Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tall Black Bear

I was chatting with this guy online. He's 24, tall and very handsome. I was heading out to work, so we made plans to meet. Tall, is not the word. He's 6 foot 5, a good 7 inches taller than me. He was also a bear, which he didn't mention and I, in my haste, did not ask about his weight. Now, I love contrast in a fuck. Tall-short, older-younger, darker-lighter, bigger build-smaller build. He was handsome so why not, the contrast is kinda hot and I rarely fuck a bear. We start out in his living room rubbing our cocks through our clothes. He reaches over and starts to grope me. I do the same and can feel that he has a big dick. I suggest going to the bedroom and we head over. We take off our clothes and he doesn't have a big dick, he has a monster cock, definitely in proportion to his size. It must be 10 x 6. We're talking a hog. It's definitely more than a handful or a mouthful. He's on the bed and I get start fucking his mouth. I'm pretty hard and horny so I grab his legs and push them back and start rubbing my cock on his ass. I'm really starting to get going, so I start to push my head into his crack, totally dry. He stops me and asks me if I'm negative. I tell him yes and he says OK, just don't cum in me. Excellent. I spit on my dick and his hole and push all in. I start faster than normal. He seems to like it so I give him a pounding for awhile. I ask him to turn around and then take him on all fours. It's a little more complicated because of the height issue, so I have to keep moving him lower so he's in line with me. At first I am long dicking him, a little slower and he likes it but it's hard to maintain as he keeps lifting his big ass up. Eventually, I get tired of this and I push him all the way down. I just get right on top of him, even though I am probably 75-80 pounds lighter than him and slam my raw dick in him as hard and as fast as I can. He is going nuts, moaning like a bitch in heat, taking my cock and precum. I can feel me getting close so I keep fucking him until its time to shoot. I tried to pull out but the first squirt of cum was in him while the rest of my juice ended up was on his big ass crack. He turned over and was jerking his cock fast, I played with his balls and sucked on his nipples as he shot his load. While he's not the type of guy I usually fuck, big boys need love too. Plus, he was definitely appreciative.


  1. Isn't a 24 year a cub??? Get your terminology straight!!!

  2. Hey bro, chill the fuck out. Bear-cub whatever. It's not the name but the action. And if you come at me, you better cum proper or you better stay anonymous cause I'll make you my little sissy bitch.

  3. I have to agree with you concerning anonymous. Who the fuck cares?!