Monday, June 22, 2009

U of C boy returns

I thought I fucked things up with him. I love fucking his candy apple ass and he only asks for a few of things from me: 1. to eat his ass out, long and deep 2. to give him a good fucking and 3. to banter with him afterwards: as the cum, sweat and lube stick to our bodies. Pretty easy to meet those demands, right? One and two are definitely not a problem. It's number 3 that almost screwed things up. He was a bit mad at me to start as I blew him off during my celibacy stage and didn't respond back to his emails or text messages. We get together and go at it. I tongue fuck his ass for a good 20-25 minutes, almost coming in the process. I love spreading his little ass apart and making out with his hole. He tastes great. He knows how to get ready for a guy. I fuck him after, first with him on top and later doing it doggy style. After I shoot, he jerks off on me and we cuddle. (side note, he always makes me wear a condom but I'm still holding out to breed him) I start talking with him. Eventually, the topic of school comes up and how his grad school process is coming along. Somehow we start talking about his family. I can sense the change in him when he's talking about his dad. He gets angry. He's not needy like Space is, his anger toward his dad drives him to being with older men. I'm probing the subject as I rub his body. He gets really tense and eventually makes it clear that he wants me to leave. I emailed him after and he never responded back. I figured that he moved on. Late last week, he emails wanting to know when I can come over again. He says nothing about the less than gracious exit or the many weeks that have passed. We made plans for tomorrow night. I've had a nice load for him and can't wait to taste him again.

Here you go

No more anonymous posts here my friends. If you have something to say, good or bad, be a man, say it and don't hide. I'll post it if you are man enough to stand behind it. If you are not, it will be deleted without being read by anyone. My blog, my rules. If you don't like it, too fucking bad.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Space - MIA again.

I have received some requests on what's up with some of my regular boys so I thought I'd start with Space. As you may remember, Space is a real cute twink with some daddy issues. He has a bad history with his dad and step-dad and has found himself in a series of abusive relationships. The last time I spoke with him, he told me he had just received a 5-day notice. For those of you that don't know, that means he was being evicted for not paying rent. I spent a lot of time explaining the system as I have some real estate and have been through the process before. I laid out exactly what I would do if I was him which would buy him enough time to finish his trade schooling and get a job so he could then either get caught up on his rent or find a new place. It sure beats the sheriff throwing your shit out on the street. I haven't heard from him since and I've texted him a few times. I did, against my better judgment, offer to assist him but he didn't take me up on it. Knowing Space, he didn't listen and wound up in some crazy place. The one thing I know about him is that he always pops back up. When he does, he usually has some type of drama going on and is dealing with some different kind of crazy. He's lucky he's so damn sweet and loves to ride my cock bare. I'll update you when I hear from him next.