Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year New Dude - Robert

Here's to starting the new year out right. I put an ad on when I got in from NYE. I was horny but really didn't want to head far cause of drinking and couldn't host. I chat up with this mixed 25 year old Asian/black dude and I'm thinking I'm gonna fuck a Tiger Woods type. He seems nice and not too far but it's not happening. He keeps texting me his pic but I don't get it. I end up going to bed. The next day I text him telling him I didn't get it but am interested. He repsonds back. We chat on the phone. He asks me if I fuck safe or bb. Every time I hear that I've fucked the guy raw. I head over to his place in Wicker park and we make plans to watch the Blackhawks play in Wrigley. He's pretty cute, a bit thicker than my general type, 5'10 180, but looks Asian, not black, probably Korean. We start kissing and touching each other all over. He has a muscular ass and strong legs. He gets down on his knees and unbottoms my jeans, starts giving me head. I start fucking his mouth. He handles the aggressive play well. He takes off my pants, I lift his shirt and he has his nipple pierced. I love tugging on a piercing. I pull down his track pants, now I know why he's a bottom. Small dick but it's all good cause I'm going to fuck him not the other way around. We end up on the bed. He's blowing me and I jump on top and start rubbing my cock on his ass. We start kissing again and he asks me if I want to fuck him. Duh...So he grabs some lotion and a condom. He puts it on me and we start to fuck. I start slow cause he's tight. Get him used to it. But it feels good. After a couple minutes he pushes his legs together to make it almost impossible to fuck. I pull out and the condom cums off he's gripping so tight. I ask if he's ok and he's says fuck yeah. I pull the condom out of his ass and let him know it came off and then fuck him bb. It feels so good. He's tight. And then he does the leg together thing again and without warning I blow my load. I'm pissed. I wanted to fuck a lot longer cause it felt good and he was turning me on. So i fuck him a bit longer until I go soft. Now I need to get him off cause I hate selfish tops that don't make sure their partner gets off. I suck his cock a bit but the lotion taste is bad. So I start playing with his balls as I suck his nips. Well he shoots a missle, right past my face. Fucking hot. As I'm leaving he gives me an open invite back. And we didn't see any of the Blackhawks-RedWings game.


  1. hockey and sex, sounds like fun, and im glad youre not one of the selfish yops that im usually with.

  2. As a general rule, I like to make sure that everyone had fun and got off. I get so pissed when I'm fucking a guy and he cums and is like you need to stop and it's basically over. I try to at least have some kind of connection, or as I like to call it, intimacy with the guy. Even if it's a one and done situ. Makes it memorbale for me and if you actually give shit that everyone is having a gets off, you will have better sex. Fuck, no one wants a bad lay.