Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Doctor part 2

Last month I met up with the middle eastern doctor and found myself on a date instead of a hook-up. I went out with the doctor again figuring he'd make a nice, reliable fuck bud. Being smart and cute never hurt anyone. Plus I really wanted to try to get his virgin ass. I get there and he asks what kind of pizza I like. I was surprised cause we never mentioned dinner and I really wanted to get at it. We end up making out and doing what I'd call heavy petting while we wait for the pizza. I couldn't take it as I was so horned up that I pushed down his track pants and started blowing him. I tried to finger his ass but he wasn't having any. I kept edging him and stopping cause I didn't want him to cum before I even took my clothes off. The pizza came so we stopped and ate for a bit. Afterwards, I took off my clothes and the doc started giving me head. He nicked me a few times with his teeth but tried his best. After a bit, I started blowing him again and eventually worked my way down to tongue his crack. He was cool with that and I munched down on his ass and practically made out with it. I get on top of him and start rubbing my cock along his ass and he's seems cool with it. I know being a doctor he's not going to let me fuck him raw so I stop and get a condom. He gets really excited and says, "I've been thinking about this since we met." Now I have a big fucking smile on my face. Then he says, "I want to be inside you so bad." My face changed instantly. Not that I won't give up my ass, I will but I am 99% top and the mood has to strike me and the guy has to show he has talent to be a great top. And the doc is kinda clumsy in bed and I was definitely not in the mood. Not wanting to tell him the truth that I thought he would be a bad lay, I told him that I only bottom in an exclusive, committed relationship. I left a glimmer of hope by saying I would flip fuck with him (he's a virgin so I'll make the exception to pop his cherry). He was not down with that so we continued playing. I started blowing him again and he blew his load over my shoulder all over the place. I forgot what a cummer he was. I rubbed up against him and shot my load on his chest. It wasn't exactly what I wanted but he does have a quality that I like. That being said, he may not be the fuck bud for me cause I need to fuck ass and he's not going to give it up anytime soon. But then again, I do like a challenge. Maybe, and that's a big maybe, that I'll go out with him again.

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