Tuesday, March 24, 2009

An evening with space

I spent a nice another evening with Space Cowboy who I think will keep this name from here on in as he is kinda dingy and does remind me of Jason Kay. It was last minute but we made plans to hang out, drink some wine and watch some videos. I arrive at his place and we had a long talk about whats going on with him. He's under a lot of pressure with school finishing up and looking for a job in this crappy economy. We cuddle and watch a TV show on DVD. We make it through one episode before we are kissing and all over each other. We take it to the bedroom where Space is really into sitting on top of me naked grinding his ass into my cock. We probably spent about 30 minutes of body grinding with intermittent kissing. I was totally horned up cause I was precumming all over him. i told him I wanted to fuck so he lubes up my cock and sits on it raw. He rides me for a good 10 minutes before I switch positions and start fucking him missionary. I'm fucking him pretty good, alternating between long strokes and fast, hard ones. All the while he's jerking his cock and he tells me he's close. I love to see a guy cum so I stop fucking and start sucking his cock cause I want to see him cum up close. He's a bit surprised but it doesn't stop him from cumming. I take his cum, use it as lube on my cock and start fucking him again. He complains about me using his cum as gross and asks me to stop because it hurts. I've fucked him 8-10 times and he's never told me he couldn't fuck after cumming. I usually cum first though except for maybe one time and he fucked after he came. But he did try to rush me, so it makes sense. We hang out in bed talking about life and kissing. I love feeling up his smooth twink body. It was nice to have this romantic banter going on. Not knowing how long is long enough, I ask him if he wants to fuck again. He says yes so he wraps his legs around me and I aim my cock against his hole and push it in bare again. I start fucking him again. I'm pushing myself this time cause I'm not sure how long he's going to be able to fuck and I really want to seed in him. After about 10 minutes, he asks me to stop cause he's getting sore. I do and he asks me to jack on him. I get on top of him and start jacking my cock and when I get ready aim for his face. I miscalculate and get it all over the pillow, the one I'm going to be laying on. Fuck it, it's my jizz so I do. We kiss and cuddle for a bit before I shower and return home to my bf who is sleeping soundly.


  1. hot. hey, is your bf cool with your play, or is this on the sly? that would be even hotter

  2. Complicated question. I think I need to post about it cause the it's an intentional no.