Thursday, April 10, 2014

alumni boy disappoints

Alumni boy has been texting me non stop since I fucked him good the other day.  He wants more telling me how he was sore in a good way afterwards.   We set up a time and meet him at our usual place.  He leads me to the couch again.   I still haven't been in the bedroom but does it matter.  I into him not the location.  We undress and are feeling each other up. I am feeling like sucking some cock so I pay extra attention and get his smallish cock good and hard. He is into but eventually pushes my head lower and I dart my tongue in and out. I start lining my cock up and he asks if I have a condom.   Seriously. He says he forgot to pack them before he left his place.  I was pissed. He is texting about wanting me to fuck him and he doesn't bring any.  I talk with hom about it and it's pretty clear that he is not without a condom.  I kept my cool and played it off as not a big deal but make it clear that he has to bring condoms. He starts blowing me. I eventually take control and aggressively fuck his mouth. I am roughing uo his throat,  making him gag. I know he's struggling but don't care.   He needs to know that I am in control.  I tell him I am going to cum and blow my load on his face, getting it all over him.  I zip up and tell him that he better not forget the condoms next time.