Monday, July 13, 2009

Throwing one back

OK boys, I am finally getting rid of waiter boy. Some of you may have thought that I did that already, but who doesn't need a cute, Hispanic bottom boy around for some occasional fun. Well, his BS is not worth getting some ass any more. He has been texting me non-stop and I finally just stopped responding. It all started when I had the flu and couldn't meet up with him. He kept texting me and I told him I wasn't up for it. It went on every day and finally I decided I didn't need this shit and deliberately put him off. The way I look at is that he's not a good fuck so why put up with all the crap. I made a list and this is what I came up with:

Pros: always horny, always bottoms, OK with being a side bitch, really is into me, likes to fuck during the day

Cons: can't fuck after he cums, cums too quick, sex not always good for me as I don't get to fuck until completion, doesn't always clean well down there, a stalker quality about him, makes me wear a condom (although he did let me BB him once), not into kissing (but will)

Despite the kinky sex (in the restaurant kitchen) and the rough fuck BB in my co-workers office, he's being down graded to maybe and only when I'm really horny.


  1. I like how "getting rid of him" means only when you're really horny. hahaha. :)

  2. A guy gets horny so I'm not going to throw him to the curb completely. He does have some good qualities. To be totally honest, if he did a better job preparing to fuck, he'd still be in the stable. But a messy ass that stops when he cums, no go.

  3. Ha. Definitely not judgin you man. I'd say you can easily do better than that anyway.

  4. I agree. Chicago is a big city with lots and lots of high quality bottoms. I have no fime or interest in guys who provide meadocar sex.