Sunday, March 29, 2009

Garage play

A little later on St. Patrick's day I had a response from an older guy, 45, 5'10, 160, brown and brown. He's married so he sent a body pic and damn his body was fine. Muscular and hairy. Sweet. We make plans to meet on a certain intersection, which ends up is right in front of his place. We meet and he's cute. Nice face with minor receding hairline. Overall, with a Greek god body, he was super sexy. We talk for a few and end up going around back into his garage. We get undressed and he moves in to kiss me. It was a strange kiss, awkward, like he wasn't used to kissing a guy and was holding something back. I start playing with his chest, twisting his nipples running my hands down his side. He gets down on his knees and takes my cock into his hands and looks at it like he's never had another cock before, He takes my cock into his mouth and tries to deep throat it, gagging on it. I tell him to slow down and focus on the head and he start doing a better job. He alternates between sucking my cock and balls. I tell him to stand up and i start kissing down his chest and take in his cock. It's nice about 6, 6.5 inches. I take it all the way in and my nose hits his pubes. I take a few more whiffs of his manhood and take some long sucking strokes and he pulls out and cums all over the garage floor. He apologizes about cumming too soon but I tell him it's not a big deal. He gets back on his knees and starts blowing me again. I have him pinned up against the car and decide to fuck his mouth and I take it out his mouth. After making him gag, I blow my load in his mouth and he ends up swallowing some, spitting some out on the garage floor. Sneaking around behind his wife's backs was really, hot. My second trick for St. Patty'd day. Nice.

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  1. Out of all the sex I've had, garage sex has never happened for me. Maybe when I'm in Chicago next we could change that.