Sunday, January 11, 2009

Snowy day fuck - Artist

I am not sure what it is about snowy days but they make me super horny. I put an ad out and received some good responses but the problem with snowy days is that you need to be close by. I had been emailing back and forth with this artist, he's 43, 6'0, 175. Not my usual type but for some reason I dug his hairy chest and we made plans to meet. I get to his place and he looks better than his pics, a bit younger, a little thinner and had a nice ass. I was pleasently surprised and horny. We get up to his place and he is stripping fairly quick. So much for the kissing and foreplay he claimed to have wanted. He sitting on the edge of the bed and starts sucking my dick. He is giving a pretty good blowjob. I start thrusting my head deeper and faster into his mouth until he takes control of the pace again. I'm thinking I can just blow my load in his mouth and be content but come on I love to fuck, even older guys. He pulls me on the bed and start rubbing up against his hole. He asks my HIV status and after telling him I'm neg, he says he's neg too and that I can fuck him bareback. He asks me to go slow since he usually tops. I doubt it cause he was pretty quick to offer it up but who cares. I enter and he pushes me back saying I went in too fast. I told him to control the pace cause he has to want it. He guides my cock in and I hold it in him, feeling his ass walls grip my dick. I start slowly pushing in and feeling him out. I know he doesn't want to be pounded so I give it to him nice, steady and slow. I pick up the pace making sure I stay in rhythm to his pace. His moans were turning me on getting my cock harder. After about ten minutes, I'm shooting my cum up his ass. I keep my prick in him and fuck him for another minute or two before I pull out. I lube up his cock and start jerking. He has some nice girth to it and I'm using both hands. He's gasping and twitching now and he spurts out a smallish load. I broke my rule, I didn't get his name. Since this was a one-time deal, I'll never know but all things considered not too bad for a snowy Saturday afternoon fuck.

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