Monday, March 9, 2009

Saw this ad on CL

Hot ad but I think he's unrealistic....but if I had the stamina to do that in 2 hours, believe me I would. These are the pics he posted.....

Hot, sculpted top needs 6 bottoms to fuck 1 by 1 this afternoon - 25

Hey--I'm insanely horny and taking the day off today to, well--fuck. Never done this scene before but I've been thinking about it for two weeks now and I just gotta make it happen. I got a couple packs of condoms, a fresh bottle of lube, lots of towels, and some great fuck music CDs. I'm going to have six bottom boys over, one every twenty minutes. Three of you come over at three p.m. Three of you at four p.m. I pick one of you to go back to the bedroom and use your hole for 20 minutes. Then I come out and get another one of you, and twenty minutes later I get the third guy. At four p.m. the three of you leave and the next set of guys comes in for their turns. I'm so horny I can definitely fuck for two straight hours, and probably give at least three of you a big load of my cum. Condoms only. Must have pics first so I know who you are when I open the door. I want at least two of you in the living room at the same time for all of our safety--that's the reason why once I'm finished fucking the first two guys each hour I want them to hang around until I'm finished using the third guy. No-bullshit, assembly line style fucking. I'm rock hard and dripping wet just thinking about this guys and I need it like you wouldn't believe. If my description and pics do it for you send me the same. See you and your hole later bro.


  1. yea i think he has a bloated ego. but if he was bottoming then maybe it would work.

  2. He definitely wouldn't be able to no matter what he says. But to thing big like that says alot about the guy. A pig in the making.