Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Bi Boi and a wild ride

I thought I'd start you off with a hot sex session before getting into the drama:

Bi Boy and I plan to meet up this one afternoon.  I get to his place and we sit back on the couch and chat. Eventually we smoke a bit of pot.  No video games today kids.  We get into right away and move it into the bedroom.  We strip down to our underwear and start kissing and grinding and groping.  Eventually I pull his underwear off and as I lick my way down to his cock. He switches off and does the same to me.  Eventually, he is on top of me and moves up and feeds me his cock.  He does it slowly and gets me to inhale as much as possible before I gag on it.  Eventually, I move him forward and he is sitting on my face and I eat his tiny ass out.  It tastes so good as I give it a good tongue fucking.  While I am circling the outside of his ass, he is jacking off.  After about 10 or 15 minutes, Bi-Boy lets me know he is going to cum. He blows his load in his hand and then to my surprise, lubes up my cock and rides my cock.  It his so hot pushing his boys into his ass and he is loving it.  His ass is super tight so I feel like I am bull dozing it even though I lathered it up with my spit and he did prepped it with his jizz.  I didn't last too long about 3 minutes before I shot a huge load into him.  I just rolled over and we kissed for about 10  minutes before either of said anything.  After a bit, we smoked a bit more pot before calling it a day. 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Bi Boi and me date -- kinda

I realized that I was losing some perspective with bi boy. I am falling for him.  And that's not a good thing.  Besides the 20+ year age difference,  he is going to end up with a girl.  I'm just the distraction.   I took a step back from him: I cancelled on him, didn't take his calls and texts.  It definitely has made him more persistent.  I eventually gave in and went all in.  We started dating, as exclusively as I was willing to do and I assume that he was out shagging girls.  I haven't written as much about him or my antics in general because I was trying to be present in the relationship until he fucked me over.  I will tell you the ending, he fucked me over (in a way I didn't imagine) so I will write  about him and some others over the next few weeks.