Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Networking finally pays off with Alumni Boy

I am at networking event for my University (a SEC school with a good Chicago base) and I notice this guy eyeball this guy up and down.  He had no idea that I saw him.  I watch him and make sure he knows that I am checking him out.  He looks my way, turns away and then looks back.  He does this a couple of times so I know I have him if I decide to move on it.  He's cute, in the way I really like a guy.  He's 5'10, about 150 pounds, 26/27 years old, thin but not taut, kinda thin in the soft way, dark hair and eyes.  I go over and say hi.  We start some inane conversation but I make sure that I touch him a couple of times and he responds by leaning into me.  He says that his brother has a place close by and won't be home for awhile so why don't we have a drink.  We get to his brother's place and sit on the couch. He asks me if I want something to drink and I put my hand on his thigh and kiss him.  He gets on the floor and undoes my suit, pulls out my cock and starts giving me head.  He's a bit drunk and sloppy but it I am down for it.  I start taking my clothes off and eventually he takes his off.  I am on top of him on the couch and start kissing down his body, from his nipples to his cock.  He's on the small side about 5 inches but I don't care how big your cock is when I am fucking you.  Eventually I start up and kiss him, rubbing my cock into him.  I am dry fucking his hole rubbing my cock on it.  I spit and try to enter but he moves his legs up and clenches his hole.  He says he doesn't have a condom here so we can't.  I keep trying but eventually give in and try to cum because my dick is raw from rubbing up against him.  I eventually shoot my load in rub it all up and down him trying to get some in his hole.  We clean up and we exchange numbers for another day.