Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Return of Snowy Garage Fuck

I hadn't met up with Snowy Garage fuck since we played in my garage in the middle of the night.  He was hard to get a hold of as he didn't give out his phone number and his real email so I would have to email him through the old post and he may or may not get back with me.    I was surfing the sites and I saw an ad that looked very familiar to the ad I previously had answered.  I responded and realized pretty quickly that it was the same guy.  He has this whole elaborate process where we meet up a place and it's the same scene.  He comes up to my car, gets in and we head to a vacant building that I have access to every now and then.  We get there and he is very much into kissing.  We are standing in this empty building, making out rubbing our cocks into each other. I pull off his shirt and see his skinny, tatted up body.  I remember that he likes his nipples played with so I give them a twist and a little smile.  I take down his pants and his dick is hard.  I forgot that is was as big as it was which is always a nice surprise.  I went down and started sucking his cock for a bit.  Got him good and hard.  As I started getting up, I sucked on his nipples and I thought he was going to cum.  We kissed again and he pulled down my pants and started giving me head.  He stops to tell me not to cum in his mouth and I say sure.  He blows me and I start picking up the pace, fucking his mouth until I am ready to cum. I shoot on the ground.  He asks me to suck on his nipples again and he jacks off, shooting on my chest.  We clean up and I take him back.  I tell him to give me a ring if he wants to get together again and he says he won't.  I should email him and he'll get back to me.  Strange kid but a hot mouth.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Where Bi-Boi and where I left it

The drama with him never really ends.  As I previously posted, I had to decide what I was going to do.  I finally told him that we can't see each other.  I was pretty clear that he needed to get his shit together and I was only confusing him.  He cried and told me that he loved me; that we should get married.  I eventually told him that I will see him again and that I think we can be together again, just not now.  He really didn't want to accept it but it is my choice.  We still talk a lot and text regularly but I am staying strong.  The problem is that I want to be with him.  I want to feel my cock ripping up his tight little hole.  I want to pull on his hair as I cum inside him.  I think that this break will provide some clarity and hopefully we can become fuck buds.  The problem is that I am in deep and compare all the new guys I am with to him.  This is so fucked up. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Bi-Boi and Me continued

We have been talking and texting since.  But everything seems different.  I can hear it in his voice, I can read it in his text messages.  He keeps telling me that I am making this into a bigger deal than it is.  But I know him and know myself.  I feel it.  But I want him so I keep the line of communication open.  He is going through a lot.  His family is all over him now about things.  He essentially came out to them and that was not something he had planned.  I am trying to be supportive of him.  He needs the emotional support.  But it is challenging.  He sounds like a different person now.  He is not as easy going.  You can feel that he is troubled. The crying is hard to deal with.  The emotional swings as well.  And the sex.  Yikes, has it gone down hill.  Obviously, the anal took a back seat.  But it all was not there.  The kissing felt pressured.  The sex was quite honestly pedestrian.  When we started fucking again, I brought condoms with me.  I never do that. But I did for him.  We used them and he even said we didn't have to.  He wanted me to know that he trusted me. It was nice to hear but he didn't mean it.

Then it really started to change.  For the first time ever, we were fighting.  Bickering with each other.  It was stupid but how can you stop it.  He kept saying he wanted things to be like they used to be.  You can't stay in a box.  Things change and you need to move forward.  He struggled with it.  Bi-boi now is insisting that he loves me.  I know better.  He's confused and troubled at the moment.  Love is not born of this.  I really think that he is starting to realize that he might be gay.  He is definitely confused and I know one thing, I am not helping things.  I am a crutch but I am also a big part of the issue.  He doesn't know what he wants or needs.  Not that I know what he wants or needs; but I do know that I have been through a lot of this and quite honestly need to be more of a man and step up or step aside. My thoughts are step aside.  He needs to figure this out for himself.  He doesn't need me.  He just doesn't realize that yet.  But I do. The question is whether or not I can let him go. 

Monday, August 4, 2014

Bi-Boi and the Drama

We had been seeing each other regularly and the sex was great.  You were supposed to spend some time together this one weekend and on Friday, I get a text that he is going to be at his mother's house and he will get back to me.  No big deal.  The next day, he texts me and it starts out:

BiBoi:  You need to go get tested for STDs

That is a big statement.  I call him and it goes straight to voice-mail.  I try again, same thing.  I text him back and am freaking out.  He says he is going to the doctor now but he has some rash and I must have gave it to him.  I am totally freaked out and ask him to call me.  He responds:

BiBoi:  I haven't been with anyone but you.  Why else would I have a rash.

I am freaking out.  I don't understand what is happening.  I ask him where the rash is and it is on his back.  He tells me he will text me when we he is done with the doctor.  I am waiting for a bit and he texts me back that the doctor gave him some cortisone for the rash and said it was nothing to be concerned about that it was an allergic reaction.  Then he sends out another text.

BiBoi:  By the way, you didn't give me HIV either.

I was pissed.  First, he blames for giving him a rash that I didn't give him. Then he sends me a text about giving him HIV.  I call him and he picks up.  He didn't apologize to me just says he was being honest and looking out for himself.  Seriously, you couldn't have seen the doctor before accusing me of these things. 

We made plans to meet up.  He didn't realize that I was pissed but that really hurt.  I would never intentionally do anything to harm him.  He thought I was making too much out of it and should as he said "stop acting like a seventh grade girl."  We didn't really get anything resolved and I made it pretty clear that I wasn't doing to deal with this shit again.  Then he started getting into the real story behind it.  He mentioned to one of his friends about the rash and his friend freaked him out.  So instead of talking to me, he calls his sister and tells her everything:  about me, having bareback sex, etc.  His sister tells his parents and the next thing he knows, he is in the burbs getting every imaginable test run and lectured, yelled at by his parents.

I decide to cut him some slack.  I remember being his age and getting tested for the first time.  I convinced myself that the test was wrong so I kept going back and getting tested every month because I was sure that I wasn't negative.  It took awhile for me to believe it and I eventually moved past my issues.  Telling your parents that you are a bi or gay and that you may have a STD is pretty traumatic.

We decided to take a break but continue talking and texting each other.  This wasn't the break-up I anticipated but it hurt just the same, maybe even more.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Bi Boi and a wild ride

I thought I'd start you off with a hot sex session before getting into the drama:

Bi Boy and I plan to meet up this one afternoon.  I get to his place and we sit back on the couch and chat. Eventually we smoke a bit of pot.  No video games today kids.  We get into right away and move it into the bedroom.  We strip down to our underwear and start kissing and grinding and groping.  Eventually I pull his underwear off and as I lick my way down to his cock. He switches off and does the same to me.  Eventually, he is on top of me and moves up and feeds me his cock.  He does it slowly and gets me to inhale as much as possible before I gag on it.  Eventually, I move him forward and he is sitting on my face and I eat his tiny ass out.  It tastes so good as I give it a good tongue fucking.  While I am circling the outside of his ass, he is jacking off.  After about 10 or 15 minutes, Bi-Boy lets me know he is going to cum. He blows his load in his hand and then to my surprise, lubes up my cock and rides my cock.  It his so hot pushing his boys into his ass and he is loving it.  His ass is super tight so I feel like I am bull dozing it even though I lathered it up with my spit and he did prepped it with his jizz.  I didn't last too long about 3 minutes before I shot a huge load into him.  I just rolled over and we kissed for about 10  minutes before either of said anything.  After a bit, we smoked a bit more pot before calling it a day. 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Bi Boi and me date -- kinda

I realized that I was losing some perspective with bi boy. I am falling for him.  And that's not a good thing.  Besides the 20+ year age difference,  he is going to end up with a girl.  I'm just the distraction.   I took a step back from him: I cancelled on him, didn't take his calls and texts.  It definitely has made him more persistent.  I eventually gave in and went all in.  We started dating, as exclusively as I was willing to do and I assume that he was out shagging girls.  I haven't written as much about him or my antics in general because I was trying to be present in the relationship until he fucked me over.  I will tell you the ending, he fucked me over (in a way I didn't imagine) so I will write  about him and some others over the next few weeks.

Monday, May 19, 2014

IML thoughts

As many of you know, this upcoming weekend is IML.  For those of you who have not experienced this, it is a real eye opener.  It is men behaving badly and not apologizing or feeling bad about it.  Imagine thousands of gay men, mostly drunk, some high with nothing to do but fuck, cruise and play.  Now imagine this in a hotel and you can understand that it is way the fuck out of control.  I have received several party invites as well questions about what I am going to be doing, who I am going to be doing and when.  For those who have been reading the blog for awhile, you know that this is not my favorite event.  As much as I hate to say it, I am a bit of prude when all is said and done.  ( I  know a bunch of you just rolled your eyes and laughed).  It's true.  I prefer my sex to be one on one instead of in a group and I prefer to be the only one, not number 15 or 100 or whatever number you can come up with.  I'm just not comfortable in a group.  It makes me go soft and being soft at an orgy is not good for a top.  I also am not a fan of fucking a cum-filled hole.  I like being the one to seed my bitches.  I don't like random loads lubing an ass for me.  It's just my thing.  So, unless I get some different offers, I probably will not be at IML.  But you  never know.  I might want to report things back and while I may not be into group action or sloppy holes, I know plenty of you all get off on the scene. 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

the thing aka the hulk

I started meeting up with this muscle guy awhile back.   He is not my type at all, he is in his early 40's, 5'10 and I can't guess his weight cause he is built like a semi truck, .  He reminds me body wise of the thing from the fantastic 4 or a bit of the hulk.  I hooked up with him pretty much because I was horny,  in a hurry and he was the first doable guy to confirm.. plus,  I am always into trying something new. I really liked the scene. He wanted to kiss and be more intimate but this was about being manly,  aggressive,  physical worship.  it might get old for him but I am pretty sure it goes with being a muscle daddy.  I get real physical with him.  Grabbing his chest, mauling his tits, feeling his freakish stud body.   He plays into as well, flexing for me, grunting like a beast.   The first time,  I was grinding on him when I stuck my cock in him raw and just fucked him with the intensity of two wild animals.  The other times I did him from behind standing,  doggy style,  him on top of me and missionary. Every time,  he took my load and loved it. I lost touch with him as I accidentally deleted his email but heard from him and will be connecting up soon.  He's a good fuck and I like taking out any aggression I have on him so I don't like to lose touch with these guys.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

alumni boy disappoints

Alumni boy has been texting me non stop since I fucked him good the other day.  He wants more telling me how he was sore in a good way afterwards.   We set up a time and meet him at our usual place.  He leads me to the couch again.   I still haven't been in the bedroom but does it matter.  I into him not the location.  We undress and are feeling each other up. I am feeling like sucking some cock so I pay extra attention and get his smallish cock good and hard. He is into but eventually pushes my head lower and I dart my tongue in and out. I start lining my cock up and he asks if I have a condom.   Seriously. He says he forgot to pack them before he left his place.  I was pissed. He is texting about wanting me to fuck him and he doesn't bring any.  I talk with hom about it and it's pretty clear that he is not without a condom.  I kept my cool and played it off as not a big deal but make it clear that he has to bring condoms. He starts blowing me. I eventually take control and aggressively fuck his mouth. I am roughing uo his throat,  making him gag. I know he's struggling but don't care.   He needs to know that I am in control.  I tell him I am going to cum and blow my load on his face, getting it all over him.  I zip up and tell him that he better not forget the condoms next time.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

We had been chatting online for a week or so, trying to find a time to meet up.  His pics were damn sexy, mid 30's, black, 5'10, buff, about 170.  When we finally were able to meet up, I had to blow off Bi_boy to meet him, so you know I was interested.  He's staying with a relative so it makes it difficult to meet up plus he is located in the Northwest suburbs, so geographically, he is undesirable.  But I arrive at his place and he takes me to the basement.  I am a bit uncomfortable but I head down.  He immediately starts feeling me up, grabbing at my crotch and ass.  It sure didn't take long before I was ready.  He keeps at it and we start to kiss.  So far, so good.  I eventually start feeling him up and go and grab his cock and ass. Shortly after he unzips my pants and starts sucking my dick.  I let him go at it as I take off my clothes.  He has me hard as a rock and nice and wet.  He excuses himself and comes back, much to my surprise with only lube. When guys leave like that they usually are searching for a condom. He points over to the couch and I go and lay down on it.  He moves to the side and blows me so I am good and hard.  He stands up, lubes his ass and my cock and sits over me, one leg on the floor, one on the couch and guides my prick into his ass.  It is warm and tight.  After two minutes, he blows his load all over my chest.  I can feel the heat from his jizz which only makes me harder.  He is riding me like a pro and I am bucking into him.  Damn he is a hot lay.  Finally I can't take it anymore and I shoot my load deep in his ass.  Afterwards, I ask him about his scar and he says he was shot in Afghanistan.  Fuck, my first military dude and he is sitting with my boys deep inside him.  Fucking hotter now.  I wish I knew he was military before but it just got better.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

stalker alert

I met this kid awhile back, June of last year.   I put out a crazy ad with some religious undertones.  I have some issues dealing with this from my childhood.  This 18 year black guy answers and has a cute face.   He mentions that he just graduated from high school.  This is usually a red flag as I don't mess with high schoolers even if tho ey are of age.  I have 2 reasons: I am slutty but not a pedophile and quite honestly,  even if they are of age, they are emotionally not ready to deal with shit. I should have followed my instincts.

The kid has a cute face so I invite him to my office.   Mistake number 2.  He arrives and I realize why I only received a face and ass pic.  He was a a young chub. Not really a chub but definitely overnight.  Mistake #3 for those keeping track.   being horned up and in a hurry,  I decide to get off and get him out of my life.  mistake #4.

We go to my office and get down to it. He wants to kiss but I say no.  He gives me head and I think about another dude.  He eventually gets up and turns around.  I grind my cock into his ass and enter him raw. He keeps moaning out my name as I pound him. I am trying to focus so I can cum quickly.  it works and I shoot a huge load of jizz up his ass. After he cums, he asks me why I came in him. I told him he should asked me to ppull out . He wants to talk but I tell him I have to go and get him out the door.  I leave and figure this is a lesson learned.

A few days later he emails me asking when we can get together.  I ignore him. He continues emailing me and I finally respond but basically blowhim off but nicely. A week or so passes and my assistant tells me about this bizarre phone call.  She says this call came in aboaut some new business and he says he's a friend. but he wouldn't leave a number just  a name, deanthony.  I play it off as some weirdo but he continues to call. After a week or so,  it stopps but he starts up again in July. This continues until the end of august and he stops until Thanksgiving.  And now he is leaving voice mail.  i ignore him until he
 starts up again at Christmas.   It continues and then stops. Until his spring break starts.  He calls again and my assistant is out so I answer. I laid into the kid about stalking me. I also figured out how he knew my name and number: he took a business card. Mistake #5.

Some valuable lessons learned.  Let's see if he he gets tthe clue to leave me the fuck alone when he is back from school.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

alumni boy bottoms

Alumni boy and I set up a time to meet.  I meet him again at his brothers pkace.  We go to the couch again.  We  strip down and start feeling each other up. He lets me know he is really horny.  I suck his cock for a bit before I start eating out his ass.  I rim him enough to get it alk wet and ready.   I eventually start rubbing my cock against his crack before I put on a condom and enter him. He feels good and is able to take it. He is getting pretty vocal and cums pretty quickly.   i kept pounding away, dripping sweat all over him.   was pretty horned up so I kept it going until I couldn't hold back any more and I came.  Afterward,  he tells me that I hit a spot that made him cum. It was a nice ego lift because I always try to give my bottom my best. I know from my perspective that I gave him a long fuck session.   Probably a bit longer because I used a condom.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday, March 10, 2014

Sunday play time

I was horned up and all alone on a Sunday.  None of my regulars were around so I start cruising online.  I am working this hot, freaky guy that I know will be some wild-ass hot sex.  In the interim, I have this other guy in the wings in case it falls through.  The other guy is in his late 20's, Italian mix, about 5'11 and a bit over 200 pounds.  He is definitely a lot thicker than I normally go for.  After hot and freaky doesn't pan out, I confirm with the Italian thick boy.  He lets me know that there are a couple of guys coming over for a small group now.  I let him know I will be there as soon as I can.  It was a complete lie because I was not in any rush to get there.  As you guys may recall, I am not into groups.  For some reason, when I get to group action, I become way more passive and inhibited.  I arrive late and he lets me know that everyone else left but I am welcome to stay.  He passes over his bong and shares some wicked pot.  After a few hits, he asks if I am up for playing.  I am horned so I say yes but that I am only up for getting head, mainly because I don't know what happened before but don't want to be 7 of 9 (that is an intentional Star Trek reference in there).  He strips down to a jock strap and pulls out his cock and starts stroking.  I get naked and move over the edge of his bed.  He comes over and starts sucking my cock.  Since I have leverage on him, I start fucking his throat.  I go at it for a bit as he strokes and cums.  Eventually, I am getting ready to come and blow my load mostly on his face.  It is so hot looking down on him as he has my cum all over his face and beard.  He lets me know that he is almost always available since he works from home.  I'm tempted to add him to the regular list mainly because he had better dope than me.  Plus I appreciate a boy that is willing to just suck my cock without any reciprocation.  Should I add him to the rotation? Not so sure about that.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Alumni Boy gets a taste

Alumni Boy and I text each other and plan to meet up at his brother's place downtown again.  I love a cute fuck boy that can host near my work. He says to text because he will meet me and bring me up.  I meet him on the street and he brings me in the back way to the building.  He's definitely hiding something and I appear to that something.  Not my problem.  We get up to his place and he takes me to the couch.  He's not even being coy, he takes off his shoes and pants and sits down.  Eventually we are stroking each others dick.  I go in and kiss him quickly before heading down to his neck, his chest to his cock.  I start sucking his dick and eventually take in his balls before eating his hole out.  He is squirming.  Loving it.  I move up and start rubbing my cock on his ass.  I spit again for lube and rub hard, hitting his hole.  I grind into it and as I am going to push in and he puts out the do not enter sign -- raises legs while tightening in.  I tell him that I want to fuck him and he asks if I have a condom.  Neither of us have one, so it isn't happening.  I rub on his ass a bit before I move up and start feeding him my prick.  At first he's controlling it but eventually I pick up the pace and start fucking his throat.  He's doing better than I thought he would but he eventually throats it and gags.  I love to make a guy gag and spit up on his face, catch his breath and go down for more cock. He came pretty quickly after that but I kept at at for a bit until I came, which I didn't warn him about.  The first squirt was in his mouth and as I pulled out, I came on his face, making sure to grind my cummy head past his lips.  He didn't look too happy about swallowing my cum but he didn't say anything other than the next time he would have a condom.  I might actually have to get some just in case.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bi Boy - The hang out

It freaked me out.  I never expected to run into him or see him again.  I figured he was off being a boring suburbanite.  I ran into him and I swear I was ready to pop wood, right then and there.  He looked pretty much the same but at that age, 2 years can make the difference between a boy and a man.  He looked older but still boyish.  I was in lust again.  We chatted awkwardly for a bit.  But I knew what I wanted.  We eventually started texting each other.  More specifically, I started it by texting him.  I am not shy about it, I was ready to fuck around with him and was not going to miss out because I didn't try.  He responded and we had joked around.  I think what finally brought him around was that we could smoke a bit and chill out.

We make plans to hang out early this one afternoon.  I leave work and head over to his new apartment.  This is the first time we ever hung out at his place.  We are in the living room and it's as if we were never apart.  We smoke some pot and are playing video games.  He's killing me and loving it, as he taunts me.  I don't mind losing this game.  I reach over and touch him, telling him how he just kicked my ass.  He leans in and we kiss.  I almost forgot how good a kisser he is and how much he likes to kiss.   He is so into touching and taking his time, savoring the moment, that I can barely handle it. I have a raging boner already.  I am groping his tight skinny body.  Running my hands up and down him.  Finally, I unbutton his pants and go to take them off.  He suggests we go to the bedroom and we do.  He starts to undress and I follow suit.  He takes off all his clothes except his underwear.  We go to the bed and kiss, rubbing our bodies into each other.  Our hard-ons poking through our underwear.  I kiss him from his ears to his armpits to his tiny nipples eventually inhaling his smell through his underwear.  I pull them down and look at his big fat uncut cock. It smells and taste perfect.  He never has that dick cheese smell.  I remember that he likes it slow, wet and long.  I usually go faster but I want him to moan.  Eventually I make my way back to him and we kiss long and deep.  His tongue is penetrating my mouth.  He eventually goes and makes his way down to my cock.  He enjoys savoring my cock, tasting me as I am precumming in his mouth.  I am so excited that I am about to cum.  He stops and tells me not yet.  We start kissing again and he gets on top of me and feeds me his cock, slowly fucking my mouth.  I swear I can take more of his cock than any other cock. As he continues to grind his meat into my mouth, I am gyrating and squirming.  Eventually he tells me to rim him.  We  change positions and I cusp is tiny ass and make out with his hole.  Darting my tongue in and out, left and right, up and down, breathing his manliness.  Eventually I stop and move up and start to kiss him being on top of him.  We are in the heat of it and I move his cock, spit on it and let him enter me.  It hurts.  He is ripping me open with that girth.  But he is doing it slowly, allowing me to catch my breath.  He is fucking me and making me crazy.  My dick is dripping precum like a faucet.  My cock and his chest is wet with it.  He runs his finger and picks it up, sticking his finger in my mouth. Making me lick my cum and suck his finger.  I am going nuts.  I start jacking my cock and blow my load all over, hitting him in the face.  I had to stop, I couldn't take it any more.  He just kissed me and ground his cock on me until he came on my chest.  Afterwards, we just laid there, kissing and talking; my body on fire.  I realized right then and there that I was in deep.  And he would break my heart again.  It was just a matter of when.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Bi-Boy the Prelude

I met Bi-Boy in 2012, right after I stopped writing the blog.  I can't remember how we met met but he was like throwing gasoline on a lit match for me.  He was thin.  Not an ounce of fat, just pure lean muscle.  He was 5'8, 130 pounds, latin-italian mix, with a fat uncut 8 inch cock.  We used to hang out, smoke weed, play video games, watch movies and cum.  You already know you are set up for a break up  when you mess around with a bi-guy.  They either come out of the closet and become a complete mess or fall in love and can't continue things on.  Until they fall out of love.  Or, even worse, they meet a girl and pretend you never existed.  He was the meet a girl and pretend you never existed type.  Which means I fell for him.  He was really cool to hang with but he was amazing in bed.  He was sensual and got in your head.  He made you want him.  I don't know how to describe it other than he knows how to use his body to make you moan and groan.  It's intense and it's hot.  And he ended it just as abruptly and amazingly as it began, in a flash.  I beat off thinking about it.  Ah, the memories.  Until I ran into him in a greasy, 24 hour breakfast place.  And gave him my number.........

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Networking finally pays off with Alumni Boy

I am at networking event for my University (a SEC school with a good Chicago base) and I notice this guy eyeball this guy up and down.  He had no idea that I saw him.  I watch him and make sure he knows that I am checking him out.  He looks my way, turns away and then looks back.  He does this a couple of times so I know I have him if I decide to move on it.  He's cute, in the way I really like a guy.  He's 5'10, about 150 pounds, 26/27 years old, thin but not taut, kinda thin in the soft way, dark hair and eyes.  I go over and say hi.  We start some inane conversation but I make sure that I touch him a couple of times and he responds by leaning into me.  He says that his brother has a place close by and won't be home for awhile so why don't we have a drink.  We get to his brother's place and sit on the couch. He asks me if I want something to drink and I put my hand on his thigh and kiss him.  He gets on the floor and undoes my suit, pulls out my cock and starts giving me head.  He's a bit drunk and sloppy but it I am down for it.  I start taking my clothes off and eventually he takes his off.  I am on top of him on the couch and start kissing down his body, from his nipples to his cock.  He's on the small side about 5 inches but I don't care how big your cock is when I am fucking you.  Eventually I start up and kiss him, rubbing my cock into him.  I am dry fucking his hole rubbing my cock on it.  I spit and try to enter but he moves his legs up and clenches his hole.  He says he doesn't have a condom here so we can't.  I keep trying but eventually give in and try to cum because my dick is raw from rubbing up against him.  I eventually shoot my load in rub it all up and down him trying to get some in his hole.  We clean up and we exchange numbers for another day.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Contruction worker

I meet this new guy.  He's not the type I typically go for, he's in his mid 30's, about 5'9, 190 pounds  and kinda buff, like a bull.  He's cute and has the I really want you to fuck me attitude so I am game.  He gets to my place and I am super horned up.  It didn't take me long to be rock hard and ready to go.  Seriously, I was ready to go before my pants were even off.  He is definitely happy and we undress.  He goes down and sucks me a for a a few seconds and says fuck buddy, you are ready to go so let's go.  He gives me some lube and says take it slow because that huge head of yours is going to hurt.  I lube up and enter him raw.  I take it slow and steady, slowly moving my cock into him.  He is gasping but signals when I am able to go faster.  I give it to him hard.  I am pounding away and it feels good.  He didn't even take off his jock strap so I am just pushing it in and out.  After a few minutes, I blow my load quick and deep in him.  Normally, I would just pull out but I can tell my dick isn't ready so I keep fucking him and now I really am pounding his ass.  I just want him to be good and sore when I get done with him.  He asks me to take a break so I do.  I figure that this is the end but he asks me if I can get it up again.  He starts sucking on my dick taking in his ass juices on my cock.  I get it up again much to my surprise.  Now I push him on his back and really fuck him deep and hard.  I am just pounding on him like a cheap whore and he is loving it.  Eventually he says he can't take it anymore and since I already came, I let up and pull out.  He is all over my shit and definitely wants more.  This little slut is definitely my type.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Snowy Night Garage Trick

I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't fall back to sleep.  I start watching tv to hopefully fall asleep when I decide to see what is up online.  I see this ad for a 22 year old twink that is in my neighborhood, about a block or two away.  Perfect since it is a cold and snowy night.  I answer and we get the process started.  He is definitely in the closet and blocks his number from mine.  We meet up at a store parking lot by my place and I tell him that we have to use the garage.  We go in and he is cute in a latin thug way.  About 5'10, 140 pounds, tatted up and smooth.  He says he is a bottom looking to suck only.  We start rubbing up against each other, getting each other hard.  It's a bit cold but when you have a cute twink there, it isn't too tough to pop wood.  I take down his sweat pants and take a look at a nice 7 inch cut cock that is thin but hard and exactly what I needed.  I put my shirt over my head and he starts in my chest, aggressively sucking my nipples.  I nudge him down and he starts sucking my cock.  He definitely is not too experienced as he is gagging and I might have a big fat mushroom head but my cock is average size wise.  I make him take it for awhile.  I love watching him gag and spit up.  It gets me harder knowing that he is struggling with it.  I am coating his mouth with my pre-cum and his spit. I decide to give him a break and pull up his shirt.  He begs me to suck on his nipples, eventually asking me to bite them.  I am all in on this.  I suck and poke with my tongue before I bite down and tug his nips.  He moans and groans while jacking his prick.  I licked his chest tat and go at the other nipple, stopping only to spit in my hand so I can finger his tight little ass.  I go after his ass and he is moaning like a little bitch.  I turn him around and rub my cock on his ass but he says he doesn't want to fuck in a garage and that he has only been fucked one time before.  It makes me want him more but I can tell this kid is the type who has to feel you are trustworthy so I don't push it but turn him around.  He goes back at my cock and I tell him I am going to shoot my load but prior to he starts to pull away and I shot a huge 4 day load all over him.  He asks me for a towel and fuck we are in the garage so I there isn't anything.  He wanted me to lick it off him and even though that is not my thing, I figured it's mine, so why not.  We kissed a bit and he jacked off as I bit on his nipples cumming on the ground.  He says he is going to contact me again and wants to fuck but we shall see.  You never know with closet cases.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I am back.

I have the writing motivation again and will be sharing my experiences, good and bad with you.  Stay tuned for the updates. And enjoy the hot bush on this dude.