Monday, August 31, 2009

Fem hotel boi - unanswered questions

I have a lot emails about this and so I thought I'd blog about the questions and possible answers.

1. I've been asked about his age. He said he was 18 and I told him I would need to see some id. Well, I never did see his id or ask for it again as he pretty much jumped on me from go. I'm going to go with his answer of 18 with a question mark.

2. I've also been asked if I think he was a virgin. I don't know but I'm leaning toward yes. As unscientific as it is, the way he responded after I let him know that I was checking him out was one of surprise. It's hard to really summarize why but he had that deer in the headlights look on his face is the best way to describe it. The other thing is the way he answered the door. I've never had anyone ever answer the door naked before. In a robe with nothing on, in their underwear, t-shirt and underwear, fully dressed but never naked. Again just a gut instinct but he was tight and I could tell it hurt (in a good way).

3.Why didn't I exchange phone numbers. There were really two reasons behind it. I really am not into phone sex. I've done it but at the end of the day, it's just a lot of work for jacking off. Second, I'm not sure about his age. It's one thing to fuck the guy in Mexico but another to keep it on-going in the United States. It could only lead somewhere I don't want it to.

I've reached a bit of a milestone here with my 100th post. Thanks for taking part.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Fem hotel Boi part 2

I was nervous he would say something at the wrong time. But he didn't. He stayed away from me if he saw that I wasn't alone. He told me that he wanted to fuck again before he left. He knew his parents were going to dinner early that night and said he would skip out and to come to his room again. I call the room before and he's says its ok to come over. I am supposed to be going to the gym in the hotel so I have my work out clothes on. I get there and he answers the door naked again. He's so brazen. He starts kissing me again but does this right there with the door open. This kids a crazy fuck but I'm turned on. I come in and push him against the wall and start going down on him. He's hard as a rock and sighing. It didn't take long but I could tell he was going to cum I really starting blowing him hard as I wanted him to cum. He came all over the place: on the floor, on my face and shirt. I made him lick it off me. Then we kissed. I could taste his cum in his mouth. I was so turned on, I was rock hard. We went to the bed, with me taking my clothes off along the way. We're kissing again and he starts going down my chest until he starts to suck me off. I didn't need a lot of attention there as I was already hard. I stop him. We kiss again as I start playing with his hole. I start to eat his arm pits out. He showered before I arrived so they were fresh without any deodorant. I ate them and as I rubbed my cock against his leg. I then kissed down his body, and pushed his legs up. I started licking around his hole and the outside of it. He was moaning like crazy. I lifted his ass up and dug my tongue in deep. I jammed it in and wet up his hole up. He moaned and told me to fuck him. I spit on my dick and aimed it at his hole. He gasped as I entered him. I went slowly, watching my dick get eaten by his ass. He winced and sighed as I pushed further in, stopping again. This time I wiggled my cock from side to side. He groaned and I went to go all the way in. As I thrust all in, I kissed him. He tried to inhale my tongue. I started to pound him hard. I stop kissing him and focus on nailing him. He starts stroking his cock. He's hard again. I love that. I can feel myself getting ready. I slow down and try to focus on something else so I can fuck him longer. I keep going and he keeps stroking fast and furious. After about five minutes, he cums again and shoots all over his chest. This gets me crazy and pushes me over the edge. I let him know I cumming and I shoot my load in him. I collapse on him and we kiss as his jizz gets all over me. We shower and kiss for a bit until I leave. He wants my cell number so he can call sometime but I tell him to email me cause I don't do phone sex and since he lives in Colorado there is no point.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Email is operational

Hey guys sorry about the email being down. I was with a free hosting site that deactivates after 3 weeks of non-activity. Unless you are willing to upgrade to a paid membership. I wasn't and I have a new email. If you sent me something and I didn't respond or it was turned back, now you know why.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Oops we did it again

Sorry to take this out of sequence but just had to blog about this experience last night. I promise I'll return to Mexico with the next post. Back to last night, I'm going to this party after work, so I have some extra time to kill and am all horned up. I end up chatting with this 24 year old Idian dude. He makes it clear he's looking to give oral, not fuck. That's cool since I won't be able to change before the party. I get to his place and he's taller than I thought, almost 6'0, but skinny, about 135. We get up to each other, feeling up each others bodies. I could totally snap this guy in two he's so skinny. He feels good tho, all smooth except for the chest. I get hard, real hard. I am so ready for some action. I'm rubbing his ass, under his gym shorts. I pull off his shirt and pull down his shorts. He has a nice, thin cock and is totally smooth. No stubble at all down there. I undo my pants and take off my shirt. We are rubbing each others cocks, I am kissing his neck. I lead him to his bed and he starts sucking my cock. He's gentle and I try to pick up the pace. He stops and starts jacking me again before I force my cock back in. He repeats the same a couple more times while beating his cock. He cums and shoots a nice load on his chest. I am getting sick of his lame blow job and get him to suck me again. This time I position things so he is under my control and I start fucking his mouth with a vengeance. He can't really handle it but I don't care. I am just fucking his mouth and making him take it. I am getting ready to cum and keep fucking his mouth until I shoot a huge load. It was everywhere, down his throat, in his mouth, on his face, his stomach, cock, bed. It felt like a 3 day load even though it wasn't. I go to the bathroom to clean up and he's throwing the sheets in the washer and I realize from behind that I know that ass. It hit me like a ton of bricks that this was this little cunt I fucked in my office about two years ago. He was the same way that day too, lame. Every time I stuck my dick into him, he complained about it hurting. I ended up turning him over and rubbing up against his ass and just decided to fuck him raw. He complained about it hurting but I was on top of him and he just had to take it and my load (originally we were using a condom). The only thing that made it hot was how I used and abused him. Funny how this time it was the same deal: the guy was lame and I just took what I wanted from him. I wonder if he realized it was me and if he likes being used and abused. All I know is that I must have blocked him out as he sucked. I will definitely remember so I don't have a repeat session.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fem hotel boi

I'm sitting at the pool working on my tan when this twink catches my attention. You really couldn't miss him. He is obviously not in Mexico working on a tan with a big straw hat, milky white skin and an obvious I'm a big sissy boy attitude. That being said, he's striking. Pretty actually. I make a note and see him the next morning at the restaurant. I give him a look that let's him know that I am checking him out and a subtle nod. I can see him thinking and he starts smiling as I walk away. He makes a point to follow me. He asks me what's up and we make some small talk. Before this goes any further, I ask him how old he is and he says 18. I tell him I need to see some proof and he says, .."well, my passport is in the room. If you really want to see it, I'll show it to you." I'm game but tell him I have to go back to the room and touch base with my boyfriend. He gives me the villa number and I tell him I'll be there in 10-15 minutes. I get there and he answers the door naked. He pulls me in and is making out with me, forcing himself on my. I kick off my flip flops and we end up on the couch. He is pulling my trunks down, grabbing my dick, a little too aggressively. I take my shirt off and pull him into position. I spit on my cock and get enough for his hot smooth, pink hole and stick my dick in raw. I fuck him for a bit on the couch when he says the position hurts. I ask him which bedroom and he tells me, but makes sure I know that he doesn't want my dick to come out while we go there. I pick him up and he wraps his legs around me as I get to the bedroom. I'm careful not to drop him or let my cock slip out. I put him on the edge of the bed and start fucking away. I can feel my boys letting me know that I'm getting close. I pull out cause I want pound this little bitch more. I turn him around and get him doggy style, just off the bed. I push all in without stopping and he gasps. I pull him closer as I pound away at his tight little ass. It feels so good. I can tell he doesn't have a lot of experience but he's taking it like a man. I pound him for a bit longer before I fill his ass up with my cum. I pull out and let him know I have to go. I took off pretty quick, leaving him dripping cum onto the bed. Hot little fuck, just hope he doesn't come to me and cause a scene at the pool.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Back from Mexico

Hello men. I just got back from some r & r in Mexico. I had a couple of hot adventures and plan on writing about them. It wasn't easy to pull off with my man right there but somehow I always seem to find my tricks. While I try to get caught up at work, I thought I'd leave you wondering about how I spent my time in Cabo. Enjoy the pics and I will update you on Cabo and the return of Lewis and waiter boy.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Market Days Recap

Market Days didn't turn out like I thought it would. My man decided he wanted to go and hang out. That pretty much put any cruising as a not going to happen. Fortunately I didn't have any former trick drama either. I did see a couple but was cool and kept my distance as this was neither the time or the place for rekindling the past. That being said, it was a lot of fun. Nice weather, hot boys in various stages of undress and booze. Almost perfect. Except for not getting laid.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Market Days

I'm off to Market Days today. For those of you that aren't familiar, it is one of the largest weekend street festivals. It also happens to be right out on the gay strip and the gayest thing outside of Pride and IML that Chicago has to offer. It's basically a reason for boys to drink, party, buy stupid shit and fuck. It usually has lots of HOT guys, in various stages of undress. With today being about 80 and sunny, it should be all good. And hopefully some hot new stories.