Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Boot Fuck

I am chatting with this guy, 30, 6', 165, brown, brown and wants me to fuck him, dominate him. I blew him off over the last week and he really wants it. I head over and he opens his door wearing a t-shirt, boxer briefs and knee high rubber boots. He tells me I have to be quiet because his roommate is home. He also forgot to tell me that he's drunk. We go to his bedroom and start feeling each other up. He wants to kiss but I can't handle the rank smell of booze so I won't kiss him. I unbutton my jeans and push him down. He starts licking the outside of my clothes. I tell him to hold on and take my pants and briefs off and he starts sucking my cock. I'm getting hard and I just want to fuck and go so I tell him to take his clothes off. Like a good little slut, he listens. I tell him to get on the bed cause I am going to fuck him. He gets on the bed with his ass up to the edge. I'm standing on the floor rubbing my cock on his hole. He says "fuck me daddy." It kinda throws me off cause I'm just a little bit older then him. He notices the delay and then reaches over and says..."oh, here's the condoms". Fuck. I start fucking him by ramming my cock in all the way. I'm not in the mood for a slow fuck. It's a bit too much to start but he gets into it as he adjusts to me banging him. He asks me to fuck him doggy style, so I get on the bed. I figure this is the time to ditch the condom, so I take it off and throw it by his hands. I rub my dick on his ass again and stick it in. He moans pretty loud. I give it to hard again and really start fucking him. He's really bucking back at me and blows his load all over the bed. The fucker then asks me to stop because he can't fuck after he cums. I tell him to suck it and he says it tastes bad. Fuck, it's your stink pal. I start jacking off and just as I'm getting ready to cum jam my cock down his throat. He gags and my cum is everywhere, in his mouth, down his throat, all over his face. He was pissed but it serves him right for not being a good submissive. You ask to be dominated, you better expect to be made into the little bitch that you are.

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