Monday, April 4, 2011

New territory

I went out of town recently for business and decided to really enjoy myself.  I had never been to a bathhouse before and figured it was about time.  I know that we have a couple here but I have never really felt comfortable going to one.  This may sound dumb after all the shit I've done and shared but I was nervous about going.  Part of it is based on a more conservative view of my sexuality, part on coming out in the beat it over your head, safe sex era and the other in that I get nervous in front a group.  Not to mention that I didn't want to run into people that I know or would say something to my ex or one of my previous boys. Fortunately, I remembered a posting from a fellow blogger about being a newbie at a bathhouse and it was helpful to have some advice/pointers.  Here's a link to his site:  The crazy part of the whole experience is how I created so much anxiety about being there that it was hard for me to perform in public.  I'm not sure that I can ever really get over that sense of awkwardness of sex in public place or in large groups of people.  It makes me wonder if I ever decide to go back whether I should get some Cialis or Viagra.  That being said, I'm glad I had a room so I could overcome my nerves...

Friday, April 1, 2011

Would you rather: Butler's coach v VCU's coach

I've been watching the NCAA tournament and these two coaches in the Final 4 have caused me to pop some major wood.  Brad Stevens of Butler has the innocent, dorky (in a hot way) look about him, sort of the boy next door.  Who wouldn't want to corrupt a good Christian boy like him.  I would, in a heart beat.  Plus, I like the pic of him pointing at his crotch.  On the other side is Shaka Smart of Virginia Commonwealth.  Damn, he's a fine piece of ass.  Seriously, I could like him him from head to toe and everywhere in between.  Unfortunately these guys aren't gay but in a fantasy, they are. While I would do both...the questions is do you prefer the all american, squeaky clean look or the sexy, ethnic type.  Tough call.