Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hot bodied Latin Fuck

I was horny and put out an ad to see if I could find something interesting. I get this response from this Latin dude, 6'1, 175, late 20's, with a rocking body and a decent face. The body is a 10, the face a 6 and the cock 9 inches, uncut and thick. The pic here is his actual body pic. We talk on the phone and I can barely understand him as his accent is so thick. We make plans to meet after he gets off work. I meet up with him and am ready to fuck that hot body right there in the middle of the street. He changed from his security guard uniform into a tight pair of jeans and a green tank top. The muscles were bulging everywhere. Including my pants. We get up to the office and start kissing and rubbing each other. We are both hard almost immediately. Eventually we start taking off our clothes. His body is fucking rock hard, I love feeling it. His cock, wow. It reminded me of a cigar, plump in the middle and a bit smaller at the ends. He goes down on my first and I start ramming my cock down his throat. He handles it pretty well, getting me all hot and bothered. He eventually kisses up my body and starts kissing me again. I take my cue and start going down on him. He's pre-cumming a tone. I can barely take his huge cock in my mouth but somehow I manage to take most of it. After a bit, I get up and start making out with him again as we rub our cocks into each others bodies. I'm grabbing his ass and he's grabbing mine. He eventually flips me over and puts me down and starts eating my ass out. After a bit he starts rubbing his cock on my ass and I sense he's about to try to fuck me raw and without any lube. I stop him and ask if he has a condom. He says no and I tell him that he can't fuck me without one. He goes back down and starts eating me out again and I puts my ass back into his face. He starts rubbing against me again and is about to try again and I tell him not without a condom. He asks me if I'm sure and I say yes I'm sure. He goes and sits down on the couch and pulls me toward him. I start fucking his mouth as he jacks off. I can feel him shoot his load on me and it pushes me over the edge. I bust a huge nut in his mouth and he licks everything up. Here's something I found interesting about the encounter: It was totally hot but somewhat odd. I'm pretty much a top and really didn't have any desire to bottom so I'm not sure why I asked him if he had a condom. If I wanted him to fuck me, I had condoms around. I really didn't but I guess would have if he had pulled one out. I think I just knew he was the type that wouldn't have one around. I guess that's why I always have one available, just in case the guy says no to taking it raw, I can still get some ass.

Monday, July 20, 2009

A comment and a qustion

First the question. I have this situation. My neighbor has this 19 year old friend that comes over a bit and hangs out. He's a little hottie. He's about 5'7, 130 pounds, with green eyes. He's a bit of a punk who has been thrown out of his house by his dad. I spoken to him a few times. I'm not sure if it is just that he's dense or interested. He's always lets off this vibe. The question is how do I get this dude without causing too many problems. He'd be a perfect fuck: skinny twink with daddy issues. On the other hand, he could end up a total nightmare. I should get him alone somewhere and see how it plays out or should I drop it all together.

And now to the comment. Thanks for putting me over 50,000 hits. As long as you guys are interested, I'll keep it up.

Friday, July 17, 2009

We're not related, are we?

I was in my office working on a Sunday and I was horny, shocker. I end up meeting up with this 24 year old. He's totally my type, 6'1, 165 pounds, dark brown hair, brown eyes, nice smile. He comes over to my office and he was even hotter than his pics. The first thing he tells me is that he is just back from brunch and is buzzed. Hot and drunk, perfect. We start kissing. He's an incredible kisser. You can tell he is into kissing as he knows how to use his tongue and not be sloppy. We make about for about 10 minutes while we feel each other up. Eventually, we start taking off clothes. He has a nice body, some hair but not too much. And of course skinny with a nice cock, about 7.5 inches. He goes down and starts giving me head. He is pretty good at it. We trade head back and forth until I get him on his back. I start making out with him as I grind my cock into his body. He's totally ready to fuck. I bring his legs over his shoulders, spit on his hole and my cock, and slowly inch my prick into his hole raw. It's nice and he's ready to fuck. Once I am all in, I let him feel my cock inside him. Then I start moving it from side to side to stretch him out a bit. Now that I have him ready, I start to fuck. I get a nice pace going and pick it up. He's moaning and groaning. We keep moving around on the carpet so much that he hits his head on the wall and we have to move back. I keep going at it, fucking his nice tight boy twat. We keep it up and I eventually lose it, breeding his ass. We get up and start to dress when I move in and we start kissing. He looks at me and starts to unbutton his jeans. I go down oh nim and take his dick and start sucking. He's pretty worked up about the whole scene, probably thinking about my hot jizz in his ass and he starts to cum. I don't ever swallow but he kinda snuck up on me and he starts shooting in my mouth. I was so into the whole scene and him that I didn't push him off. Plus, he already sent the first two shots down my throat and I did just knock him up with my sweet cum, so why not. Plus we would have fucking hot kids. As he's getting ready to leave, he looks up at my wall and starts laughing. He says we have the same last name. He must have seen the look on my face of complete horror as I have a distant cousin with his first name but it dawns on me that he would be in his 30's not 24. We laugh about it and talk about our backgrounds for a bit and make out a bit longer. It was a very hot Sunday afternoon with a hot dude.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

It beats the alternative

I was going to write a post but I have been overloaded with work so I can't get to the good stuff. But stay tuned cause I have a couple of good posts coming. And in the interim, enjoy the pics.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Throwing one back

OK boys, I am finally getting rid of waiter boy. Some of you may have thought that I did that already, but who doesn't need a cute, Hispanic bottom boy around for some occasional fun. Well, his BS is not worth getting some ass any more. He has been texting me non-stop and I finally just stopped responding. It all started when I had the flu and couldn't meet up with him. He kept texting me and I told him I wasn't up for it. It went on every day and finally I decided I didn't need this shit and deliberately put him off. The way I look at is that he's not a good fuck so why put up with all the crap. I made a list and this is what I came up with:

Pros: always horny, always bottoms, OK with being a side bitch, really is into me, likes to fuck during the day

Cons: can't fuck after he cums, cums too quick, sex not always good for me as I don't get to fuck until completion, doesn't always clean well down there, a stalker quality about him, makes me wear a condom (although he did let me BB him once), not into kissing (but will)

Despite the kinky sex (in the restaurant kitchen) and the rough fuck BB in my co-workers office, he's being down graded to maybe and only when I'm really horny.

Friday, July 10, 2009

What I like about....UofC boy

Thanks for the good feedback the other day. I thought I'd follow it up with a little bit more about UofC boy. I already gave general details about our fucking but I thought I'd fill you in on why I like fucking him so much 9and make up for the lame lack of details about the last fuck). That little ass of his is so damn sexy. He's 5'7, 125, with absolutely no fat on him and that little bum. I could eat it all day, all night. And the best part about it is that he'd let me. He loves me eating him out as much as I love sticking my tounge in and out of his tight, pink hole. He knows that I'm not just going to stick it in, cum and run. He knows that I'll give the maximum effort and he lets me take what I want/need from his little apple pie. Seriously, it's so good, it's almost perfect. He is also so fresh and clean. He never screws up. Never even a little messy. A guy who preps his ass so it is right will always get my best. Seriously, a cute twink, with a hot little body, a beautiful candy apple ass and a nice 7 inch uncut cock. And did I mention very little hair. My cock is loaded with pre-cum just from talking about it. I need to go rub one out boys. Enjoy.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Follow-up on UofC boy

UofC boy and I did meet up. I felt a bit nervous but when we got together it was all good. Nothing crazy, I ate his ass out and fucked him hard. I did try to get him to fuck me BB but no go. He insists on using condoms and that's cool. I definitely want to continue fucking his little ass. Let me know if you guys want to continue hearing details of fucking him. As I have fucked him a bunch of times and written about it and two times since the posting, I'm not sure how interesting it is to hear about a regular. If you want more, I'll give it to you.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Lewis is coming back!!!

I'm really excited about this. My boy Lewis is moving back to Chicago at the end of this month for good. If you are new to the blog, he was the first post, along with a few others before he moved.