Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hotel Guy - Jim

I am not quite sure what it is but there is something about hotel sex that gets my juices flowing. It could be the dark room, a great view (usually), the smell of the room or the fact that inhibitions are down as this is usually a one and done and you don't have to worry about running into each other. Whatever the reason, it usually is hot. I was completely horned up yesterday. It felt like I hadn't had sex in a month even though it had only been a few days. I literally had to walk around at work with files and stuff to cover up the stiffy in my suit pants. Was I at work with my co-workers or back in high school. I meet up with Jim who is visiting and has a limited time to meet up before work obligations. He's looking to get fucked on all fours. I can work with that. So I arrive at his hotel and head up to his room. He's wearing mesh shorts and a white-t. Nice. He's ok, nothing special but the room is dark, porn is playing in his lap top and the city lights are shining from the window. We start to undress, he's faster cause he has less on on. He's stroking and hard before I'm completely nude. Once I'm naked I start stroking but not much is happening. He gets down and starts to give some pretty good head. Nice mouth, he obviously knows what he is doing. He gets me good and hard and turns around and gets on all fours. He points to the lube and condom laying on the bed. I grab the lube, squirt some on his ass and my dick and throw it on the bed. I decide that I am not going for the condom, he's going to have to make me put it on. I rub my cock on his ass and quickly ram it in. He knows I didn't get the condom but moans in pleasure. I quickly realize he's not going to fight it plus I was already in and banging his ass. I wasn't planning to stop. He wants a pounding and I do want to pound. We go at it, stretching his ass walls out. He's asking for it harder and for me to cum. I keep plugging away. I can feel my guys edging up from my balls and I tell him I'm going to cum. I don't give him the chance to move and he didn't anyhow. I shoot it deep in him and keep fucking. I don't pull out until its soft. He laughs and says thanks, I shrug, clean up and don't think I even gave him another look. I don't think he intended to take it raw but knew once I started that was the only option. And you wonder why I like hotel sex.

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  1. great story, got me worked up pretty nicely