Wednesday, May 26, 2010

IML is coming up....

It is time for the annual International Mr. Leather this weekend in Chicago.  If you haven't been, it is a weekend of crazy debauchery.  What else would you expect to happen when you stick a bunch of gay men, lots of booze and drugs and lots of free time.  I've been invited back to a sex party by last years host and am debating whether to go or not.  I didn't really enjoy it too much.  I realized that I am not a group sex guy. It's cool and all and was hot to watch.  I may give it another go just to see and make sure it isn't my scene.  I will definitely update you.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What's up

Hey guys.  I know I haven't been writing as much recently but just wanted to make sure you knew I was still fucking around.  I just have really lacked motivation to write about it.  Not sure how to interpret it but I will make some new posts.  Plus IML is coming up!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

A fuck and a job

It was an odd post I responded to.  The guy was looking for a professional to fuck.  Not just suit and tie guy but a specific type.  I was intrigued.  You don't see people put out ads looking for a doctor, a dentist, an accountant,  a lawyer, financial advisor or a cop every day. We start chatting and I realize that I have chatted with him before but we never met up. I wasn't sure why but I always take that as a bad sign.  I agreed to meet up with him.  I decided to do it at a public place and head back to my office after, if I still felt like doing it.  We meet up and he's what I expected (5'9, 150, brown, brown, smooth), so we head back.  We get to it pretty fast. I have him down on his knees sucking my cock.  After a bit, we take off the remainder of our clothes and I approach him from behind.  I start kissing the back of his neck as we grind into each other.  I'm totally rock hard and decide to push in. I spit on my dick and enter him raw.  He asks me to go slow and I do.  Once I can tell that he is ready to take it I start to take it faster and harder.  I pound his ass relentlessly.  He wants it and likes it.  That totally turns me on.  He asks me not to cum inside and when I'm close, I let him know that I'm going to cum and see if he says pull out.  He does and I do.  I shoot it all over his ass and then stick my cummy prick back in his worked over hole.  He jacks off, cumming on the desk.  It's all good until the next day, I get an email from him saying how his ass is really sore and he wants to work on a project together.  I'm skeptical about mixing business with pleasure but it's fairly simple project and business is business.