Sunday, February 16, 2014

Bi-Boy the Prelude

I met Bi-Boy in 2012, right after I stopped writing the blog.  I can't remember how we met met but he was like throwing gasoline on a lit match for me.  He was thin.  Not an ounce of fat, just pure lean muscle.  He was 5'8, 130 pounds, latin-italian mix, with a fat uncut 8 inch cock.  We used to hang out, smoke weed, play video games, watch movies and cum.  You already know you are set up for a break up  when you mess around with a bi-guy.  They either come out of the closet and become a complete mess or fall in love and can't continue things on.  Until they fall out of love.  Or, even worse, they meet a girl and pretend you never existed.  He was the meet a girl and pretend you never existed type.  Which means I fell for him.  He was really cool to hang with but he was amazing in bed.  He was sensual and got in your head.  He made you want him.  I don't know how to describe it other than he knows how to use his body to make you moan and groan.  It's intense and it's hot.  And he ended it just as abruptly and amazingly as it began, in a flash.  I beat off thinking about it.  Ah, the memories.  Until I ran into him in a greasy, 24 hour breakfast place.  And gave him my number.........