Friday, January 30, 2009

Latin Boy-Ismael

I was going to blog the other day about how I haven't been met up with a Latino boy in awhile and I really dig Latin boys. On Wednesday, I met up with this 25 year old, light skinned Latin boy. He was cute, had a little more meat on him so not a twink, about 5'7, 160 pounds. We meet up at his place which is close to downtown. One of the first questions he asks is if I'm gay or bi. From his vibe, I get the feeling he wants me to say bi, so I do. We start kissing and groping each other. We move to the bedroom and get undressed. He starts giving me head and I swear I thought my cock was going to burst I was so hard. I let him control it for a bit before I start fucking his mouth. He stops and gets up, starts kissing me and tells me he wants me to fuck him. I'm totally ok with that, was going blow him for a bit but his boyfriend is going to be by later so he wants to move things along. I He asks me if I want lube and I leave that to him cause I'm ok with a spit fuck. He comes back with some lube but no condom. Perfect, I think that was why he asked if I was gay or bi. We start out missionary, he's pretty tight and I can tell that this may not be best. I tell him to roll over and do stick my cock in his ass, breaking it open doggy style. I hear him moan, one of pleasure, not pain and slowly move all in. He's digging it. I start to pick up the pace and slap his ass a couple of times which makes him moan more. I'm giving it to pretty good now. His ass is nice and slippery and I can feel him really grabbing my head with his spinchter. It feels fucking great. I push him down on the bed completely and really just start pounding, digging deep in his ass. He's almost yelling out to fuck him and I'm thinking dude I am. I keep pounding away at him and realize it won't be too much longer. I start to feel it coming so I let him know that I'm about to unload in him. After I breed him, he says don't pull out. Cool, wasn't planning too, like to keep it in there after I cum for as long as possible. He moves himself up and starts jacking and blows his load shortly thereafter. After I pull out we make out for a bit and I leave. And people wonder why I love me some Latin ass boys.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hotel Guy - Jim

I am not quite sure what it is but there is something about hotel sex that gets my juices flowing. It could be the dark room, a great view (usually), the smell of the room or the fact that inhibitions are down as this is usually a one and done and you don't have to worry about running into each other. Whatever the reason, it usually is hot. I was completely horned up yesterday. It felt like I hadn't had sex in a month even though it had only been a few days. I literally had to walk around at work with files and stuff to cover up the stiffy in my suit pants. Was I at work with my co-workers or back in high school. I meet up with Jim who is visiting and has a limited time to meet up before work obligations. He's looking to get fucked on all fours. I can work with that. So I arrive at his hotel and head up to his room. He's wearing mesh shorts and a white-t. Nice. He's ok, nothing special but the room is dark, porn is playing in his lap top and the city lights are shining from the window. We start to undress, he's faster cause he has less on on. He's stroking and hard before I'm completely nude. Once I'm naked I start stroking but not much is happening. He gets down and starts to give some pretty good head. Nice mouth, he obviously knows what he is doing. He gets me good and hard and turns around and gets on all fours. He points to the lube and condom laying on the bed. I grab the lube, squirt some on his ass and my dick and throw it on the bed. I decide that I am not going for the condom, he's going to have to make me put it on. I rub my cock on his ass and quickly ram it in. He knows I didn't get the condom but moans in pleasure. I quickly realize he's not going to fight it plus I was already in and banging his ass. I wasn't planning to stop. He wants a pounding and I do want to pound. We go at it, stretching his ass walls out. He's asking for it harder and for me to cum. I keep plugging away. I can feel my guys edging up from my balls and I tell him I'm going to cum. I don't give him the chance to move and he didn't anyhow. I shoot it deep in him and keep fucking. I don't pull out until its soft. He laughs and says thanks, I shrug, clean up and don't think I even gave him another look. I don't think he intended to take it raw but knew once I started that was the only option. And you wonder why I like hotel sex.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Matt - Southern kept boy

I had a meeting out in the burbs yesterday and figured why not check out the suburban meat. Matt sends me a pic and he reminds me of a younger Ralph Fiennes. Not as hot as Ralph but a resemblance. We make plans to hook up before my meeting. He gives me an address in a real wealthy suburb so I am figuring he is either married or a kept boy. I arrive and I am not easily impressed but this place is huge and impresses me, this is a million and half dollar house. I get there and he looks just like his pic, early 30's, 5'11, 160 pounds, blond, blue, and a southern transplant. He didn't have to state his deal, as long as I was out of there before his sugar daddy came home, all was good. Worked with my schedule. He leads me up the staircase to the master bedroom. He takes off his clothes and is naked in the bed before I even have my suit off. I join him and he starts to kiss me. My cock is already hard and I rub into him as we kiss. I feel him get harder. He kisses down my chest and sucks my dick for bit. He wants to kiss some more and I decide to take some control. I role up on top of him and continue to kiss him. I am rubbing my cock into his big sack. I lift up his legs and throw them back and start rubbing up against his crack. He moans as I push across his ass lips. I spit down for some lube and continue rubbing, intentionally poking my head against the outer lips so that I am not in but he can feel me. I do this for a little bit before I spit some more. He's digging the frottage but I need to fuck him. I push in him and he gasps. He keeps holding tight, switching between grabbing my legs and the side of my chest. I'm giving him a nice slow fuck cause he's kinda tight. I can feel his ass gripping my raw cock. I pick up the pace and he really starts to react. I move him closer to me and take a look at my cock in his ass and this gets me even harder. I start pounding him cause it feels good but I also have a meeting to get to so I can't fuck all day. He's going nuts and pretty soon I blow my nut deep in his ass. I don't pull out when I cum. I continue to fuck him as he strokes his cock, not pulling out until he cums. It was a decent fuck but the thing that really turned me on was that I was fucking this kept boy in his sugar daddies' bed. I guess being a millionaire may get you the boy but won't stop him from get bred in your bed while the daddy works. I found a pic of the house online and the daddy bought it for $1,600,000.00 in 2004.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Patrick - the Leasing Agent

I received an email from a guy that I spoke to in the past but never met up with asking me if I was free. He lets me know he can host at his office and it's completely clear. I weigh the offer cause office sex can be really hot, see Lewis part 2, or kinda lame. I head over to the Mart and it ends up the guy is one of the leasing agents and takes me to any empty space. We go in the back and start kissing. He's rubbing my cock through my suit and I start to do the same. He's rock hard already. He fumbles through taking my belt off and unzipping my pants and pulls my dick out. He starts giving me head and is doing a decent job. He goes at it for about 5 minutes and stops, wants to kiss again. I undo his pants and pull his dick out. He's about 6 inches and average girth. I start blowing him for a bit before I go back up. Patrick wants to jerk and kiss. I let him for a bit before I push him down and start fucking his mouth. I'm over the nice and sweet bj and want it my way, I want to own his mouth. While I'm fucking his mouth, he shoots his load. That gets me harder but I keep raping his mouth. I can tell I'm edging and tell him I'm going to cum. He jumped away so fast, I had to concentrate or risk blue balling myself. I was focused enough to cum. We finish up and I get back to the office. He's already sent me an email saying next time we need a bed (he wanted to fuck but didn't have condoms, nor did I). I let him know it was all good and he responds I was better than that. I let it be cause he wasn't better than good but I may want to nail him down the road. Why fuck something up by being too honest and instead allow him to believe he was all that.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Run in with Robert

Last night I ran into Robert, who I wrote about earlier. I have not really run into many guys that I have tricked with in public before but hey it was bound to happen. I walked into the bar with my friend and as we going to sit at the bar, I noticed him. He smiled at me and checked me out. I said hi and spoke with him briefly, realizing he had no idea who I was. It was kinda odd so I told my friend the situation and he starts laughing. Robert and I speak for awhile and it is clear that he is very drunk and celebrating the new president. Even though he was drunk, he definitely seemed sweet. As I was getting ready to leave, he hands me his phone and asks for my number. Really, you want me to input the number to your phone. Okay, drunky, but how about unlocking it. It was definitely weird but nice to reconfirm that he was still very interested. The question is am I.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Been busy with my work and my boyfriend

It has been a quiet week here as I have been super busy at work. Deadline after deadline leads to all work and no play. After getting a reprieve with work, my boyfriend wanted some attention and he deserved it. Don't ask about the sex between us because I will not write about that. Let's say this, we usually only have sex twice a month or so, which leads to my need for these antics as my sex drive is probably going on 20 days a month. I was busy with him so don't be worrying that I'm not getting any.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Mike - Cute Middle Eastern Persian Dude

One of the good things about the snowy day ad was that I reconnected with an old trick. Mike, a a tall Iranian dude (now 30, 6'2, 185, with a huge dick) that I fucked around with regularly a few years back answered my ad. I wasn't able to meet up with him because he was too far away on a snowy day. We met up on Sunday, but he said it had to be a quickie. I meet up with him and he starts out with some great head. But time is turning short so he tells me to cum so I do a little frottage. This is the fastest way to get me to cum. It didn't take long for me to cum with all that friction. Mike is a huge salad tosser. It's time for him to blow, so he starts to eat my ass out and jack off. He lasted about 2 minutes before he blew his wad and without needing to clean up before Sunday brunch.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Snowy day fuck - Artist

I am not sure what it is about snowy days but they make me super horny. I put an ad out and received some good responses but the problem with snowy days is that you need to be close by. I had been emailing back and forth with this artist, he's 43, 6'0, 175. Not my usual type but for some reason I dug his hairy chest and we made plans to meet. I get to his place and he looks better than his pics, a bit younger, a little thinner and had a nice ass. I was pleasently surprised and horny. We get up to his place and he is stripping fairly quick. So much for the kissing and foreplay he claimed to have wanted. He sitting on the edge of the bed and starts sucking my dick. He is giving a pretty good blowjob. I start thrusting my head deeper and faster into his mouth until he takes control of the pace again. I'm thinking I can just blow my load in his mouth and be content but come on I love to fuck, even older guys. He pulls me on the bed and start rubbing up against his hole. He asks my HIV status and after telling him I'm neg, he says he's neg too and that I can fuck him bareback. He asks me to go slow since he usually tops. I doubt it cause he was pretty quick to offer it up but who cares. I enter and he pushes me back saying I went in too fast. I told him to control the pace cause he has to want it. He guides my cock in and I hold it in him, feeling his ass walls grip my dick. I start slowly pushing in and feeling him out. I know he doesn't want to be pounded so I give it to him nice, steady and slow. I pick up the pace making sure I stay in rhythm to his pace. His moans were turning me on getting my cock harder. After about ten minutes, I'm shooting my cum up his ass. I keep my prick in him and fuck him for another minute or two before I pull out. I lube up his cock and start jerking. He has some nice girth to it and I'm using both hands. He's gasping and twitching now and he spurts out a smallish load. I broke my rule, I didn't get his name. Since this was a one-time deal, I'll never know but all things considered not too bad for a snowy Saturday afternoon fuck.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Looked but no luck

Had a long day Wednesday and an early morning on Thursday so I was pretty useless at work. I was there but just killing time looking for a hot dude. I found a couple but they were geographically undesireable. I wasn't about to take public trans for an hour just to get laid. Instead, I went home, drank a couple of beers and watched the BCS championship game between Florida and Oklahoma. Watching those hot stud QB's, I beat off to the thought of a 3 way with Florida QB Tim Tebow and Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford. It didn't take long to shoot a nice load. And since it was mine, I ate it thinking it was his cum. Whose cum do you think I wanted?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lewis - Part 2

I made plans to meet up with Lewis again on the 6th. Things got a bit screwed up because I couldn't travel and ended up having to be at the office. Being a good little slut boy, he took the L to my office. He comes in and I take him to my office. We start rubbing up against each other. He unzips my suit pants and takes my cock out of my briefs. He starts blowing me as I start taking the rest of my clothes out. I see he's wipped his cock out and he's totally hard. After a bit of sucking, I shuck off the pants and get him undressed. I lean him against the cradenza and lube up his ass and my prick with vaseline. I rub against his ass and stick it him raw as I push him down. I'm going in and out slowly but pulling all the way out so I can see his choclate hole pucker. It's so hot watching it. I start fucking him. Moving at a good pace but reminding him to not fucking moan so load. I take him down to the floor and he wants me missionary. I enter that nice ass again but it's a bit awkward between the cabinet and the desk. Not enough room to fuck without caution. I move back and have him put his ass in the air. I stick my head in and and slow fuck him for a bit. I take it out and I can see his nice hole glaring at me. I spit right into it and bulls eye. It gets me even harder so I spit right into ass again, perfect. I want to fuck him even harder. I push my cock in him and pull him to me. I start pounding his ass pulling him on the carpet closer to me. I push him flat on his stomach and start to pound deep. It feels fucking good and he wants it but asks to let him jack while fucking him. I move to let him but keep thrusting and making sure he's gonna have rug burns as well as a sore ass. I keep pounding him until I get ready to cum. He wants it on his back so I keep fucking til the last second and start cumming as I am pulling out and shoot in and on his hole and up his back. Since I had a three day load (last came on Saturday), I had a lot of cum. I start wiping it down and it seems the cum is just trying to make toward his hole. I clean him up and turn him over and he jacks off til he cums. He dresses and I walk him out of the office. It was a hot fuck and no one at the office even had a clue.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Need a break

Wore my self out so I had to take a couple days off from messing around. Don't worry, I have something set up with Lewis for this afternoon. It should be hot cause he hasn't had any since he was with me and I think he's going to go nuts.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Saturday the 3rd - Role play with Paul

After last night I needed to redeem myself in my own world. I was looking for some one side, I dominate the guy, get off and leave. As much as I hate selfish fucks, today I was going to be a selfish top. So I put out an ad for some roleplay and come up with the idea that I'm the landlord coming to collect the rent which you don't have. To keep me at bay, you offer to suck my dick and then I make you give up your ass. I meet up with this guy Paul, he's 6' tall, 175, probably early 30's, brown hair, brown eyes. Not exactly my type but the guy I really wanted flaked out, so he'll due. So I get to his place and get comfortable and the scene goes down like this LL: Where's the rent? Tenant: I don't have it LL: Start moving your shit out before I throw it in the street. Tenant: Can I do something to not get evicted? LL: Where's your girlfriend? Tenant: She's just left for work. LL: You can suck my dick. Tenant: Will you forget about the rent if I do. LL: Nope, you have to give me your virgin ass for that. Tenant: OK, but don't tell her. LL: Start sucking, whore. He unbuttons my pants and I starts sucking my dick. After I get hard, I grab his head and start fucking his mouth. He's having trouble and I yell at him to take it faggot. After a bit, I tell him to turn around and he points to the lube and condom on the bed. I push him down on the bed, lube up, and rip the condom out. Then I just start to roughly fuck his ass. This whole scene is about being taken and in my mind he gets fucked like a little bitch. And he does until he lets me know that he can't take it anymore. I move him around and start fucking his mouth again until I get ready to shoot. I warn him and he backs off and I shoot all over his face. He starts getting really worked up and then he shoots his load all over himself. As I', leaving, I tell him that he owes the whole rent and has until next week since he didn't take my cock til completion. He gulps and says dude you really take this seriously. I wink and walk away. Next time he will need his rent money to get my dick. Just kidding, but I dug the role play. And before you ask, I didn't feel bad for the rough fuck, it was part how something like this really would have went down.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Friday night disappointment - Brandon

Unexpectedly on Friday, late, after 9, I was free. I decided to take advantage of the situation and see what was out there. If I knew, I wouldn't have beat off earlier or drank the wine. So I put up an ad and this young dude, Brandon answers. He's 23, 5'6. 150. From his pics he wasn't fat but solid, muscular. I head over to his place. It's freezing out and I have to wait for him to come down and open the gate. He's totally cuter in person, nice little Irish boy. Auburn hair, nice little body, solid. We get up to his pad and it's sort of a New York style loft - brick walls, bed elevated 8 feet from the ground. We go to the bed and start chatting and kissing. It's almost sweet, like we had been on a date and are messing around after for the first time. He' s totally cock hungry and starts by unbuttoning my jeans and pulling my cock out. He starts sucking it. I eventually take my pants off and start to take my socks off and he says don't I have a sock fetish. That's cool bro but don't ask me to mess with your feet. I get naked and start taking his clothes off and it's all good except for the thong. He's got a nice milky white skin, the type with pink nips and cock. He's also a little hairy but in all the right spots. His cock is nice, bigger than I thought it would be. He's sucking me again, I am kissing his neck, twisting his nips, moving to his cock and start fingering the outside of his ass. He gets up and goes to this box and pulls out some poppers and lube. He lubes my cock and his ass, takes of hit of poppers and sits on my cock, no condom. I'm stoked cause I like to fuck bare and we never talked about it. He rides me and it's good despite the mattress being soft and sinking. He's controlling the fuck while he's sniffing away on the poppers I decide to start thrusting in him to see how he takes it. He's doing OK, so I pick up the speed and starting using my hands to thrust him up and down too. I lift him up and move him to his back with my cock still in him. I hit a couple of soft spots, one in his ass and the other his head on the brick wall. He says he needs a sec and goes to the bathroom. So we stop and I lose my hard on. He gets back and I'm soft and I start rubbing on him, frottage style. No luck. I turn him over and rub on his ass which almost always works, no luck again. We tried for 25 minutes and no go. I take a piss hoping that will help, we're sol. I tell him I don't think I can get it hard. He was really cool about it but not happy. I ask what I can do to get him off. He says keep trying to get hard and asks me to rub my feet and dirty socks on his face while he jerks. I let him suck on my socks and feet and he cums. I try to be cool and feel bad cause I really wanted this boy. By the look on his face, I know I'll never get a second chance and I'm pissed cause he's totally fucking adorable. A lesson learned, when drinking, I may want to keep and ED pill close by.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year New Dude - Robert

Here's to starting the new year out right. I put an ad on when I got in from NYE. I was horny but really didn't want to head far cause of drinking and couldn't host. I chat up with this mixed 25 year old Asian/black dude and I'm thinking I'm gonna fuck a Tiger Woods type. He seems nice and not too far but it's not happening. He keeps texting me his pic but I don't get it. I end up going to bed. The next day I text him telling him I didn't get it but am interested. He repsonds back. We chat on the phone. He asks me if I fuck safe or bb. Every time I hear that I've fucked the guy raw. I head over to his place in Wicker park and we make plans to watch the Blackhawks play in Wrigley. He's pretty cute, a bit thicker than my general type, 5'10 180, but looks Asian, not black, probably Korean. We start kissing and touching each other all over. He has a muscular ass and strong legs. He gets down on his knees and unbottoms my jeans, starts giving me head. I start fucking his mouth. He handles the aggressive play well. He takes off my pants, I lift his shirt and he has his nipple pierced. I love tugging on a piercing. I pull down his track pants, now I know why he's a bottom. Small dick but it's all good cause I'm going to fuck him not the other way around. We end up on the bed. He's blowing me and I jump on top and start rubbing my cock on his ass. We start kissing again and he asks me if I want to fuck him. Duh...So he grabs some lotion and a condom. He puts it on me and we start to fuck. I start slow cause he's tight. Get him used to it. But it feels good. After a couple minutes he pushes his legs together to make it almost impossible to fuck. I pull out and the condom cums off he's gripping so tight. I ask if he's ok and he's says fuck yeah. I pull the condom out of his ass and let him know it came off and then fuck him bb. It feels so good. He's tight. And then he does the leg together thing again and without warning I blow my load. I'm pissed. I wanted to fuck a lot longer cause it felt good and he was turning me on. So i fuck him a bit longer until I go soft. Now I need to get him off cause I hate selfish tops that don't make sure their partner gets off. I suck his cock a bit but the lotion taste is bad. So I start playing with his balls as I suck his nips. Well he shoots a missle, right past my face. Fucking hot. As I'm leaving he gives me an open invite back. And we didn't see any of the Blackhawks-RedWings game.

A great starting point - Lewis

I ended '08 hooking up with this skinny black thuggy twink (20, 5'8, 140) that I chatted with about 6 months ago. He originally answered my CL ad but was looking for generous. I chatted with him but didn't meet him. He's im'd me a bunch and finally we chatted again. He didn't remember me but knew my sn so we went through the pics and made plans to meet. I love the fact that he is unaware of who I am and what I want but I plan to fuck this vers top. I tell him I am a top and he's open to it, although he claims he hasn't been fucked in over a year. He gets here and he's hot. Skinny, nice little ass, uncut 7 inch cock that is nice but not scarey. We get to things, we start by kissing and rubbing up against each other. He can't wait to start sucking me off. He's blowing me and I spit in my hand and start fingering his ass. He goes nuts. Eventually starts sucking me and puts his ass in my face to eat it and he tastes great. Clean. I get him in missionary position and start rubbing my cock on his ass. He eventually pushes me down and in him raw. I start fucking him and he says to nut on his chest. After about 5 minutes, I nut in him but he does realize it (maybe). I keep it up for a bit longer and suddenly he has to go the bathroom. He goes, cleans himself up again and cums back. He wants me to continue but I need time. So I start blowing him again. After about 20 more minutes I start getting hard again. So I do him doggy cause its easier. I fuck him on the mattress, then him on the bed me on the floor, then both on the floor and lastly, partially on the bed frame, me on the floor. I am super dick now cause I'm hard and came so I'm not cumming again so soon. After 25-30 minutes he can't take the pounding. I pull out and jack on his chest, eventually cumming. I get on top of him as he jacks, his head is brushing against me and he cums a bucket. Later on he IM's me telling me he beat off to me and wants it this weekend. We'll see but he definitely got treated like the slut he is and wanted to be. And the only thing generous was the long fuck. (Not his ass but it looked alot like this pic)