Saturday, January 3, 2009

A great starting point - Lewis

I ended '08 hooking up with this skinny black thuggy twink (20, 5'8, 140) that I chatted with about 6 months ago. He originally answered my CL ad but was looking for generous. I chatted with him but didn't meet him. He's im'd me a bunch and finally we chatted again. He didn't remember me but knew my sn so we went through the pics and made plans to meet. I love the fact that he is unaware of who I am and what I want but I plan to fuck this vers top. I tell him I am a top and he's open to it, although he claims he hasn't been fucked in over a year. He gets here and he's hot. Skinny, nice little ass, uncut 7 inch cock that is nice but not scarey. We get to things, we start by kissing and rubbing up against each other. He can't wait to start sucking me off. He's blowing me and I spit in my hand and start fingering his ass. He goes nuts. Eventually starts sucking me and puts his ass in my face to eat it and he tastes great. Clean. I get him in missionary position and start rubbing my cock on his ass. He eventually pushes me down and in him raw. I start fucking him and he says to nut on his chest. After about 5 minutes, I nut in him but he does realize it (maybe). I keep it up for a bit longer and suddenly he has to go the bathroom. He goes, cleans himself up again and cums back. He wants me to continue but I need time. So I start blowing him again. After about 20 more minutes I start getting hard again. So I do him doggy cause its easier. I fuck him on the mattress, then him on the bed me on the floor, then both on the floor and lastly, partially on the bed frame, me on the floor. I am super dick now cause I'm hard and came so I'm not cumming again so soon. After 25-30 minutes he can't take the pounding. I pull out and jack on his chest, eventually cumming. I get on top of him as he jacks, his head is brushing against me and he cums a bucket. Later on he IM's me telling me he beat off to me and wants it this weekend. We'll see but he definitely got treated like the slut he is and wanted to be. And the only thing generous was the long fuck. (Not his ass but it looked alot like this pic)

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