Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fucking a hot twink at a party

I wen to this party that this party thrown by this insanely rich guy.  He's actually kind of a douchebag but he always has these hot twinks around that are basically ready for anything.  I definitely know that he's paying these dudes to hang out with them and to pretty much be available but hey, whatever.  So I'm chatting up with this super cute twink hunk.  He's Italian and Rican so he has crazy wavy hair, a great complexion, fuck me eyes and a hot little body.  He's about 5'7, 125 pounds, 20 and for a change, he's a hairy little twink.  We were chatting each other up and I was totally digging him and he was responding to me.  After a few drinks and a joint, we end up in one of the bedrooms.  We start kissing and he's a bandit.  Totally turning me on.  We pretty much are ripping each others clothes off and I swear I'm totally boned.  He has this super tight little body, hairy chest and a completely un-shaved bush.  I couldn't get enough of this kid.  He starts blowing me, sticking his ass in my face.  He had a nice hole that I could have munched on all night.  But I don't because I am rock hard.   and  it isn't  long before he slips a condom on me, grabs some lotion and lubes the condom up and his ass.  He sits on top of me and starts riding it, starting slow but building the pace.  He went nuts on my cock.  He was riding me like I was fucking pogo stick.  Actually, I was his fuck stick and he just bounced off me.  It was hot but weird because I was watching him in amazement and not like the guy who was worried he was going snap my cock in two.  I eventually pushed him down to the missionary position and just pounded his ass as hard as I could.  After about ten minutes, I shot my load with a force that kind of surprised me.  We rested for a few minutes before we cleaned up and went back to the party.  Everyone knew we had just fucked and we didn't care.  I lost him somewhere in the party so I didn't get to bone him again.  But it was amazing.  Even if douchebag paid him to fuck me.