Friday, March 13, 2009

The return of the space cowboy

About a year and a half ago, I met this twink, I'll call him, space cowboy, cause he kinda reminds me of the Jamiroquai lead singer, a younger Jay Kay without the drug problem. Nice kid, at the time was 21, now, 22, about 6 feet tall and 145 pounds. One of the types I really like, skinny twinks. He has a total daddy complex due to his real dad not wanting anything to do with him and his step dad physically abusing him. Throw in some low self confidence, growing up without a lot money and being picked on for being gay, you can kinda get the picture. We fucked a bunch until June 08 when I rough fucked him bb on my desk at work (I may need to tell that story sometime, it was hot). After that he had a blow out with his roommate, who smacked him over the head with a beer bottle and decided to go back home, out-of-state. He moved back early this year and we chatted on line for a bit but never met up. Last week he texts me and says hi and asks me to hang out. The bb fuck came up and I told him I wanted to do him bb again. We talked about it for a L-O-N-G time cause he wanted to use a condom but I told him the truth, once you have bb sex with someone, using condoms loses the intimacy and somehow it's not the same. He agreed to bb for me after he felt sure I was clean (even tho the first time we didn't discuss it, I just did it). We make plans to meet up the next day.

I get to his place early in the morning about 8:30, before work. He answers wearing a tight t-shirt and small Papi briefs. I'm totally aroused already. We catch up and chat about things. He tells me about what he did back home and how he met this guy and they are kinda dating still dating but long distance. It's hard for me to resist but after a bit I move in and kiss him. We're making out, kinda softly until I pull him over and have him sit on my lap and we really start making out, grinding into each other. All the while we are making out, I am feeling his smooth, Lily white body. I can see his hard on in his little briefs and need to get out of my suit. We head to the bedroom. We undress and I lay back on his bed. He start sucking my cock while I am feeling up his body. He's really good at giving head. He really knows how to suck cock and use his hands to get you going. I have to stop him cause it feels so good and I don't want just a blow job. I go back and get on top of him and start kissing him again. Slowly sucking down his body until I get to his cock which I take into my mouth for a bit. While I suck his dick giving him a sloppy blow job getting it nice and wet as I am fingering his ass. He tells me he wants my cock. He wants to ride me so he quickly puts my cock in his mouth to get it wet and then gets on top of me and lowers himself on to my bare cock. He controls the pace, placing his hand on my chest to leverage himself. Once I know he's comfortable, I pick up the pace and we really start to fuck. While he is bobbing up and down on me, I notice that I've marked up his neck and chest so he's going to have hickeys. After about 10 minutes I tell him I want to change positions, that it's hard for me to cum this way. He gets on his back and I line up my cock and going all the way in to him. I start pounding my cock hard in him. He's totally getting off, jacking his cock while I pound away. I can feel him edging up but he stops jacking. I tell him its OK to cum first and he goes back at it. I start can to feel myself getting closer and I shoot my load deep in him and continue to fuck. He tells me he's close, I pull out and watch him cum. He grabs a towel and wipes the cum up as we kiss and talk. Finally, it's 10:30 and I have to head to work as I have a noon meeting. Nice start to a Friday.


  1. sounds like you two had fun, so when is it going to be my turn?

  2. i'm still waiting for our msn or aim conversation. just tell me when youre free and i'll be sure to be there.