Monday, May 14, 2012

Fucking A

  I am chatting with this guy online.  We decide to meet up so I go over to his place and he tells me he is at the store.  I'm suspicious so I wait a bit.  I figure he didn't like what he saw, even though we exchanged pics.  I leave.  Two days later, he calls me and says he is sorry about the other day and has a long story about some shit went down at the store, blah blah blah..who cares.  He asks me to come over and normally I wouldn't but I say sure.  I get there and he's cute.  Dark skinned Dominican, tall (6'3) and thin (180).  We hang out, have a couple of beers.  Eventually we take it into the bedroom and he takes off his clothes and asks for a massage.  I start massaging him and get real hard.  I eventually work my way down and I spread his ass.  He has a nice small bubble butt with a little bit of hair but nice and clean.  I start eating his ass out.  Sticking my tongue deep in him.  He's squirming.  I reach down and pull his cock back so I can alternate between the two. Well, damn, he's not fully hard and I can tell he's going to be 9+, thick and uncut.  I am all into it.  I am sucking him hard and deep.  He's loving it too.  We go at it for awhile before he eventually let's me stick my cock in.  He's lubed up good so it slips in and he is tight.  I feel his hole gripping my cock the entire time.  It's turning me on so much I have to stop or I am going to cum and I want this to last longer.  We go at it for a bit before I can't take it anymore and blow my load deep inside him.  After I finish fucking his fine black ass, I flip him over and suck him off until he blow his load all over my chest.  I go and clean up and we hang out for a bit longer.  I get home and I realize the fucker rolled me when I went to clean up.  He took my credit cards from my wallet and about $60 that I had on me.  I called the fucker up and the calls went to voice mail.  Eventually he acted all innocent and offended by my accusations and I told him that my credit cards and money didn't magically disappear.  I was pretty pissed off but what are you going to do.  I am usually really careful to watch my shit when tricking and don't have dudes over for that reason.  Lesson learned.