Friday, January 30, 2009

Latin Boy-Ismael

I was going to blog the other day about how I haven't been met up with a Latino boy in awhile and I really dig Latin boys. On Wednesday, I met up with this 25 year old, light skinned Latin boy. He was cute, had a little more meat on him so not a twink, about 5'7, 160 pounds. We meet up at his place which is close to downtown. One of the first questions he asks is if I'm gay or bi. From his vibe, I get the feeling he wants me to say bi, so I do. We start kissing and groping each other. We move to the bedroom and get undressed. He starts giving me head and I swear I thought my cock was going to burst I was so hard. I let him control it for a bit before I start fucking his mouth. He stops and gets up, starts kissing me and tells me he wants me to fuck him. I'm totally ok with that, was going blow him for a bit but his boyfriend is going to be by later so he wants to move things along. I He asks me if I want lube and I leave that to him cause I'm ok with a spit fuck. He comes back with some lube but no condom. Perfect, I think that was why he asked if I was gay or bi. We start out missionary, he's pretty tight and I can tell that this may not be best. I tell him to roll over and do stick my cock in his ass, breaking it open doggy style. I hear him moan, one of pleasure, not pain and slowly move all in. He's digging it. I start to pick up the pace and slap his ass a couple of times which makes him moan more. I'm giving it to pretty good now. His ass is nice and slippery and I can feel him really grabbing my head with his spinchter. It feels fucking great. I push him down on the bed completely and really just start pounding, digging deep in his ass. He's almost yelling out to fuck him and I'm thinking dude I am. I keep pounding away at him and realize it won't be too much longer. I start to feel it coming so I let him know that I'm about to unload in him. After I breed him, he says don't pull out. Cool, wasn't planning too, like to keep it in there after I cum for as long as possible. He moves himself up and starts jacking and blows his load shortly thereafter. After I pull out we make out for a bit and I leave. And people wonder why I love me some Latin ass boys.


  1. damn, my ultimate goal is to be with a mexican guy at last once before i die

  2. you're young, you have plenty of time plus there are plenty of mexican guys out there.