Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bi Boy - The hang out

It freaked me out.  I never expected to run into him or see him again.  I figured he was off being a boring suburbanite.  I ran into him and I swear I was ready to pop wood, right then and there.  He looked pretty much the same but at that age, 2 years can make the difference between a boy and a man.  He looked older but still boyish.  I was in lust again.  We chatted awkwardly for a bit.  But I knew what I wanted.  We eventually started texting each other.  More specifically, I started it by texting him.  I am not shy about it, I was ready to fuck around with him and was not going to miss out because I didn't try.  He responded and we had joked around.  I think what finally brought him around was that we could smoke a bit and chill out.

We make plans to hang out early this one afternoon.  I leave work and head over to his new apartment.  This is the first time we ever hung out at his place.  We are in the living room and it's as if we were never apart.  We smoke some pot and are playing video games.  He's killing me and loving it, as he taunts me.  I don't mind losing this game.  I reach over and touch him, telling him how he just kicked my ass.  He leans in and we kiss.  I almost forgot how good a kisser he is and how much he likes to kiss.   He is so into touching and taking his time, savoring the moment, that I can barely handle it. I have a raging boner already.  I am groping his tight skinny body.  Running my hands up and down him.  Finally, I unbutton his pants and go to take them off.  He suggests we go to the bedroom and we do.  He starts to undress and I follow suit.  He takes off all his clothes except his underwear.  We go to the bed and kiss, rubbing our bodies into each other.  Our hard-ons poking through our underwear.  I kiss him from his ears to his armpits to his tiny nipples eventually inhaling his smell through his underwear.  I pull them down and look at his big fat uncut cock. It smells and taste perfect.  He never has that dick cheese smell.  I remember that he likes it slow, wet and long.  I usually go faster but I want him to moan.  Eventually I make my way back to him and we kiss long and deep.  His tongue is penetrating my mouth.  He eventually goes and makes his way down to my cock.  He enjoys savoring my cock, tasting me as I am precumming in his mouth.  I am so excited that I am about to cum.  He stops and tells me not yet.  We start kissing again and he gets on top of me and feeds me his cock, slowly fucking my mouth.  I swear I can take more of his cock than any other cock. As he continues to grind his meat into my mouth, I am gyrating and squirming.  Eventually he tells me to rim him.  We  change positions and I cusp is tiny ass and make out with his hole.  Darting my tongue in and out, left and right, up and down, breathing his manliness.  Eventually I stop and move up and start to kiss him being on top of him.  We are in the heat of it and I move his cock, spit on it and let him enter me.  It hurts.  He is ripping me open with that girth.  But he is doing it slowly, allowing me to catch my breath.  He is fucking me and making me crazy.  My dick is dripping precum like a faucet.  My cock and his chest is wet with it.  He runs his finger and picks it up, sticking his finger in my mouth. Making me lick my cum and suck his finger.  I am going nuts.  I start jacking my cock and blow my load all over, hitting him in the face.  I had to stop, I couldn't take it any more.  He just kissed me and ground his cock on me until he came on my chest.  Afterwards, we just laid there, kissing and talking; my body on fire.  I realized right then and there that I was in deep.  And he would break my heart again.  It was just a matter of when.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Bi-Boy the Prelude

I met Bi-Boy in 2012, right after I stopped writing the blog.  I can't remember how we met met but he was like throwing gasoline on a lit match for me.  He was thin.  Not an ounce of fat, just pure lean muscle.  He was 5'8, 130 pounds, latin-italian mix, with a fat uncut 8 inch cock.  We used to hang out, smoke weed, play video games, watch movies and cum.  You already know you are set up for a break up  when you mess around with a bi-guy.  They either come out of the closet and become a complete mess or fall in love and can't continue things on.  Until they fall out of love.  Or, even worse, they meet a girl and pretend you never existed.  He was the meet a girl and pretend you never existed type.  Which means I fell for him.  He was really cool to hang with but he was amazing in bed.  He was sensual and got in your head.  He made you want him.  I don't know how to describe it other than he knows how to use his body to make you moan and groan.  It's intense and it's hot.  And he ended it just as abruptly and amazingly as it began, in a flash.  I beat off thinking about it.  Ah, the memories.  Until I ran into him in a greasy, 24 hour breakfast place.  And gave him my number.........

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Networking finally pays off with Alumni Boy

I am at networking event for my University (a SEC school with a good Chicago base) and I notice this guy eyeball this guy up and down.  He had no idea that I saw him.  I watch him and make sure he knows that I am checking him out.  He looks my way, turns away and then looks back.  He does this a couple of times so I know I have him if I decide to move on it.  He's cute, in the way I really like a guy.  He's 5'10, about 150 pounds, 26/27 years old, thin but not taut, kinda thin in the soft way, dark hair and eyes.  I go over and say hi.  We start some inane conversation but I make sure that I touch him a couple of times and he responds by leaning into me.  He says that his brother has a place close by and won't be home for awhile so why don't we have a drink.  We get to his brother's place and sit on the couch. He asks me if I want something to drink and I put my hand on his thigh and kiss him.  He gets on the floor and undoes my suit, pulls out my cock and starts giving me head.  He's a bit drunk and sloppy but it I am down for it.  I start taking my clothes off and eventually he takes his off.  I am on top of him on the couch and start kissing down his body, from his nipples to his cock.  He's on the small side about 5 inches but I don't care how big your cock is when I am fucking you.  Eventually I start up and kiss him, rubbing my cock into him.  I am dry fucking his hole rubbing my cock on it.  I spit and try to enter but he moves his legs up and clenches his hole.  He says he doesn't have a condom here so we can't.  I keep trying but eventually give in and try to cum because my dick is raw from rubbing up against him.  I eventually shoot my load in rub it all up and down him trying to get some in his hole.  We clean up and we exchange numbers for another day.