Friday, March 6, 2009

Sometimes being a top is a lot of work

I meet up with this guy the other afternoon. He's 27, 5'10, 160 pounds, smooth and really nervous. I get to his place and we are checking each other out and he's shaking with nerves. I'm thinking this may be a waste of time, you end up either leaving without playing or with some lame jack off scene. We make some small talk as I try to make him feel comfortable. He lets up a little so as soon as feel that I push up against him and start to rub him. He with some trepidation, start to grope my cock. I get hard pretty quick and he's pretty surprised by that. He's showing interest but isn't there yet. I undo his belt, unbutton his pants and start feeling his cock. He's on the smallish side, 6 cut, but it feels good and has a nice head. He follows suit and does the same to me. Finally a good sign, so I take off my shoes and pants and push his pants and briefs all the way down. I move into him, start rubbing our cocks together and start to kiss his neck. He reacts with a harder cock and a heavy moan. I suggest taking this to the bedroom and he agrees, leading the way. I take off all my clothes and then undress him. I jump into the bed. He starts getting squirly again and asks what I want to do. I tell him whatever, I'm open. He lays down beside me and we both are jerking our cocks. I know he's not going to be aggressive so I move over and start sucking on his nipples, kissing down his chest. I take his cock in my hands and think about how smooth, soft his meat is. I start licking the shaft and wipe the pre-cum off the head. My thumb and index finger rubbing his head has the exact reaction I want. I inhale his entire cock. I easily take the entire cock in (which gets me riled up) and I start hiving him head. When I take a breath of air, I go down and suck on his balls. Nice little sack. Before I go and start sucking his cock again, I spit in my hand so I can rub his hole while blowing him. He gets into that and I go down and start eating his butt. He has a nice pink hole, tight. I start at his balls making my way south to that little pucker. I start moving across the hole and eventually I am fucking him with my tongue. Now this is getting me hot and I can feel my boys getting aroused. I stop and reach for a condom from my pants, as he made some comment about it. I put it on and aimed my cock for his hot wet hole. I put my head in and he gasped. I took it slow. He was t-i-g-h-t. I slowly inch my cock all the way in, allowing him to adjust. He's grimacing but moaning. He likes it. He asks me to go slow at first and I do. He didn't really give me the normal clues to start pounding so I take it slow for a bit longer than I would like. I ask him how it feels, he says great. I ask him if I can go harder and he says yes. So I start going faster and harder. After another 10 minutes of fucking his sweet ass, I blow my load. After I shoot, he asks me to do it as hard as I can and he shoots his load by his neck. I clean up, we make some small talk and I leave. I kept thinking that is exactly what I needed. Fortunately I didn't give up and was willing to do all the work or I would not have tapped his tight ass.


  1. I like it when they're nervous but not too much so, easy to dominate & control then usually you can get them to relax - they just need guidance & a firm man to keep them in line

  2. i dont know why i keep coming back, cause you only remind me of all the sex i havent been getting lately

  3. J - you come back because you want me!