Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I feel the need to add my 2 cents

It's a little embarrassing to admit this but I felt compelled to watch the Bachelor the other night. I know it's some stupid reality TV show for straight women but there is something about it that always tugs at my heart. Rarely do you see someone tell someone how they feel let alone do it front of the whole world. I'm watching it and I know the dude, Jason Mesnick, is one hot piece of ass. What a waste of a guy, him being straight and all. Who knew that he was going to profess his love to the one broad then dump her and get together with the other one. That is such a gay guy move to fuck the first one and then go back and hit up the other one. It's about fucking time that these reality TV guys started acting like real men - horny bastards. Of course he had to couch it with some BS about true love but it is what it is: He picked the one chick cause she was hotter than the other and after fucking her a few times realized that she was a lying bitch and went back to the other one who was more fun and probably a better lay. If he gets tired of her, I'll fuck him and he won't have to wine and dine me.


  1. hahaha, your fucking hilarious

  2. LOL!

    Jason Mesnick is the only reason I watched this season of the Bachelor too!

    Definitely a handsome jock!