Thursday, January 8, 2009

Lewis - Part 2

I made plans to meet up with Lewis again on the 6th. Things got a bit screwed up because I couldn't travel and ended up having to be at the office. Being a good little slut boy, he took the L to my office. He comes in and I take him to my office. We start rubbing up against each other. He unzips my suit pants and takes my cock out of my briefs. He starts blowing me as I start taking the rest of my clothes out. I see he's wipped his cock out and he's totally hard. After a bit of sucking, I shuck off the pants and get him undressed. I lean him against the cradenza and lube up his ass and my prick with vaseline. I rub against his ass and stick it him raw as I push him down. I'm going in and out slowly but pulling all the way out so I can see his choclate hole pucker. It's so hot watching it. I start fucking him. Moving at a good pace but reminding him to not fucking moan so load. I take him down to the floor and he wants me missionary. I enter that nice ass again but it's a bit awkward between the cabinet and the desk. Not enough room to fuck without caution. I move back and have him put his ass in the air. I stick my head in and and slow fuck him for a bit. I take it out and I can see his nice hole glaring at me. I spit right into it and bulls eye. It gets me even harder so I spit right into ass again, perfect. I want to fuck him even harder. I push my cock in him and pull him to me. I start pounding his ass pulling him on the carpet closer to me. I push him flat on his stomach and start to pound deep. It feels fucking good and he wants it but asks to let him jack while fucking him. I move to let him but keep thrusting and making sure he's gonna have rug burns as well as a sore ass. I keep pounding him until I get ready to cum. He wants it on his back so I keep fucking til the last second and start cumming as I am pulling out and shoot in and on his hole and up his back. Since I had a three day load (last came on Saturday), I had a lot of cum. I start wiping it down and it seems the cum is just trying to make toward his hole. I clean him up and turn him over and he jacks off til he cums. He dresses and I walk him out of the office. It was a hot fuck and no one at the office even had a clue.

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