Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Contruction worker

I meet this new guy.  He's not the type I typically go for, he's in his mid 30's, about 5'9, 190 pounds  and kinda buff, like a bull.  He's cute and has the I really want you to fuck me attitude so I am game.  He gets to my place and I am super horned up.  It didn't take me long to be rock hard and ready to go.  Seriously, I was ready to go before my pants were even off.  He is definitely happy and we undress.  He goes down and sucks me a for a a few seconds and says fuck buddy, you are ready to go so let's go.  He gives me some lube and says take it slow because that huge head of yours is going to hurt.  I lube up and enter him raw.  I take it slow and steady, slowly moving my cock into him.  He is gasping but signals when I am able to go faster.  I give it to him hard.  I am pounding away and it feels good.  He didn't even take off his jock strap so I am just pushing it in and out.  After a few minutes, I blow my load quick and deep in him.  Normally, I would just pull out but I can tell my dick isn't ready so I keep fucking him and now I really am pounding his ass.  I just want him to be good and sore when I get done with him.  He asks me to take a break so I do.  I figure that this is the end but he asks me if I can get it up again.  He starts sucking on my dick taking in his ass juices on my cock.  I get it up again much to my surprise.  Now I push him on his back and really fuck him deep and hard.  I am just pounding on him like a cheap whore and he is loving it.  Eventually he says he can't take it anymore and since I already came, I let up and pull out.  He is all over my shit and definitely wants more.  This little slut is definitely my type.