Saturday, August 27, 2011

Getting fucked bare

Terrelle and I began seeing each other, and by seeing, I mean fucking each other a couple times a week.  He never said anything about having to use a condom while I continued to fuck him raw and blow my load deep in him.  I'm over this one night after work and we are getting into it as usual.  He asks me before we fuck to spend the night.  I told him no and said the real reason is I have a boyfriend.  I've don't but I figured this would take him off the romantic path as I'm not going to date him. I knew this might screw things up too as he was in a long term deal before me and supposedly faithful.  To my shock, he says that's cool and that he figured as much.  We get back to things.  He's eating my ass out and reaches for the condom. I get in position to sit on his dick and after he lubes up my ass and before he puts the condom on, I start down on his dick.  I feel comfortable enough with this guy.   It feels amazing to ride a dick without the rubber.  It hurts less.  While I'm still kinda freaking out about it in my mind, I am more relaxed taking his BBC without the latex.  We got into it pretty good, him fucking me for awhile before we changed positions and I fucked him hard and long until I blew my load deep in him and we rubbed one out on my chest.  Afterward, we talked about the BF situation and he said he wanted me around and wanted more but was willing to wait for me.  I felt bad leaving things that way but if he wants to be exclusive to me knowing that I am not exclusive to him, that's his decision. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The table turned

Terrelle and I met up a few days later.  This time it was made clear that I was coming over for sex and not a date.  I get there and there is definitely a connection.  We nervously talk before I reach over and start kissing him.  The next thing we know we are fumbling toward the bedroom, ripping our clothes off.  As soon we get to the bed, he very aggressively lets me know that he is going to be fucking me again.  He gives me head for a bit, taking in my pre-cum before he starts eating my ass out.  He really does a good job but my ass isn't twitching like it was the other day.  I am not really in the mood to get fucked but he's being so assertive that I am going to give it up again.  I like the confidence and he really puts the effort in to do the job right.  I rode his cock for a bit before he came while I was man-handling his tits and bouncing up and down.  I pull myself off his dick and before he has a chance to do or say anything, I start rubbing my cock against him and I kiss him.  I eventually move his legs up and run my cock against his crack.  I hear it in his moan that I am going to get his ass so I spit and stick my cock in raw.  He gasps in the way you want a guy to gasp after you stick your dick in his hole.  I push forward and start pounding his ass until I blow my load deep inside.  Afterward, we were just chatting there in bed, enjoying our time together.  I told him that I had to go and I could see the disappointment in his face but I made up a lame excuse about having to get home and left with my ass sore and his ass full of cum.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I hit 300,000 visitors recently. Thanks to the fans of the site because I never expected to get 300 visitors.  What makes it even more rewarding is that you kept checking me out even when I took a little break from the site. Be on the lookout because new content is coming.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

I wanted a hook-up and he wanted a date

I met this guy, Terrelle, he's 26, 6'0 tall, about 175 pound, black guy.  When we first met, he didn't seem too interested but about a week later we texted each other and decided to hang out.  It was definitely somewhere in the ambiguous is this a date or a hook up zone.  I knew what I wanted and it wasn't the date.  I arrived at his place and we were chatting and he asks me about grabbing something to eat or a drink.  I said sure and went over to him and kissed him.  Pretty soon that the food and drink was a distant memory.  I was hard almost immediately and I reached down and felt his rising.  I started undressing him and he suggests we take it in to the bedroom.  We kissed all the way to the bedroom and are pretty hot and bothered by time we get there.  We strip down and hit the bed.  He's a great kisser so we are enjoying things.  Without much hesitation, he starts down my chest and giving me head.  It was nice and I was into it, majorly pre-cumming.  The next thing I know, he pushes my ass up and starts eating me out.  I was squirming left and right and he knew I loved it.  He then tells me to turn over and he eats me out from behind.  He stops, lays on top of me and starts kissing me and grinding his cock along my ass. It's fairly obvious that he wants to fuck me and I'm into it.  He's pushing forward and I tell him not without a condom, so he grabs one.  He tries to fuck me doggy but I am too tight.  It's easier for me to start on top to get it ready to take a dick so we switch up.  I get on top of him and ride him eventually taking his BBC.  It hurts like a mother fucker but I do what I need to and deal with it. Meanwhile, my cock is spraying pre-cum like the faucet that was left with on. He fucks me until I can take it any longer and he beats off cumming all over my chest and me cumming on his.  Afterward it was kinda sweet as we laid there and kissed with our man juice rubbing into each other.  It was starting to get a bit intimate and I told him I needed to shower.  He brings me there and takes a shower with me.  As I'm leaving, I realize I like him but am not so sure about being his bottom boy.  I'm also pretty sure he thought of this as a date so another obstacle to deal with.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Return Trip to the Bathhouse

On the last day of my business trip, I was completely free and decided to make use of my morning.  I went to the bathhouse again but this time arrived about 4:15, 4:30 in the morning.  It was really different than my first trip because on a weekday morning, there just wasn't a lot of people there. I cruised around, checked out the guys, watching this one guy beat off so hard I thought he was going to rip his dick off.  There was one guy who caught my eye.  He was this tall, dark skinned, athletic black guy.  He was lean and muscular and goodlooking.  Not the type I usually go for as he looked like a professional basketball player.  He was definitely the best available.  I head to the steam room and he followed me in a few seconds later.  He sits down near me and moves his legs apart.  I head over and he lets his towel down.  I get down on my knees and start licking down his hot chest, tasting his skin and sweat before I get to his monster cock.  It was a monster, about 9 inches.  I took in as much as I could and started giving head.  I kept at it for a bit before I stopped and spit on my fingers and started fingering his hot hole.  He was moaning and groaning, loving me sucking his cock and playing with his hole.  He then asked me if I was negative.  I stopped, said yes and went back to work on his dick.  He then moves his ass so it is more accessible and it is clear he wants to fuck.  I line my cock up and spit even though it is wet with pre-cum and sweat.  I push in his tight hole and it feels great.  I am pounding away when I mention I am close and he asks me to pull out.  I go at it until I am right there and I pull out cumming on the ground.  I kneel down and go down on him again until he pulls out and cums on my chest.  I take off from the steam room and shower.  As i am showering, I watch him walk past me and I keep thinking about how hot a lay that way.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

My first bathhouse experience

As I said, I was super nervous there.  I couldn't get a room because it was a weekend night, so I took the locker and went on my way.  It's really nerve racking walking around but you get used to it as everyone else is wearing that or less.  I cruised around a few times, nervously checking guys out, wanting to know if they were looking but not wanting to get caught staring too long.  I wasn't interested in just going into some guys room so I headed over to the steam room/sauna area.  I settled up in the sauna as you can see the best plus it felt good getting a good sweat on. Eventually this good looking musclly-beefy guy in his early 30's checks me out and comes over.  I'm not normally into Pacific Islander guys but he was cute and why the fuck not.  We started out slowly, feeling each other up and making out.  A crowd started around us in the sauna and he went down on me and start giving me head.  We went back and forth and it was pretty intense.  My big issue was that I couldn't keep a sustained hard-on.  Part of it was the nerves, the other part the booze I had drank but I wasn't drunk so it was more the nerves.  After a good long while of kissing, swapping head and sweating like animals, he tapped me, smiled and took off.  I didn't know what to do so I went and showered and took a walk around.  I ended up going to a glory hole room.  A bunch of guys below just walked up and suck your dick.  It was hot but not really what I was looking for.  I ended up in the steam room.  I was just standing there taking in the steam and eucalyptus when this middle eastern twink comes up to me.  We move into the corner and start kissing and feeling each other.  He asks me if I want to go to his room.  Fuck yeah.  He's exactly the type I like, about 5'8, 135-140 pounds, early 20's, light skinned color, a nice treasure trail.  In short, he was hot.  We go to the room and we start kissing before he takes off his towel and lies down on the bed.  I take mine off and lay on top of him, kissing from his lips down to his cock.  He's moaning and groaning and it's clear he wants me to eat him out.  I'm a little nervous in the setting because you never know what they were doing before but his cock was fresh smelling so I took the dive.  His ass was amazing.  I was getting off on eating it out even though my cock rubbing against the vinyl bed kinda hurt. I was definitely not having any trouble getting it up.  I moved up and started rubbing my cock against his ass.  I really wanted to fuck him so I spit and started guiding my cock to go into him.  He stopped me and grabbed a rubber, which I reluctantly used. I was really into this kid and fucked him good and long until he came and he asked me to pull out.  I realized he wanted me to take off at that point but I wanted to cum to and he started blowing me.  He asked me not to cum in his mouth so I obliged and blew it in his face with him getting an eyeful.  I grabbed my towel, said thanks, took a quick shower and left.  I didn't really know if this was for me or not but I would probably give it another go before I left town.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Look who is back

Sorry guys.  I know it's been awhile but I am still around.  I need to finish that one off and have lots of stuff I could write about. So stay tuned.