Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Contruction worker

I meet this new guy.  He's not the type I typically go for, he's in his mid 30's, about 5'9, 190 pounds  and kinda buff, like a bull.  He's cute and has the I really want you to fuck me attitude so I am game.  He gets to my place and I am super horned up.  It didn't take me long to be rock hard and ready to go.  Seriously, I was ready to go before my pants were even off.  He is definitely happy and we undress.  He goes down and sucks me a for a a few seconds and says fuck buddy, you are ready to go so let's go.  He gives me some lube and says take it slow because that huge head of yours is going to hurt.  I lube up and enter him raw.  I take it slow and steady, slowly moving my cock into him.  He is gasping but signals when I am able to go faster.  I give it to him hard.  I am pounding away and it feels good.  He didn't even take off his jock strap so I am just pushing it in and out.  After a few minutes, I blow my load quick and deep in him.  Normally, I would just pull out but I can tell my dick isn't ready so I keep fucking him and now I really am pounding his ass.  I just want him to be good and sore when I get done with him.  He asks me to take a break so I do.  I figure that this is the end but he asks me if I can get it up again.  He starts sucking on my dick taking in his ass juices on my cock.  I get it up again much to my surprise.  Now I push him on his back and really fuck him deep and hard.  I am just pounding on him like a cheap whore and he is loving it.  Eventually he says he can't take it anymore and since I already came, I let up and pull out.  He is all over my shit and definitely wants more.  This little slut is definitely my type.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Snowy Night Garage Trick

I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't fall back to sleep.  I start watching tv to hopefully fall asleep when I decide to see what is up online.  I see this ad for a 22 year old twink that is in my neighborhood, about a block or two away.  Perfect since it is a cold and snowy night.  I answer and we get the process started.  He is definitely in the closet and blocks his number from mine.  We meet up at a store parking lot by my place and I tell him that we have to use the garage.  We go in and he is cute in a latin thug way.  About 5'10, 140 pounds, tatted up and smooth.  He says he is a bottom looking to suck only.  We start rubbing up against each other, getting each other hard.  It's a bit cold but when you have a cute twink there, it isn't too tough to pop wood.  I take down his sweat pants and take a look at a nice 7 inch cut cock that is thin but hard and exactly what I needed.  I put my shirt over my head and he starts in my chest, aggressively sucking my nipples.  I nudge him down and he starts sucking my cock.  He definitely is not too experienced as he is gagging and I might have a big fat mushroom head but my cock is average size wise.  I make him take it for awhile.  I love watching him gag and spit up.  It gets me harder knowing that he is struggling with it.  I am coating his mouth with my pre-cum and his spit. I decide to give him a break and pull up his shirt.  He begs me to suck on his nipples, eventually asking me to bite them.  I am all in on this.  I suck and poke with my tongue before I bite down and tug his nips.  He moans and groans while jacking his prick.  I licked his chest tat and go at the other nipple, stopping only to spit in my hand so I can finger his tight little ass.  I go after his ass and he is moaning like a little bitch.  I turn him around and rub my cock on his ass but he says he doesn't want to fuck in a garage and that he has only been fucked one time before.  It makes me want him more but I can tell this kid is the type who has to feel you are trustworthy so I don't push it but turn him around.  He goes back at my cock and I tell him I am going to shoot my load but prior to he starts to pull away and I shot a huge 4 day load all over him.  He asks me for a towel and fuck we are in the garage so I there isn't anything.  He wanted me to lick it off him and even though that is not my thing, I figured it's mine, so why not.  We kissed a bit and he jacked off as I bit on his nipples cumming on the ground.  He says he is going to contact me again and wants to fuck but we shall see.  You never know with closet cases.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I am back.

I have the writing motivation again and will be sharing my experiences, good and bad with you.  Stay tuned for the updates. And enjoy the hot bush on this dude.