Monday, March 30, 2009

The 40 year old virgin returns

We all know that he isn't a virgin anymore thanks to me. That's his story and I probed him on it and he stuck to it claiming I was the first dude to fuck him which also makes me the first dude to breed him. He also lets me know his ass was sore for a week and I'm surprised since I took it easy on him. Oh well no one said bottoming was easy. Now it's happened a second time and I know he was sore. I met up with him again after a meeting I had by his house. I get there and much like the last time except he's really happy to see me. We don't waste much time, he takes off his clothes, I get out of my suit, he grabs some lame lotion like Jergens or Suave, lubes his ass and my cock and sits on me. I let him get comfortable and I start aggressively fucking him from underneath. After a few minutes, I reposition him on his back and just start an aggressive all out assault on his ass. I bang him so hard he's hitting his head against the wood bed frame but I won't let him move. I just keep pounding my raw dick in his tight ass until I shoot my load deep in his Latin daddy ass. We clean up and I leave. No BS, no kissing, just two mutually satisfied guys. I might have to make find a reason to have a meeting out this way again.

Quick Hit - Thanks

Hey guys just wanted to say thanks for my 10,000 visit since I put in the meter in late January. I never thought this many people would be interested in my sex life. Who knew.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Garage play

A little later on St. Patrick's day I had a response from an older guy, 45, 5'10, 160, brown and brown. He's married so he sent a body pic and damn his body was fine. Muscular and hairy. Sweet. We make plans to meet on a certain intersection, which ends up is right in front of his place. We meet and he's cute. Nice face with minor receding hairline. Overall, with a Greek god body, he was super sexy. We talk for a few and end up going around back into his garage. We get undressed and he moves in to kiss me. It was a strange kiss, awkward, like he wasn't used to kissing a guy and was holding something back. I start playing with his chest, twisting his nipples running my hands down his side. He gets down on his knees and takes my cock into his hands and looks at it like he's never had another cock before, He takes my cock into his mouth and tries to deep throat it, gagging on it. I tell him to slow down and focus on the head and he start doing a better job. He alternates between sucking my cock and balls. I tell him to stand up and i start kissing down his chest and take in his cock. It's nice about 6, 6.5 inches. I take it all the way in and my nose hits his pubes. I take a few more whiffs of his manhood and take some long sucking strokes and he pulls out and cums all over the garage floor. He apologizes about cumming too soon but I tell him it's not a big deal. He gets back on his knees and starts blowing me again. I have him pinned up against the car and decide to fuck his mouth and I take it out his mouth. After making him gag, I blow my load in his mouth and he ends up swallowing some, spitting some out on the garage floor. Sneaking around behind his wife's backs was really, hot. My second trick for St. Patty'd day. Nice.

A side note

Things have been so crazy, working my ass off, fucking my cock off and trying to have a life. Be on the look out cause I have 7 sex posts to write and a couple of non sex posts. i know it sounds wrong to bitch about having lots of sex and lots of work but asi es la vida. Stay tuned as I try to get these updates out but I'm still working on posts from St. Patrick's day.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Mexican Twink - Waiter

I meet up with this cute little Mexican twink. He's 24, 5'7, 140 and a horny little bottom. He's a waiter but I didn't find that out during this encounter, so stay tuned. I meet up with him on St. Patrick's day. He lives with his parents but they are at work so he can host. He's not much into talking, or kissing so we get to business. We both undress and hit his room. I start giving him head. He has a nice 7 inch uncut cock and it's nice and clean. So I blow him for a bit before I decide to fuck him. Since he won't suck me off, I figure why worry about his shit. I raise his legs and start rubbing my cock on his crack. He's getting into it so I'm about to stick it in him raw when he says to put on a condom. If I have to, I will, so I do. I start fucking him. I push all in and pick up speed. We're going at it for about 5-7 minutes when he asks to change positions. He gets on all fours and moves to the edge of the bed where I start fucking him from behind. I start power fucking him, real hard. He's fucking flipping out, bucking, speaking in Spanish. It turns me the fuck on and I give it to him harder when he blows his load all over the bed and says he can't fuck anymore. WHAT THE.... I'm pissed off. I give him what he wants and now I have to stop. Fucking bitch. I try to get him to suck me but he won't. I push him down and start rubbing my cock on him, shooting all over his chest. You would think I'd been happy to get off with a cute Latin dude but I wasn't. As I'm leaving I was pretty much calling him every name in the book. I had no plans on a return visit but as you'll find out, I'm a slut and he made too good of an offer.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I think I met my match

I was looking for a quickie. I had a lot of shit going on and was heading out to a big party. I put out an ad and get a response from a guy that was not what I thought I was looking for but he still had something about him that made me travel 20 minutes in the wrong direction. So I meet up with Greg and he's 41, 5'10, 155 and hot in a way that a guy who is confident in himself and fun. I get to his place and it reeks of pot. I can also smell that he partied a bit too much but it kinda turns me on. He's definitely fun. He just lays it out there like I've known him forever which I really dig. We start taking our clothes off and he has this huge fucking dick. Big and thick. He's 8.5 or 9 inches and a good 6 thick. Plus he is skinny which I really dig. Skinny dudes with big dicks turn me on. We start feeling each other up and I start going down on him. That dick is beautiful and massive and he knows it. He has a confidence about him that makes me want to suck his dick even though I know I can't handle that much. He knows that I want it and need some help, so he pulls out some poppers, brings them up to my nose and closes a nostril so I can inhale. He never asked, he let me know that I was going to do it his way. I sniff and feel the rush. He can tell and takes my by the head, grabs the back of my hair and jams his cock all the way down my throat. I do a good job handling it until he forces me to gag up his dick. He wants to fuck me but I say no. I was turned on enough by him but he's the type of guy that is hot and aggressive but a one trick pony. I doubt he can handle a guy that needs work cause his move is to stick it and take control, finesse is not something he is good at. But that attitude is great for head and it gets better. He knows how to take control even though I just told him that my cherry is not his. Not missing a beat, he brings the poppers back up to my nose and repeats the scene, forcing me to take in his beautiful monster. Hot. I want that dick and I want it bad. He eventually pulls it out and says he has to cum now and asks me where I want it. I tell him on my chest but he insists that he blow on my face. I tell him its OK but when the time cums he misses and blows on my chest. I jack off and he's kinda cum phobic so I cum on his leg. I love this guy. I met my match. He made me his cock bitch and made me like it and want more.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

An evening with space

I spent a nice another evening with Space Cowboy who I think will keep this name from here on in as he is kinda dingy and does remind me of Jason Kay. It was last minute but we made plans to hang out, drink some wine and watch some videos. I arrive at his place and we had a long talk about whats going on with him. He's under a lot of pressure with school finishing up and looking for a job in this crappy economy. We cuddle and watch a TV show on DVD. We make it through one episode before we are kissing and all over each other. We take it to the bedroom where Space is really into sitting on top of me naked grinding his ass into my cock. We probably spent about 30 minutes of body grinding with intermittent kissing. I was totally horned up cause I was precumming all over him. i told him I wanted to fuck so he lubes up my cock and sits on it raw. He rides me for a good 10 minutes before I switch positions and start fucking him missionary. I'm fucking him pretty good, alternating between long strokes and fast, hard ones. All the while he's jerking his cock and he tells me he's close. I love to see a guy cum so I stop fucking and start sucking his cock cause I want to see him cum up close. He's a bit surprised but it doesn't stop him from cumming. I take his cum, use it as lube on my cock and start fucking him again. He complains about me using his cum as gross and asks me to stop because it hurts. I've fucked him 8-10 times and he's never told me he couldn't fuck after cumming. I usually cum first though except for maybe one time and he fucked after he came. But he did try to rush me, so it makes sense. We hang out in bed talking about life and kissing. I love feeling up his smooth twink body. It was nice to have this romantic banter going on. Not knowing how long is long enough, I ask him if he wants to fuck again. He says yes so he wraps his legs around me and I aim my cock against his hole and push it in bare again. I start fucking him again. I'm pushing myself this time cause I'm not sure how long he's going to be able to fuck and I really want to seed in him. After about 10 minutes, he asks me to stop cause he's getting sore. I do and he asks me to jack on him. I get on top of him and start jacking my cock and when I get ready aim for his face. I miscalculate and get it all over the pillow, the one I'm going to be laying on. Fuck it, it's my jizz so I do. We kiss and cuddle for a bit before I shower and return home to my bf who is sleeping soundly.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tall Black Bear

I was chatting with this guy online. He's 24, tall and very handsome. I was heading out to work, so we made plans to meet. Tall, is not the word. He's 6 foot 5, a good 7 inches taller than me. He was also a bear, which he didn't mention and I, in my haste, did not ask about his weight. Now, I love contrast in a fuck. Tall-short, older-younger, darker-lighter, bigger build-smaller build. He was handsome so why not, the contrast is kinda hot and I rarely fuck a bear. We start out in his living room rubbing our cocks through our clothes. He reaches over and starts to grope me. I do the same and can feel that he has a big dick. I suggest going to the bedroom and we head over. We take off our clothes and he doesn't have a big dick, he has a monster cock, definitely in proportion to his size. It must be 10 x 6. We're talking a hog. It's definitely more than a handful or a mouthful. He's on the bed and I get start fucking his mouth. I'm pretty hard and horny so I grab his legs and push them back and start rubbing my cock on his ass. I'm really starting to get going, so I start to push my head into his crack, totally dry. He stops me and asks me if I'm negative. I tell him yes and he says OK, just don't cum in me. Excellent. I spit on my dick and his hole and push all in. I start faster than normal. He seems to like it so I give him a pounding for awhile. I ask him to turn around and then take him on all fours. It's a little more complicated because of the height issue, so I have to keep moving him lower so he's in line with me. At first I am long dicking him, a little slower and he likes it but it's hard to maintain as he keeps lifting his big ass up. Eventually, I get tired of this and I push him all the way down. I just get right on top of him, even though I am probably 75-80 pounds lighter than him and slam my raw dick in him as hard and as fast as I can. He is going nuts, moaning like a bitch in heat, taking my cock and precum. I can feel me getting close so I keep fucking him until its time to shoot. I tried to pull out but the first squirt of cum was in him while the rest of my juice ended up was on his big ass crack. He turned over and was jerking his cock fast, I played with his balls and sucked on his nipples as he shot his load. While he's not the type of guy I usually fuck, big boys need love too. Plus, he was definitely appreciative.

Friday, March 20, 2009

U of C Twink

I met up with this twink college kid last week. I was a bit unsure because the first pic he sent to me, he looked a little effeminate and his stats were very twinkie (22, 5'7, 130). He sends another pic that makes him look more masculine and I'm game. I get to his place and he's kinda what I thought he'd be. When I rang up in his building I was surprised he had a Spanish first and last name cause I didn't think he was Latin at all. Doesn't look it. He was cute, not as effeminate but not as masculine as I like. We chatted for a bit, he just graduated, wants to go to grad school, is bi and not all that experienced with guys. Claims to have been fucked twice and it's been awhile. I tell him I'll be gentle and we get undressed. His place is a large studio so his bed is by the balcony/window and we leave it up since we are at a high floor. I go to kiss him and he says he doesn't kiss. That's not what he told me online. He also says he doesn't feel like giving head. I ask what he will do and he says he wants me to eat him out and fuck him. I love both of those and given my choices, I always want those two. I lick down his body but decide I am not going to suck his dick since he won't suck mine. I lift his ass and start in with my tongue. I lick his crack teasing it with my tongue. I spread his ass cheeks and dig my tongue into him. He's getting off and moaning like a little bitch. I dig my face in and eat his ass out for about 15 minutes before stopping. I think about whether I want to start fucking him or continue eating him out. I turn him over onto all fours and go back back to digging my tongue in his ass. He tastes good and I want to fuck him with my tongue as deep as possible. I eat him about for another 10 minutes but have to stop as I almost cum. Now is the time to fuck him. He lubes up his ass, puts on a condom and sits on my cock. He is super tight and it feels good. He slowly works his way down my shaft and I let him control the action. He rides me for a bit and I let him know that I have a hard time cumming this way, so we change positions. I put his skinny, white legs up in the air and I dive into his ass. I push in slowly as I hear him gasp. He looks so good, young, skinny and enjoying some daddy dick. I start to pick up the pace but continue to fuck him for a long time. He is moaning and asking me if I am going to cum. I tell him not yet and after a bit, he says it's starting to hurt. I pull out, take off the condom and rub up on him. I ask him if we can try again and he says he will but he can't promise it will last long. I put him on all fours, put on a new condom and take him from behind. I get in him pretty deep and fuck him hard. I don't show any mercy this time cause I want to cum badly. While I'm banging him, he cums all over the sheets and shortly after asks me to stop. I pull out, take off the condom and rub my cock on his ass crack til I shoot my load all over his ass. When I am getting ready to leave, he hugs me and tells me it was great. I hope he's not too sore cause the fuck lasted about 40 minutes and at the end I was banging him hard. (On a side note, I have plans to meet up with him over this coming weekend, so once I get caught up, you should see more of him in the blog. This is his ass pic, wish I could show the face pic but I didn't ask him so I won't without his permission).

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Quick Hit - Slut or Addict

I've been busy as hell and getting laid left and right. I have 7 posts to write and am having trouble getting to it. I have been wondering in my mind that fucking around 7 times in 7 days with 7 different guys is a lot. There are not any 3 ways, orgies or sex club scenes going on here. That has never been my thing, always like 1 on 1 intimacy. The question in my mind is am I just a slut or am I becoming a sex addict?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Late night take out

I totally fucked my sleep pattern up last week which wasn't helped by the time change so I ended up waking up in the middle of the night, and I'm talking wide awake. What's a boy to do at 3:00 am? Cruise. I meet up with this little Chinese twink, he's 22, 5'7, 135. Pretty cute. He says that he's open to anything but anal. It's late so I figure it's better than nothing. He tells me to be quiet because his roommate is home. We go to his room and start kissing and rubbing up on each other. We start undressing and he has these really hot lightening bolts on each side of his body right where the pubic hair would start/end. We end up in the bed kissing for about 10-15 minutes rubbing on each other, enjoying a good make out session. I eventually start kissing down him and take his cock in my mouth. He's about 6 inches so I can take it pretty easily. I go down on him for about 10 minutes until my mouth gets tired and I switch up spots with him and he starts blowing me. After five minutes, we switch it up again and I start sucking his prick. I eventually start licking downward and eat his ass out. It really gets him going and me too. I had to stop because I almost came while rimming him. At this point I start rubbing my cock on his hole. I know he said he didn't want anal but I got to at least try to get it. He's really getting into it and didn't say anything, so I stick my cock in his ass raw. I get about half way in and he asks me to stop. Fuck, almost right, I'm thinking it was worth the try. To my surprise, he wasn't saying stop to the fuck just the position because he gets on top of me and positions my cock to fuck him while he's laying on me. It was kinda hard to do but he was putting in the effort. He was nice and tight too. I didn't last too long tonight as I had already edged when I was tossing his salad. I blew my load in him after about 3 minutes. I then gave him head again until he came and snuck back in my house.

Friday, March 13, 2009

The return of the space cowboy

About a year and a half ago, I met this twink, I'll call him, space cowboy, cause he kinda reminds me of the Jamiroquai lead singer, a younger Jay Kay without the drug problem. Nice kid, at the time was 21, now, 22, about 6 feet tall and 145 pounds. One of the types I really like, skinny twinks. He has a total daddy complex due to his real dad not wanting anything to do with him and his step dad physically abusing him. Throw in some low self confidence, growing up without a lot money and being picked on for being gay, you can kinda get the picture. We fucked a bunch until June 08 when I rough fucked him bb on my desk at work (I may need to tell that story sometime, it was hot). After that he had a blow out with his roommate, who smacked him over the head with a beer bottle and decided to go back home, out-of-state. He moved back early this year and we chatted on line for a bit but never met up. Last week he texts me and says hi and asks me to hang out. The bb fuck came up and I told him I wanted to do him bb again. We talked about it for a L-O-N-G time cause he wanted to use a condom but I told him the truth, once you have bb sex with someone, using condoms loses the intimacy and somehow it's not the same. He agreed to bb for me after he felt sure I was clean (even tho the first time we didn't discuss it, I just did it). We make plans to meet up the next day.

I get to his place early in the morning about 8:30, before work. He answers wearing a tight t-shirt and small Papi briefs. I'm totally aroused already. We catch up and chat about things. He tells me about what he did back home and how he met this guy and they are kinda dating still dating but long distance. It's hard for me to resist but after a bit I move in and kiss him. We're making out, kinda softly until I pull him over and have him sit on my lap and we really start making out, grinding into each other. All the while we are making out, I am feeling his smooth, Lily white body. I can see his hard on in his little briefs and need to get out of my suit. We head to the bedroom. We undress and I lay back on his bed. He start sucking my cock while I am feeling up his body. He's really good at giving head. He really knows how to suck cock and use his hands to get you going. I have to stop him cause it feels so good and I don't want just a blow job. I go back and get on top of him and start kissing him again. Slowly sucking down his body until I get to his cock which I take into my mouth for a bit. While I suck his dick giving him a sloppy blow job getting it nice and wet as I am fingering his ass. He tells me he wants my cock. He wants to ride me so he quickly puts my cock in his mouth to get it wet and then gets on top of me and lowers himself on to my bare cock. He controls the pace, placing his hand on my chest to leverage himself. Once I know he's comfortable, I pick up the pace and we really start to fuck. While he is bobbing up and down on me, I notice that I've marked up his neck and chest so he's going to have hickeys. After about 10 minutes I tell him I want to change positions, that it's hard for me to cum this way. He gets on his back and I line up my cock and going all the way in to him. I start pounding my cock hard in him. He's totally getting off, jacking his cock while I pound away. I can feel him edging up but he stops jacking. I tell him its OK to cum first and he goes back at it. I start can to feel myself getting closer and I shoot my load deep in him and continue to fuck. He tells me he's close, I pull out and watch him cum. He grabs a towel and wipes the cum up as we kiss and talk. Finally, it's 10:30 and I have to head to work as I have a noon meeting. Nice start to a Friday.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Doctor part 2

Last month I met up with the middle eastern doctor and found myself on a date instead of a hook-up. I went out with the doctor again figuring he'd make a nice, reliable fuck bud. Being smart and cute never hurt anyone. Plus I really wanted to try to get his virgin ass. I get there and he asks what kind of pizza I like. I was surprised cause we never mentioned dinner and I really wanted to get at it. We end up making out and doing what I'd call heavy petting while we wait for the pizza. I couldn't take it as I was so horned up that I pushed down his track pants and started blowing him. I tried to finger his ass but he wasn't having any. I kept edging him and stopping cause I didn't want him to cum before I even took my clothes off. The pizza came so we stopped and ate for a bit. Afterwards, I took off my clothes and the doc started giving me head. He nicked me a few times with his teeth but tried his best. After a bit, I started blowing him again and eventually worked my way down to tongue his crack. He was cool with that and I munched down on his ass and practically made out with it. I get on top of him and start rubbing my cock along his ass and he's seems cool with it. I know being a doctor he's not going to let me fuck him raw so I stop and get a condom. He gets really excited and says, "I've been thinking about this since we met." Now I have a big fucking smile on my face. Then he says, "I want to be inside you so bad." My face changed instantly. Not that I won't give up my ass, I will but I am 99% top and the mood has to strike me and the guy has to show he has talent to be a great top. And the doc is kinda clumsy in bed and I was definitely not in the mood. Not wanting to tell him the truth that I thought he would be a bad lay, I told him that I only bottom in an exclusive, committed relationship. I left a glimmer of hope by saying I would flip fuck with him (he's a virgin so I'll make the exception to pop his cherry). He was not down with that so we continued playing. I started blowing him again and he blew his load over my shoulder all over the place. I forgot what a cummer he was. I rubbed up against him and shot my load on his chest. It wasn't exactly what I wanted but he does have a quality that I like. That being said, he may not be the fuck bud for me cause I need to fuck ass and he's not going to give it up anytime soon. But then again, I do like a challenge. Maybe, and that's a big maybe, that I'll go out with him again.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Saw this ad on CL

Hot ad but I think he's unrealistic....but if I had the stamina to do that in 2 hours, believe me I would. These are the pics he posted.....

Hot, sculpted top needs 6 bottoms to fuck 1 by 1 this afternoon - 25

Hey--I'm insanely horny and taking the day off today to, well--fuck. Never done this scene before but I've been thinking about it for two weeks now and I just gotta make it happen. I got a couple packs of condoms, a fresh bottle of lube, lots of towels, and some great fuck music CDs. I'm going to have six bottom boys over, one every twenty minutes. Three of you come over at three p.m. Three of you at four p.m. I pick one of you to go back to the bedroom and use your hole for 20 minutes. Then I come out and get another one of you, and twenty minutes later I get the third guy. At four p.m. the three of you leave and the next set of guys comes in for their turns. I'm so horny I can definitely fuck for two straight hours, and probably give at least three of you a big load of my cum. Condoms only. Must have pics first so I know who you are when I open the door. I want at least two of you in the living room at the same time for all of our safety--that's the reason why once I'm finished fucking the first two guys each hour I want them to hang around until I'm finished using the third guy. No-bullshit, assembly line style fucking. I'm rock hard and dripping wet just thinking about this guys and I need it like you wouldn't believe. If my description and pics do it for you send me the same. See you and your hole later bro.

What a pain in the As*ian this guy was

I was up real early last week and put up this ad for an early morning fuck. This cute Filipino guy responds and we make plans to meet up. He makes me promise that this will not be a blow and go situ, he is looking for a longer encounter. Sure, I have some time so sounds OK. I get there and he's just like his pic, mid 20's, I believe 25 or 26, 5'6, 145, smooth. We start undressing and we get into bed. He starts kissing me and I start moving down his bod. As soon as I get to his nips, he starts complaining that I can only lick them, no sucking, biting or twisting. Whatever dude, let's take all the fun out of nipple play. I comply and eventually start going down and start sucking on his cock. It's small, probably about 5 inches. As a top, a big dick doesn't do much for me but it's nice to look down at a big one when you are fucking ass. He asks me to eat him out. After all of his rules, I was waiting for something goofy. I start eating his ass and he's getting into. He asks if he can sit on my face. Not the way I usually do it but I'm game. Plus, I want to fuck that ass so, if this gets him going, it's all good. He sits on me and I get in his ass pretty deep with my tongue and tongue fuck him. He's getting off on it and his man pussy is getting nice and wet. I lift him off and go behind him, starting to rub my cock on his ass. He asks if I have any condoms. I tell him no and can feel the air leave the room cause as fussy as this bitch is I know he's not going to let me fuck him raw. To my surprise he leaves his ass out and not needing an invitation, I put my cock deep in this little slut's hole. I'm fucking him for about a minute when he pipes up..."I don't fuck bareback". I'm thinking guess, what bitch, you are today. I keep at it and about 2 or 3 minutes later he pulls a move which makes me come out of him. At this point, he clenches his ass up and is going to make it hard for me to get back in. Never one to give up or not like a challenge, he's either going to let up and just let me finish, he's going to get a serious ass wall breach or I'm just going to have to quit. He ended up with a serious ass wall breach. Then he starts complaining about how it hurt and I was not in the mood to hear any more of his shit, so I told him to shut the fuck up. He kinda listened as I was on top of his grinding my dick deep in his tight little ass and not stopping and he ultimately said just don't cum inside me. Fine, I'll give him that. I keep pounding for a little bit and pull out and blow my load up his back. He immediately starts questioning about where I came and goes on for a bit. I'm kinda exasperated with this guy but want him to cum too so I tell him to jack and I start licking his nipples. He blows fairly quickly and starts to hold me trying to cuddle. I'm so not feeling this right now but I did kinda rough fuck him plus I promised a longer encounter. So I wait for a few minutes organizing my schedule for the day as he is talking about some nonsense that I'm trying to block out. Eventually I tell him I had to go, wash up and hit the road. Even though I got what I wanted, I think I would have been better off beating my meat at home. I hate prissy boys. He was such a cunt.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Sometimes being a top is a lot of work

I meet up with this guy the other afternoon. He's 27, 5'10, 160 pounds, smooth and really nervous. I get to his place and we are checking each other out and he's shaking with nerves. I'm thinking this may be a waste of time, you end up either leaving without playing or with some lame jack off scene. We make some small talk as I try to make him feel comfortable. He lets up a little so as soon as feel that I push up against him and start to rub him. He with some trepidation, start to grope my cock. I get hard pretty quick and he's pretty surprised by that. He's showing interest but isn't there yet. I undo his belt, unbutton his pants and start feeling his cock. He's on the smallish side, 6 cut, but it feels good and has a nice head. He follows suit and does the same to me. Finally a good sign, so I take off my shoes and pants and push his pants and briefs all the way down. I move into him, start rubbing our cocks together and start to kiss his neck. He reacts with a harder cock and a heavy moan. I suggest taking this to the bedroom and he agrees, leading the way. I take off all my clothes and then undress him. I jump into the bed. He starts getting squirly again and asks what I want to do. I tell him whatever, I'm open. He lays down beside me and we both are jerking our cocks. I know he's not going to be aggressive so I move over and start sucking on his nipples, kissing down his chest. I take his cock in my hands and think about how smooth, soft his meat is. I start licking the shaft and wipe the pre-cum off the head. My thumb and index finger rubbing his head has the exact reaction I want. I inhale his entire cock. I easily take the entire cock in (which gets me riled up) and I start hiving him head. When I take a breath of air, I go down and suck on his balls. Nice little sack. Before I go and start sucking his cock again, I spit in my hand so I can rub his hole while blowing him. He gets into that and I go down and start eating his butt. He has a nice pink hole, tight. I start at his balls making my way south to that little pucker. I start moving across the hole and eventually I am fucking him with my tongue. Now this is getting me hot and I can feel my boys getting aroused. I stop and reach for a condom from my pants, as he made some comment about it. I put it on and aimed my cock for his hot wet hole. I put my head in and he gasped. I took it slow. He was t-i-g-h-t. I slowly inch my cock all the way in, allowing him to adjust. He's grimacing but moaning. He likes it. He asks me to go slow at first and I do. He didn't really give me the normal clues to start pounding so I take it slow for a bit longer than I would like. I ask him how it feels, he says great. I ask him if I can go harder and he says yes. So I start going faster and harder. After another 10 minutes of fucking his sweet ass, I blow my load. After I shoot, he asks me to do it as hard as I can and he shoots his load by his neck. I clean up, we make some small talk and I leave. I kept thinking that is exactly what I needed. Fortunately I didn't give up and was willing to do all the work or I would not have tapped his tight ass.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I feel the need to add my 2 cents

It's a little embarrassing to admit this but I felt compelled to watch the Bachelor the other night. I know it's some stupid reality TV show for straight women but there is something about it that always tugs at my heart. Rarely do you see someone tell someone how they feel let alone do it front of the whole world. I'm watching it and I know the dude, Jason Mesnick, is one hot piece of ass. What a waste of a guy, him being straight and all. Who knew that he was going to profess his love to the one broad then dump her and get together with the other one. That is such a gay guy move to fuck the first one and then go back and hit up the other one. It's about fucking time that these reality TV guys started acting like real men - horny bastards. Of course he had to couch it with some BS about true love but it is what it is: He picked the one chick cause she was hotter than the other and after fucking her a few times realized that she was a lying bitch and went back to the other one who was more fun and probably a better lay. If he gets tired of her, I'll fuck him and he won't have to wine and dine me.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Boot Fuck

I am chatting with this guy, 30, 6', 165, brown, brown and wants me to fuck him, dominate him. I blew him off over the last week and he really wants it. I head over and he opens his door wearing a t-shirt, boxer briefs and knee high rubber boots. He tells me I have to be quiet because his roommate is home. He also forgot to tell me that he's drunk. We go to his bedroom and start feeling each other up. He wants to kiss but I can't handle the rank smell of booze so I won't kiss him. I unbutton my jeans and push him down. He starts licking the outside of my clothes. I tell him to hold on and take my pants and briefs off and he starts sucking my cock. I'm getting hard and I just want to fuck and go so I tell him to take his clothes off. Like a good little slut, he listens. I tell him to get on the bed cause I am going to fuck him. He gets on the bed with his ass up to the edge. I'm standing on the floor rubbing my cock on his hole. He says "fuck me daddy." It kinda throws me off cause I'm just a little bit older then him. He notices the delay and then reaches over and says..."oh, here's the condoms". Fuck. I start fucking him by ramming my cock in all the way. I'm not in the mood for a slow fuck. It's a bit too much to start but he gets into it as he adjusts to me banging him. He asks me to fuck him doggy style, so I get on the bed. I figure this is the time to ditch the condom, so I take it off and throw it by his hands. I rub my dick on his ass again and stick it in. He moans pretty loud. I give it to hard again and really start fucking him. He's really bucking back at me and blows his load all over the bed. The fucker then asks me to stop because he can't fuck after he cums. I tell him to suck it and he says it tastes bad. Fuck, it's your stink pal. I start jacking off and just as I'm getting ready to cum jam my cock down his throat. He gags and my cum is everywhere, in his mouth, down his throat, all over his face. He was pissed but it serves him right for not being a good submissive. You ask to be dominated, you better expect to be made into the little bitch that you are.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Latin Play

I started feeling like I was coming down with a bad cold last weekend. Instead taking it seriously, I figure, it's no big deal. I was horny, as usual and met up with Latin dude. We had been going back and forth all day. It was kinda tiring just emailing and the bullshit that happens when you are trying to hookup. I end up at his place. He puts on one of my favorite porn flicks, an Active Duty dvd featuring Cole, who is this brutal top/ bb'er who fucks all these young, almost virgin like guys fiercely with his monster dick. I like this one cause he flips in it and gets fucked and then gives it back to the guy 20 X harder. Back to the actual fucking, we start jacking off and watching the porn. He blows me for a bit. He's doing an OK job. Nothing special. Then all of the sudden, I cum. No warning, no big build-up, no heart pounding, knee buckling load blasting moment. I didn't even have the ability to say I am going to cum cause it was just happening before I even knew it. He swallowed it, jacked off and I went on my way. Not exactly hot especially since this this guy wanted me to fuck him. Only the next day did I realize that it was because I had the flu. I was lucky I even came.