Sunday, June 27, 2010

Getting some more of Beefy Latin Stud

I was going to wait to write this post.  I'm been savoring the fuck for the last 48 hours.  I've beat off thinking about it again and again.  It's time to share.  I sent Beefy Latin Stud and email awhile back say hey.  I hadn't checked that email for a while and when I did, I saw a response from him.  I emailed him and he responded right away.  We exchanged emails and texts while at work and met up for an early start to the gay pride weekend.  I get to his place and chill out.  He has a porn on and is running around looking for lube.  He looks so good in his track pants, t-shirt and a baseball cap.  He says fuck, lets get naked and worry about it later.  I'm not in a rush but I do want him out of his clothes.  We both undress and he's like dude you are really hard.  Yeah and tell him the story about the dude in running shorts.  He's totally turned on we make out, feeling up our naked bodies.  He goes and starts giving me head and I am loving it.  He comes up to kiss me and is on top of me.  My cock rubs against him and he goes nuts.  He starts rubbing my cock against his ass and is almost shivering in excitement.  He tells me to hold on and he goes looking for the lube again. He finds it and soon we're back at it.  Kissing, feeling, rubbing, me sucking him off.  I come back up and we start kissing.  He raises his legs and asks me to rub my cock across his ass lips.  He's totally into it.  He says he wants me to fuck him.  I'm shocked.  The first time I was with him, I thought I might be able to but the next few times, he was all top (as you guys know from previous posts).  I love fucking and I definitely wanted his ass.  He asks to rub it against him as he says he hasn't been fucked in almost three years.  I rub it against him before he asks he to stick the head in, raw.  I tip fucked him for what seems like an eternity.  He was really tight and couldn't take it when I pushed in further.  I didn't care, I was so into him and the moment, it was all about what felt good....and it felt good.  After almost two hours of constant fucking, sucking and kissing, he tells me how he wants me in him when I cum.  Trust me, I wanted nothing more and let him know when I was going to shoot;  I went in a little deeper than just the head and as he gasped, I shot my load deep inside of him.  He shot a huge load right after.  We kissed a bit, I showered and it was the end of the work day.  I can't stop thinking of him. 

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I popped a boner in the middle of the street

It was embarrassing.  But true.  I was walking to get some lunch when I saw this fucking stud stretching in the middle of downtown.  When I say stud, I am talking, brown hair, early 20's, 5'10, 150, six pack abs, wearing small running shorts, no shirt, stretching in the middle of downtown.  I saw him a popped wood right away.  Too hot, body was a 10, face at least an 8.  And he caught me looking at him.  It was funny and embarassing but his shorts were wide open on one side as he stretched and I swear I move my neck trying to see his junk.  I felt like a perv but didn't care.  He saw me and didn't even flinch.  He loved the attention.  I wish I had the balls to take a pic.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Stairwell action

I'm at my office on a Sunday and horny as fuck.  Not really a surprise.  I start cruising to find a little action and this 20 year old college kid responds how he needs to get fucked.  Love 20 year college boys that want dick, my dick in particular.  We exchange pics and he's cute, a little cub.  We exchange numbers and he texts me when he is close.  In between making the plans and him heading over, my co-worker shows up. Grrr  Now this is fucked.  I text him to let me know when he is outside and I'll come down to get him.  He does and I tell the bitch co-worker that I am getting some food.  I get him in the building and take him to another floor and try the bathroom door but it's locked.  Instead we head to the stair well and he asks if it is safe.  Sure, no one is coming here on a Sunday (except my bitch co-worker).  We start feeling each other up and he wants to kiss.  I wasn't really feeling it but if a guy wants to kiss and you don't it can ruin the fuck.  I do for a bit before I push him down, unzip my pants and make him start sucking my cock.  He's getting it to and undoes his pants, whipping out his cock.  Smallish, but it's coo.  I pull him up and turn him around and start rubbing up against his ass.  I kiss the back his neck and he moans.  I know how to work this kid so I spit in my hand and lube my cock up and push him so he's bending over and line my cock up and start fucking his ass raw.  He's nice and tight little 20 year old ass feels good and I start fucking him hard and fast.  About five minutes in he says to hold up.  He goes over to the stairs and kneels down and uses the stairs for balance. He asks me to fuck him slower.  I enter and start long fucking him, going all the way in and taking it all the way back.  His ass feels amazing and this feels really good.  I fuck him for a few minutes and can't handle it anymore.  I blow my load about half way into him. Just as I am cumming, he tells me not to cum inside.  Sorry dude, too late.  I continue fucking him for another minute and pull out.  He rubs his ass and knows I came inside cause its leaking out my jizz. He then jacks off on, blowing his load on the stairs and he takes an elevator down and I go back to my office.  And the bitch is still there.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The decision

After some thought, I decided that I was not going to group sex party.  Actually, I should say parties.  It's amazing how the word spreads and having a blog like this, people want to meet you.  But I decided to stick with my instincts and do what I felt was right for me not what others thought I should do. But using my logic, I actually decided to stay away from IML in its entirety.  Maybe this has something to do with how I cruise these days but I wasn't really interested in hanging out for hours on end, drinking and looking for sex.  I wasn't really interested.  Not sure if it was the scene or sex in general.  So, I missed all the leather boys, barebackers, kinky little fucks and the endless partying not to mention all the stores that sell everything and anything you could want.