Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I think I met my match

I was looking for a quickie. I had a lot of shit going on and was heading out to a big party. I put out an ad and get a response from a guy that was not what I thought I was looking for but he still had something about him that made me travel 20 minutes in the wrong direction. So I meet up with Greg and he's 41, 5'10, 155 and hot in a way that a guy who is confident in himself and fun. I get to his place and it reeks of pot. I can also smell that he partied a bit too much but it kinda turns me on. He's definitely fun. He just lays it out there like I've known him forever which I really dig. We start taking our clothes off and he has this huge fucking dick. Big and thick. He's 8.5 or 9 inches and a good 6 thick. Plus he is skinny which I really dig. Skinny dudes with big dicks turn me on. We start feeling each other up and I start going down on him. That dick is beautiful and massive and he knows it. He has a confidence about him that makes me want to suck his dick even though I know I can't handle that much. He knows that I want it and need some help, so he pulls out some poppers, brings them up to my nose and closes a nostril so I can inhale. He never asked, he let me know that I was going to do it his way. I sniff and feel the rush. He can tell and takes my by the head, grabs the back of my hair and jams his cock all the way down my throat. I do a good job handling it until he forces me to gag up his dick. He wants to fuck me but I say no. I was turned on enough by him but he's the type of guy that is hot and aggressive but a one trick pony. I doubt he can handle a guy that needs work cause his move is to stick it and take control, finesse is not something he is good at. But that attitude is great for head and it gets better. He knows how to take control even though I just told him that my cherry is not his. Not missing a beat, he brings the poppers back up to my nose and repeats the scene, forcing me to take in his beautiful monster. Hot. I want that dick and I want it bad. He eventually pulls it out and says he has to cum now and asks me where I want it. I tell him on my chest but he insists that he blow on my face. I tell him its OK but when the time cums he misses and blows on my chest. I jack off and he's kinda cum phobic so I cum on his leg. I love this guy. I met my match. He made me his cock bitch and made me like it and want more.

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