Friday, January 23, 2009

Matt - Southern kept boy

I had a meeting out in the burbs yesterday and figured why not check out the suburban meat. Matt sends me a pic and he reminds me of a younger Ralph Fiennes. Not as hot as Ralph but a resemblance. We make plans to hook up before my meeting. He gives me an address in a real wealthy suburb so I am figuring he is either married or a kept boy. I arrive and I am not easily impressed but this place is huge and impresses me, this is a million and half dollar house. I get there and he looks just like his pic, early 30's, 5'11, 160 pounds, blond, blue, and a southern transplant. He didn't have to state his deal, as long as I was out of there before his sugar daddy came home, all was good. Worked with my schedule. He leads me up the staircase to the master bedroom. He takes off his clothes and is naked in the bed before I even have my suit off. I join him and he starts to kiss me. My cock is already hard and I rub into him as we kiss. I feel him get harder. He kisses down my chest and sucks my dick for bit. He wants to kiss some more and I decide to take some control. I role up on top of him and continue to kiss him. I am rubbing my cock into his big sack. I lift up his legs and throw them back and start rubbing up against his crack. He moans as I push across his ass lips. I spit down for some lube and continue rubbing, intentionally poking my head against the outer lips so that I am not in but he can feel me. I do this for a little bit before I spit some more. He's digging the frottage but I need to fuck him. I push in him and he gasps. He keeps holding tight, switching between grabbing my legs and the side of my chest. I'm giving him a nice slow fuck cause he's kinda tight. I can feel his ass gripping my raw cock. I pick up the pace and he really starts to react. I move him closer to me and take a look at my cock in his ass and this gets me even harder. I start pounding him cause it feels good but I also have a meeting to get to so I can't fuck all day. He's going nuts and pretty soon I blow my nut deep in his ass. I don't pull out when I cum. I continue to fuck him as he strokes his cock, not pulling out until he cums. It was a decent fuck but the thing that really turned me on was that I was fucking this kept boy in his sugar daddies' bed. I guess being a millionaire may get you the boy but won't stop him from get bred in your bed while the daddy works. I found a pic of the house online and the daddy bought it for $1,600,000.00 in 2004.

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