he unzips my jeans and starts giving me head.  I am really fucking excited and he is doing a good job of giving head and allowing me to fuck his mouth. It's kind of hot because you have to keep an eye on the door and be able to get dressed and leave in a split second if need be.

After about 5 minutes of getting head, he reaches to his bag, gets some lube and turns around, pulling down his ass and pointingit at me.  I lube up his hole and my cock and aim it in.  I push right in raw.  He takes it with ease.  We're both totally turned on.  We pound away at it and I'm debating about trying to hold off on cumming or whether to finish this off.  I decide to hold off until we have a false alert and start to get dressed.  When we realize no one is interupting, we go back to fucking.  This time, I'm focusing on getting off and getting my load up him.  I pound away almost banging him into the wall until I shoot a river of cum up his ass (I think maybe I'll call him river?).  On the way out, we run into his friend who locked himself out of his crib and was the fucker we heard that earlier.  He laughs at us and keeps calling us whores.  On the way down the elevator, he says that he knows it was High Boy.River that was to blame for everything.  Really.  Go ahead blame him but it's my DNA up in High Boy/River so I must have had something to do with it. 

Monday, November 2, 2009


Two milestones over the weekend guys. First, I hit 250,000 page views on Friday and my 100,000 visitor on Saturday. Thanks for reading and checking out the pics.