Sunday, January 23, 2011

The muscle jock

I teased you w ith the muscle jock and need to follow through.  We exchanged emails and decided to meet up at my office for nooner.  Since they cut back on the working from home, it's been harder to pull off office stuff.  I have somebody around every day.  Except for this week and I took advantage.  We emailed each other and he was eager with a super hot body.  But based on the body alone, he was worth doing.  He was all things good, in shape, big dicked and liked to kiss.  The first time we met, we made out like bandit and he blew me.  The idea of this hot black big dicked stud swallowing my cum was too hot.  I had to have more.  So I invited him over again two days later and let him know that I normally couldn't host but was able to and wanted him again.  He gets over he and gets naked ASAP, revealing his super muscled up body and big dick.  We kiss for a bit before he goes down on me and gets me hard.  After a bit of sucking he gets up and starts kissing me before he conveniently ends up with his back to me and my cock rubbing up against his ass.  Not need an invitation, I spit on my cock for lube and starting digging into his hungry hole.  He doesn't object and I push him down for easier access.  I thrust in and he moans.  As he gets used to my cock, I push him down because he keeps arching back.  I have him down and begging for my cock. I keep thrusting in his dark hole, grabbing his muscle tits and tight abs as I pound away on his fit, tight body.  I keep aggressively pushing him down as I continue to grind deep in him, eventually blowing my load deep inside.  Afterward, he kisses me and tells me that he wishes I could do this more often.  If I can make this work after 5:00 pm, I will seed this slut again.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Looking to Fuck one of my followers

I know I like to keep this on the dl but just had a crazy idea and want to fuck one of my blog buds. If you are up for it, hit me and make sure you send stats and pics.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

An odd thought while I was getting blown

I met up last night with this 25 year old Mexican twink for some oral.  He's 5'7, 140 pounds and medium complexion.  He asks me if I want to watch some porn and he puts something on but I never actually watched it.  He say to me anytime you want to start.  I start undoing my pants and gets this excited look on his face.  I decide that I want to take the action to him and fuck his mouth instead of lying back and letting him do the work.  So I get off the couch and undo my pants and let it all go down to my boots.  He goes in and inhales my cock.  I start pumping his face full of my cock.  He did okay considering I pretty much just skull fucked him for about 20 minutes.  He was a little toothy on the blow job but I did force the issue when he would try to take a little break, I would jam it back down his throat.  As I was getting ready to cum, I made sure my cock was deep down his throat so he wouldn't waste it. I didn't ask and he didn't object.  But right after I came, I started thinking about how eager this 25 year old was swallow my cum and how different it was when I was his age.  Back in the mid 90's when I turned 25, I didn't know anyone that swallowed.  It wasn't until much later that I had someone swallow.  And I remember it like it was yesterday.  It turned me on so much.  I think it might have something to do with the era in which I came out and the safe sex message that was drilled in everyone's head.  It seems like guys are much more at ease with it now.  While you can call me a hipocrit because I want to shoot my load inside whether it's a mouth or an ass, but I don't let a guy cum in my mouth and on the rare occasion that I bottom, I use condoms.  I thought it was a strange thought to have as a dude is slurping the last of your nut out.