Sunday, June 3, 2012

My IML experience 2012

As I have written in the past, IML is not my favorite event.  I wasn't planning on going at all this year until I responded to an online ad.  The guy was 29, 5'8, 140, brown, shaved, really hot with a great ass.  I couldn't say no even though the ad was pretty clear that he was looking to get fucked.  He was vague about whether he was going to be safe or bb but I was horned up and interested.  I get to the IML host hotel and head up to his room.  The door was ajar and the lights were low.  I head in and start taking off my clothes.  He starts blowing me right away.  He was super hot, matching his photos, except for the hairy chest.  Pretty soon I was rock hard and he moves from the floor onto the bed.  He puts his ass out and lubes my cock and his ass and I dive in.  I could tell right away that he has another load in there.  I could smell the load plus he was loosened up for me.  I fucked him for awhile, ramming my cock in and out.  He was pretty quiet until I told him I was going to cum when he started moaning loudly and asking for my load.  I cleaned up and left, leaving the door ajar for his next trick.  It was a nice way to start the Memorial Day weekend but I kept thinking about this guy. It led me to wonder whether he was really looking for the fucking or just really into the seeding.