Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What happened with the ex

I never finished letting you guys know what was going so I figured I best before the year ends.  The boyfriend and I finally broke it off in June of this year.  He never found out about the blog or anything like that but it just happened.  No big fight.  He asked me one day if I still loved him and I said no.  From there, we had a long conversation about things, had one last round of sex which was hot.  Angry, break-up sex is fun.  The hard part was living together afterward.  He didn't leave for a couple of months and it was hard to deal with.  I ended up spending more time with Beefy Latin Stud. That was a huge mistake.  Break-up with your boyfriend and hang out with your hot piece of ass.  Caused more problems at home and with him. He's fun, hot and a great fuck but you can't turn a trick/fuck bud into a boyfriend.   It didn't work for either of us and on the down side, it went from being our side thing to meeting each others friends, etc.  Now, it's hard to sneak in a fuck without everyone knowing or commenting. 

The odd thing I learned about being single again was that I didn't enjoy being as big of a slut.  It was more fun to fuck around when I had the boy at home and was doing this on the DL.  Odd.  Who knew that being single and free would make me less promiscuous. 

As for the future of the blog, I'm not sure what to do with it.  For now, I'm going to keep it up and post every once in awhile.  If you're lucky, I'll tell you about the hot muscle jock I just fucked raw in the office. 

Monday, October 11, 2010

Duke slut

Kinda interesting.  This Duke girl hooks-up with a bunch of athletes and prepares a thesis and sends it out to a couple of her friends.  Well as friends tend to do, they don't keep secrets all that well. One of her friends sends it out and the next thing you know it goes viral and this girl is hiding in shame.   Kinda funny, kinda not.  First, this chick did fairly well getting all these athletes.  I'll be honest, she's fucked out of her league.  The assessment is actually funny with lots of details and rankings.  The problem is she's a girl and not supposed to be a slut.  I'm not throwing shade at her for being a slut because I have absolutely no room to make a comment on that.  Her mistake was putting her name and pictures to it and sending it out in hopes of being confidential.  As we all know, once you send it out, nothing in this generation is confidential.  Now she is all over the internet, talked about on the Today show and who knows where else.  She is in hiding now as she has no longer on her social networking sights and probably having to explain a lot of things to her parents who are shocked at their baby.  The moral of the story is she should have done it in a blog and made sure her name was left out. Second, she really doesn't embrace being a slut. She ranked one guy low because he didn't want to be intimate with her.  It's okay when she's using the guys but for the guy to use her, no way.  Seriously, the tennis player wouldn't kiss her, stuck his cock in, got off and it was over.  Hello, that's part of random sex.  Who hasn't been there?  You can't have it both ways.  Sometimes you get a freak and sometimes you get a selfish fuck.  You just have to be able to make it work for you so that you get off on being the cum hole of the selfish fuck.  Just my thoughts. Plus, I need to get me some Duke boys.  I've put in a link below so you can check it out if you want.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Brett Favre is a dirty bastard

I know I haven't posted in awhile but I will update on what has been going on soon, it's been major.  A break up with the man, a new boy friend, another break up and now single.  Not without drama.  But this post is about when will celebrities learn not to send naked pics out.  This does out to Brett Favre, the hall of fame quarterback for the Packers, Jets and vikings to send out dick pics.  Can't you just get a chick whenever you want because you are a rich, superstar football player???  Check out the story and the pics..the pics are at 2:08 in the video if you don't want to see the whole thing

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fucking a hot twink at a party

I wen to this party that this party thrown by this insanely rich guy.  He's actually kind of a douchebag but he always has these hot twinks around that are basically ready for anything.  I definitely know that he's paying these dudes to hang out with them and to pretty much be available but hey, whatever.  So I'm chatting up with this super cute twink hunk.  He's Italian and Rican so he has crazy wavy hair, a great complexion, fuck me eyes and a hot little body.  He's about 5'7, 125 pounds, 20 and for a change, he's a hairy little twink.  We were chatting each other up and I was totally digging him and he was responding to me.  After a few drinks and a joint, we end up in one of the bedrooms.  We start kissing and he's a bandit.  Totally turning me on.  We pretty much are ripping each others clothes off and I swear I'm totally boned.  He has this super tight little body, hairy chest and a completely un-shaved bush.  I couldn't get enough of this kid.  He starts blowing me, sticking his ass in my face.  He had a nice hole that I could have munched on all night.  But I don't because I am rock hard.   and  it isn't  long before he slips a condom on me, grabs some lotion and lubes the condom up and his ass.  He sits on top of me and starts riding it, starting slow but building the pace.  He went nuts on my cock.  He was riding me like I was fucking pogo stick.  Actually, I was his fuck stick and he just bounced off me.  It was hot but weird because I was watching him in amazement and not like the guy who was worried he was going snap my cock in two.  I eventually pushed him down to the missionary position and just pounded his ass as hard as I could.  After about ten minutes, I shot my load with a force that kind of surprised me.  We rested for a few minutes before we cleaned up and went back to the party.  Everyone knew we had just fucked and we didn't care.  I lost him somewhere in the party so I didn't get to bone him again.  But it was amazing.  Even if douchebag paid him to fuck me.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Getting some more of Beefy Latin Stud

I was going to wait to write this post.  I'm been savoring the fuck for the last 48 hours.  I've beat off thinking about it again and again.  It's time to share.  I sent Beefy Latin Stud and email awhile back say hey.  I hadn't checked that email for a while and when I did, I saw a response from him.  I emailed him and he responded right away.  We exchanged emails and texts while at work and met up for an early start to the gay pride weekend.  I get to his place and chill out.  He has a porn on and is running around looking for lube.  He looks so good in his track pants, t-shirt and a baseball cap.  He says fuck, lets get naked and worry about it later.  I'm not in a rush but I do want him out of his clothes.  We both undress and he's like dude you are really hard.  Yeah and tell him the story about the dude in running shorts.  He's totally turned on we make out, feeling up our naked bodies.  He goes and starts giving me head and I am loving it.  He comes up to kiss me and is on top of me.  My cock rubs against him and he goes nuts.  He starts rubbing my cock against his ass and is almost shivering in excitement.  He tells me to hold on and he goes looking for the lube again. He finds it and soon we're back at it.  Kissing, feeling, rubbing, me sucking him off.  I come back up and we start kissing.  He raises his legs and asks me to rub my cock across his ass lips.  He's totally into it.  He says he wants me to fuck him.  I'm shocked.  The first time I was with him, I thought I might be able to but the next few times, he was all top (as you guys know from previous posts).  I love fucking and I definitely wanted his ass.  He asks to rub it against him as he says he hasn't been fucked in almost three years.  I rub it against him before he asks he to stick the head in, raw.  I tip fucked him for what seems like an eternity.  He was really tight and couldn't take it when I pushed in further.  I didn't care, I was so into him and the moment, it was all about what felt good....and it felt good.  After almost two hours of constant fucking, sucking and kissing, he tells me how he wants me in him when I cum.  Trust me, I wanted nothing more and let him know when I was going to shoot;  I went in a little deeper than just the head and as he gasped, I shot my load deep inside of him.  He shot a huge load right after.  We kissed a bit, I showered and it was the end of the work day.  I can't stop thinking of him. 

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I popped a boner in the middle of the street

It was embarrassing.  But true.  I was walking to get some lunch when I saw this fucking stud stretching in the middle of downtown.  When I say stud, I am talking, brown hair, early 20's, 5'10, 150, six pack abs, wearing small running shorts, no shirt, stretching in the middle of downtown.  I saw him a popped wood right away.  Too hot, body was a 10, face at least an 8.  And he caught me looking at him.  It was funny and embarassing but his shorts were wide open on one side as he stretched and I swear I move my neck trying to see his junk.  I felt like a perv but didn't care.  He saw me and didn't even flinch.  He loved the attention.  I wish I had the balls to take a pic.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Stairwell action

I'm at my office on a Sunday and horny as fuck.  Not really a surprise.  I start cruising to find a little action and this 20 year old college kid responds how he needs to get fucked.  Love 20 year college boys that want dick, my dick in particular.  We exchange pics and he's cute, a little cub.  We exchange numbers and he texts me when he is close.  In between making the plans and him heading over, my co-worker shows up. Grrr  Now this is fucked.  I text him to let me know when he is outside and I'll come down to get him.  He does and I tell the bitch co-worker that I am getting some food.  I get him in the building and take him to another floor and try the bathroom door but it's locked.  Instead we head to the stair well and he asks if it is safe.  Sure, no one is coming here on a Sunday (except my bitch co-worker).  We start feeling each other up and he wants to kiss.  I wasn't really feeling it but if a guy wants to kiss and you don't it can ruin the fuck.  I do for a bit before I push him down, unzip my pants and make him start sucking my cock.  He's getting it to and undoes his pants, whipping out his cock.  Smallish, but it's coo.  I pull him up and turn him around and start rubbing up against his ass.  I kiss the back his neck and he moans.  I know how to work this kid so I spit in my hand and lube my cock up and push him so he's bending over and line my cock up and start fucking his ass raw.  He's nice and tight little 20 year old ass feels good and I start fucking him hard and fast.  About five minutes in he says to hold up.  He goes over to the stairs and kneels down and uses the stairs for balance. He asks me to fuck him slower.  I enter and start long fucking him, going all the way in and taking it all the way back.  His ass feels amazing and this feels really good.  I fuck him for a few minutes and can't handle it anymore.  I blow my load about half way into him. Just as I am cumming, he tells me not to cum inside.  Sorry dude, too late.  I continue fucking him for another minute and pull out.  He rubs his ass and knows I came inside cause its leaking out my jizz. He then jacks off on, blowing his load on the stairs and he takes an elevator down and I go back to my office.  And the bitch is still there.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The decision

After some thought, I decided that I was not going to group sex party.  Actually, I should say parties.  It's amazing how the word spreads and having a blog like this, people want to meet you.  But I decided to stick with my instincts and do what I felt was right for me not what others thought I should do. But using my logic, I actually decided to stay away from IML in its entirety.  Maybe this has something to do with how I cruise these days but I wasn't really interested in hanging out for hours on end, drinking and looking for sex.  I wasn't really interested.  Not sure if it was the scene or sex in general.  So, I missed all the leather boys, barebackers, kinky little fucks and the endless partying not to mention all the stores that sell everything and anything you could want. 

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

IML is coming up....

It is time for the annual International Mr. Leather this weekend in Chicago.  If you haven't been, it is a weekend of crazy debauchery.  What else would you expect to happen when you stick a bunch of gay men, lots of booze and drugs and lots of free time.  I've been invited back to a sex party by last years host and am debating whether to go or not.  I didn't really enjoy it too much.  I realized that I am not a group sex guy. It's cool and all and was hot to watch.  I may give it another go just to see and make sure it isn't my scene.  I will definitely update you.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What's up

Hey guys.  I know I haven't been writing as much recently but just wanted to make sure you knew I was still fucking around.  I just have really lacked motivation to write about it.  Not sure how to interpret it but I will make some new posts.  Plus IML is coming up!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

A fuck and a job

It was an odd post I responded to.  The guy was looking for a professional to fuck.  Not just suit and tie guy but a specific type.  I was intrigued.  You don't see people put out ads looking for a doctor, a dentist, an accountant,  a lawyer, financial advisor or a cop every day. We start chatting and I realize that I have chatted with him before but we never met up. I wasn't sure why but I always take that as a bad sign.  I agreed to meet up with him.  I decided to do it at a public place and head back to my office after, if I still felt like doing it.  We meet up and he's what I expected (5'9, 150, brown, brown, smooth), so we head back.  We get to it pretty fast. I have him down on his knees sucking my cock.  After a bit, we take off the remainder of our clothes and I approach him from behind.  I start kissing the back of his neck as we grind into each other.  I'm totally rock hard and decide to push in. I spit on my dick and enter him raw.  He asks me to go slow and I do.  Once I can tell that he is ready to take it I start to take it faster and harder.  I pound his ass relentlessly.  He wants it and likes it.  That totally turns me on.  He asks me not to cum inside and when I'm close, I let him know that I'm going to cum and see if he says pull out.  He does and I do.  I shoot it all over his ass and then stick my cummy prick back in his worked over hole.  He jacks off, cumming on the desk.  It's all good until the next day, I get an email from him saying how his ass is really sore and he wants to work on a project together.  I'm skeptical about mixing business with pleasure but it's fairly simple project and business is business.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I do want it.

Friday is here and I get a text from BLS.  He asks me if I'm coming over.  I let him know that I am.  It's been on my mind all week and I know that it's now or never.  The funny part is that I am not really in a mood to bottom but I try to get in the right frame of mind.  I meet up with him and he's looking sexy as ever when I get there.  It doesn't take long before we are in the bedroom, getting naked.  We kiss for a bit before I lick down his body.  I eat out his arm pits, suck his nipples and kiss all down his sides and his belly before taking in his cock.  He has a nice thick cock.  Good size and girth.  I give him head for a bit, inhaling his pubes sucking on his balls.  I try to eat his ass out but he pulls me up. We kiss again before he goes down and gives me head.  He does it for a bit before he reaches over for the lube and lubes up his cock and fingers some in my ass.  He turns me over and tries to take me from behind.  Fuck, it hurts.  Really hurts.  BLS comments that I am tighter than I was the other day.  I suggest that I get on top.  His cock is still ripping me open but it's painful in the good way that makes you want more.  I'm on him riding him and my cock is spitting up precum like a faucet.  It' going all over the place and BLS is turned on by the fact that I am so turned on.  I get some on my fingers and reach back to finger it into his ass as he fucks me.  It turns me on even more and him as by reaching back I have to arch and his cock goes deeper and I can feel it breaking in new territory.  He tells me he's getting close to cumming and pulls out.  He jacks his cock for a few and shoots a huge load all over the place.  I then get on top of him and aggressively rub my cock into him and shoot my load all over his chest.  I lay on top of him and kiss as the sweat and cum is all over. We shower up and I leave, satisfying my urge for cock for awhile.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Some confusion on my part....

I was pretty hot and bothered over the incident with Beefy Latin Stud.  I hit him up and we chatted some more.  He knew I was concerned about the way it went down and he kept reassuring me.  From my point of view, this was not going to be happening on a regular basis but if we met up soon, we could do it again.  The risk isn't going to increase dramatically or at all between Monday and Wednesday so we made plans to meet up.  I was totally excited all week thinking about it but was even more nervous than before.  When I went there that day, I knew he was going to fuck me but never in a million years imagined it being raw.  Now, not only was I going back to bottom again so soon but it was clear, we were going to fuck bareback.  My mind was racing a million ways and I wasn't sure if I would follow through.  Wednesday came and he ended up  not being able to do it.  Thursday didn't work for me.  So, Friday comes and I'm really doubting this.  Now it seems like a lot longer since Monday.  I know it was only four days but the immediacy wasn't there.  Plus, I knew that if a weekend passes, the window opportunity was closed.  I debated this over and over in my mind while I decided if we should get together on Friday.......

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thoughts, thoughts and more thoughts

After bottoming for Beefy Latin Stud, I was sort of all over the place.  In the heat of the moment, I made the decision to do it.  I reached down and lined his cock up.  I thought about it a lot in the following weeks (after beating off that night and many other nights).  At the time, I didn't think much about it.  I was acting on instinct and desire.  If I had thought about it, I wouldn't have done it.  I know that it is hypocritical of me as I have topped a lot of guys that way.  So be it.  But it all comes back to two things:  first and foremost, I'm a top.  But it makes a difference when you top.  It feels better to top without a condom.  It's bad enough that lube tends to desensitize things, a condom practically suffocates my boy.  As a bottom, it was hot doing something that you is not "supposed" to be done.  But it didn't feel different as a bottom.  As far as just doing it, we have discussed our status every time we fucked, before we fucked.  It doesn't mean he couldn't lie or be mistaken but we did have this discussion every time.  Does this mean I am going to bottom more:  no.  Does it mean that I am going to repeat this when I do:  no.  Does it mean I am going to wear a condom more when I top:  no.  I'm going to leave the decision to the guy.  If he's up for it, then I'm down with it. 

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Beefy Latin Stud returns

I've kept in contact with BLS (  & ) by email and text but hadn't been able to work out a time to meet up with him.  It was always a scheduling issue or I wasn't in the mood to bottom.  As you guys may recall, he's a top and while I wanted his ass, it's not going to happen.  I was feeling frisky and we made plans to meet up at the end of the day.  I get over to his place and I forgot how he turns me on. He's wearing a pair of track pants and a t-shirt.  He doesn't really waste too much time and we go right to the bedroom.  I can see the outline of his cock on the track pants and it drives me crazy knowing that he doesn't have any underwear on.  We take off our clothes and hit the bed.  We start making out.  We go at it while rubbing up against each other feeling each other up.  I slowly start kissing down his body, eating his arm pits, sucking on his nipples, licking down his chest until I take hold of his cock and start blowing him.  We go at it for a bit and I stop and go back up, we kiss a bit and he starts blowing me and fingering my ass.  He grabs some lube, lubes me up and his cock.  I tell him to get a condom and he does.  I want to ride him but my ass is tight and he's having some trouble getting in.  He stops and fingers my ass again while he gives me head.  He puts on another condom and we go at it again but he comes as soon as he gets in me.  He apologizes but says it was so tight he just came.  I'm not all that pleased about it but figure maybe this is my chance to get at his ass.  We continue kissing and I get on top of him.  I'm rubbing into him and start kissing his neck and start talking dirty to him.  I start telling him shit like how I wanted him to take my cherry, that I wanted to him inside me, I wanted to fuck him, I wanted him to make me his bitch.  I notice that he's getting hard again and I'm totally turned on because I really wanted his dick.  That was why I went there.  The next thing you know I'm on top of him and I lower myself on him and he enters me. Raw.  I start riding it and tell him take me.  Make me his bitch.  I'm so turned on by the whole scene, I barely know what I'm doing but I can't stop.  We go at it for a bit and I feel him stretching me out.  He tells me he's close and he pulls out and strokes it a couple more times and blows a load.  I get on him and grind my cock against him.  He wants me to blow on his chest and I do exactly what he says.  After all, he just made me his bitch.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I think they were separated at birth

I was watching American Idol and thought what a hot piece of ass this Tim Urban is.  The thing is he looked familiar and I better figure it out as he's not going to be around too much longer.  Then I realized that he looked like porn star, Brent Corrigan.  A little fresher but one can only hope that he is a hot slut like Brent.  Am I the only one that notices a resemblance?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Me going on about shit.

I know it's probably  a mistake to post about a comment or comments but every once in awhile it is appropriate. I have been asked by several of you, mostly in email about the break I took at the beginning of Lent.  I did learn a couple of things.  The first is that it is nearly impossible for me not to fuck around. Any attempts that I make only lead to me holding it in and eventually exploding back out there and making up for lost time.  The other is about the bf.  If it was as easy as just replacing him with some other guy, I would.  But seriously, most of the little sluts that I fuck would make horrible boyfriends. I am a horrible bf.  But that is the way it goes, you  love who you love and you fuck who you fuck.  And they are not always the same person. 

I did learn something.  The chances of me being a nice, sweet, respectable bf are probably zero.  The reality is that I just need lots of sex.  In spite of the obstacles (bf, not being able to host at work like I used to), I'll still find it and do it. 

This post is somewhat indulgent but shit happens.

Monday, March 29, 2010

I think I met my match, part 2

This is a little long for a part two but I met up with Greg again, literally, one year later, same day (  I don't think he remembered hooking up with me.  He was really hung over and stoned off his ass last time.  I get there and he gives me the same line about his place being trashed from the weekend.  Oddly enough, it looks exactly like it did before.  We go into the bedroom and he pulls down his track pants and starts jacking his big cock.  I start taking mine off when he pushes my head down on his cock.  I start sucking his good and fast.  He slows me down and says he's going to cum if I keep at it.  I take it down a notch and lick the head, jamming my tongue into his slit.  I inhale the smell of his pubes, licking around his nuts.  He then shoves his cock in my mouth making me gag.  He repeats this two or three times before I stop his raise his legs and start eating his ass out.  He just showered so it's nice and clean, perfect. He jacks his cock as I eat his ass and dry hump the bed.  He gets close and wants me to swallow, but I stay at his ass.  He shoots his load all over his leg while I blow my load in my underwear eating his ass out.  I go to his bathroom, clean myself up and walk out with my cum-filled briefs in my hand.  I guess I'm going commando today.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Role Play: Interview

I put out an ad for some role play.  The scene is that it is either a job interview or you are my assistant.  This guy in his mid-40's with a rocking hot body, ok face answers.  His choice was for a job interview.  I 'm sitting behind my desk asking about his previous job.  The code we had set up was that I would say that is not consistent with your resume and head over to him, "accidentally" rubbing my cock into him.  At that point, he pushes into me, grabs my leg and says, "I'll do anything for the job."  I grab his head and push it into my pants.  He gasps and undoes my pants.  He takes out my cock and starts sucking it.  I let him get used to it before I start fucking his mouth.  He tries to take it deep and hold it in his throat.  Fuck that, I decide to jam it all the way down.  He gags and blow it out.  I take his head and start roughly fucking his mouth and this scene continues for a bit.  He stops for a second and take his pants off and shows off a nice thick cock which he starts jacking too.  We pretty much continue on with me fucking his mouth while he jacks his cock until I unload my batter down his throat.  He continues to lick it up and I shiver as it sends shock waves though my body.  He eventually blows his load and asks if he has the job.  I tell him maybe but I have to make sure there isn't a candidate with better skills. 

Monday, March 22, 2010

Rough fucking one of my favorite little sluts

I was online and  saw my bud Erick was online (  I hadn't chatted with him in awhile or seen him online, figured he dropped off the face of the earth.  It happens.  We had some chit chat about what we'd been up to when I hit him up and asked him if he was free.  He tells me to come over and resends his phone and asks me to text him when I'm close.  I get to his building and text him.  He says the door is open and he's in the bedroom.  I find him like I have in the past, lying in bed, jock strap on and ass waiting for me.  I love that quality about him, he wants it and he doesn't play games.  I take off my suit and get naked.  I rub my cock up against his tiny little ass.  It's nice.  Small, round and white with a pink hole.  I spit lube my cock and enter him.  He's tight. Tighter than I remember and I let him know.  He tells me he hasn't been fucked in about 5 weeks.  Nice.  I like it when a sluts ass becomes tight again.  I start fucking him nice and slow.  I move down and stick my tongue in his ear and this gets him wild, he starts bucking back.  I'm not sure how this started but I put my hand around his neck and gain control.  He about loses and loves it that I could choke him. So I continue to pound my cock in his hole while I choke him easing up and then taking a firm hold.  He's going completely nuts and my cock is loving every second of it.  Every time he flinches, he grabs a hold of my cock and eventually lose it, blowing my load deep in his ass as I fall on him.  I ask him if I was too rough with him and he says hell no that was hot and he's going to beat off thinking about after I leave.  I cleaned up and went to a work event.  This time, I am not losing his number cause I really liked being rough with him.  I guess there is always new ground being broken.

It's been awhile...

Hey guys,  I took the vow with good intentions and the idea that it would give me some clarity.  Not exactly.  The vow has been broke, (big surprise there) but the time away has been a nice little break.  It's time to get back in the saddle, so to speak and update you on my adventures. 

Friday, March 5, 2010

The first 18 hours - hotel sex

I fell off the wagon pretty quickly.  It wasn't even 18 hours into the vow.  This guy I had been chatting with from out-of-town hit me up.  These things are usually hit or miss.  He was literally 4 blocks away from my office in a hotel.  I guess I had to. 

I meet him in the lobby and we head to the room.  He looks like his pics, a little geeky but for some reason it turns me on.  He's about 29, 5'10, 150, brown, blue, glasses.   We get in the room and I notice his pants are unzipped.  He's kinda embarrassed and he goes to zip them up and I stop him.  Quit wasting time.  We unzip and get into down to our underwear.  We head to the bed where we start kissing.  I pull his underwear off and he has a super rock hard dick.  About six inches.  I suck him for a bit and stop.  He changes places with me and starts blowing me.  We switch up again and I start blowing him  but this time I start finger fucking him.  He's moaning like a little bitch.  I know this is going exactly where I want it.  I start rubbing my cock against his hole and he nods over to the table which has a condom on it.  I grab it and put it on and push in.  I'm not too happy about the condom but I want his ass.  I don't go slowly, I'm just all in and he is very vocal and can see his face wince.  Too bad buddy.  It's time to get pounded and I do for a bit.  He's really vocal.  Eventually he comes and can't take it any longer.  He starts giving me head.  I get aggressive and really fuck his mouth.  He stops me and tells me to come on his chest.  Fuck that.   He made me wear a condom and couldn't fuck after he came, now more demands. I pound away at his mouth and start blowing my load and let him know I'm coming.  It ended up in his mouth, on his face, in his eye.  I cleaned up and left. 

Sunday, February 21, 2010

To fill in some details

Recently, things with my boyfriend have been really weird, a real roller coaster.  It's either great or we fight.  It gets a bit difficult to handle all the drama.  This month we've had both highs and lows.  Super Bowl weekend, the emotional ride was too hot to handle.  It wasn't really something important but the indifference on both sides felt important.  It ended up blowing up and I asked him to leave, pack his shit and have it out by the weekend.   He slept in the guest room and we worked it out over the next couple of days.  While moving out wasn't what I wanted, the relationship was ready recovered.  Then came Valentine's Day.  The day was really nice.  We spent quality time together the Saturday night before, had a nice meal and the next day had dinner with friends.  It felt like things were back on track.  In talking with one of my friends that knows about my extracuricular activities, we both decided to do something for lent.  I am not usually big into this stuff:  religion and denying myself things that I want.  My friend is giving up booze and I decided to focus on my relationship and to do so, chose monogamy.  As you  know, my first day didn't go well.  Since then, I have been keeping to my word.  At least for now.  I'm going to use this time to evaluate the relationship and figure out which is the true part of the roller coaster ride, the ups or the downs.  Stay tuned as I will update you on things as they go and in the interim, I have enough untold sex adventures to keep you guys happy.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Promises Promises

I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with the lyrics to the song Promises Promise by Naked Eyes from the 80's but they are relevant to me:

You made me promises, promises
You knew you'd never keep
Promises, promises
Why do I believe
All of your promises
You knew you'd never keep
Promises, promises
Why do I believe

Why are these relevant, you ask?  Well, I took a vow that I was not going to have sex with anyone other than my boyfriend for lent.  That's forty days of faithful Windy City.  As you probably guessed, not so successful.  I was faithful to the vow for all of 18 hours.  I guess it's time to re-dedicate myself.  So here I go again but it's almost been 18 hours since the trick so I'm doing good, right?  

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

He loves giving head

This guy is definitely a dick slut. He loves giving.  And he really had to work for this one.  We had texted and I figured he might not blow me again if I blew him off.  Despite having cum with Frankie just a few hours before, I still met up with him, just a little later than originally planned.  He invites me over to his place and I pull up. This is a lot different than our last meeting where we met up at the booths for him to give me head.  He doesn't waste any time, taking me to a back room which is his parents tv room.  He asks me to be quiet and I'm cool with that because I usually am.  He gets to it and starts sucking me.  I get hard and he starts in on me. I wonder if he can taste Frankie on me.  He doesn't mention it.  I had trouble staying hard or interested.  I blamed it on work stress which was partly true but having cum just a bit ago was really the issue.  I was able to keep it going but unless he paid a lot of attention or I really focused, this was going to be a disaster. I'm going to give him the credit because he took control of the situation and gave me a great blowjob.  He sucked on it like his life depended on it.  After about 20 minutes of intense head I blew my load down his throat.  He swallowed it, I zipped and left.  Next time, he deserves to not have to work so hard for my cum.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Frankie comes back

I had a total shit day.  Work was blowing up and drama was everywhere.  I had made plans to get head with the dude that I met up with at the bookstore but Frankie emailed.  And that was a better offer not to mention now vs hours later.  Frankie comes over to my office and he looks good.  I kiss him right up at the reception, out in the open.  He asks me if I want to do it there and I say no, just in case.  We head into the office and start getting undressed.  We kiss and feel each other up.  We take turns blowing each other.  There's so much friction and heat that I can barely contain myself.  We move over to the couch and sit down.  He eventually goes to the ground and starts to  blow me.  I pull him up and he sits on my lap.  We are kissing and I start going at his ass.  He says he wants to but not today.  He talks about me fucking him raw and blowing my load up his ass.  He's getting me hot and bothered.  I try to fuck and he says no again.  I'm pretty sure he's just talking and doesn't really want to take it raw because if he did, he wouldn't stopped.  I get him on the ground and start rubbing up again his crack, hoping that he wants to fuck.  I kiss him and rub against him until I shoot my load all over his chest.  I fall down on him, exhausted and we continue kissing and chatting.  After fifteen minutes we move back to the couch. I start sucking on his nipples, biting, teasing as he jacks off, shooting his load all over his chest.  It's kinda hot.  We kiss for a bit and he goes and cleans up, catching his train to the burbs. 

Friday, February 12, 2010

What's happening

I know that I've been a way for a bit but was taking a bit of a mental health break from the blog.  Didn't stop cruising and fucking tho.  Will have a new post this weekend.  Thanks for taking part in the poll.  As I allowed for multiple answers, people may have hit more than one.  The split is 50/50 on whether you think it is a bb blog.  Interesting.  It doesn't really matter but I like to know what you guys think about things. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I almost forgot about this guy

It wasn't that he was ugly or a bad lay.  As a general rule, if you don't post about someone, you generally will forget to.  He texted me last night asking me if I was free but I wasn't as I had 1.  already left 2.  Frankie had been over and 3. Had to find the energy to meet up with this other dude and wasn't sure if that was going to happen. Before I forget, here's train boy.

I meet up with this guy, he lives on the south side but works around here.  We had chatted online previously but the geography never made us a match.  A couple of weeks ago, he's leaving work, I'm still at work, all alone,so I invite him over.  He gets off the train and meets me at my office.  I was pleasantly surprised as he was better looking than his picture.  He's 22, 6'1, about 175, brown and brown, with hairy chest.  We go into the office and start kissing.  He's definitely into kissing.  We take our clothes off and trade blow jobs.  He has a nice cock, about 6.5 inches, so it's not too small or too big.  We go at that for a bit before we end up on rug, sixty-nining each other.  I rub his hole and he allows it but I can tell he didn't plan that far ahead, so I realize that is not happening.  I stand up and start fucking his mouth and pulling his hair.  I go at it for a bit and he lets me use his mouth.  He doesn't take a break until I tell him I'm going to cum.  He pulls off my dick and I shoot it mostly on the floor.  He then comes over to me and I start blowing him again.  He doesn't last long at all, shooting his load on my chest.  We make out for a bit before he leaves.  The thing that really dug about him was that he just really into it.  He was super intense about everything from the kissing, the head, the groping.  Being 22 may also have something to do with it. 

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The old poll.

The previous poll results were interesting:

out of the 154 that responded:

50% were here for the sex

37% were here for the pics

13% were here for me.

I'll have to say that I'm surprised that 13% said me.  I put that up there as a post and figured may be one or two would say me but 20.  Damn.  That's a shock. 

Don't forget to vote on the new poll.  I'm trying to figure out what you guys want to see more of around here.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Oh Frankie.....He's f'ing hot.

So I met thig guy the other day.  He's not my typical type.  He's about 5'6, 150 pounds and 28.  I usually go for a skinnier guy but this guy wasn't fat or beefy, he had a hot muscular body.  He comes to my office and we start kissing. He's really passionate.  We both get undressed really fast and he starts sucking my dick.  He is pretty good at it and we are alternating between him sucking me and me fucking his mouth.  This goes on for a bit and he sits on the couch.  I go up to him and he starts in at me there, sucking my cock with urgency.  He eventually stops and starts inhaling my nipples and chest.  I sit down on the couch and he gets on top of me,  We start kissing again as we rub our cocks against each other.  I try to finger his ass but he discreetly moves it away,  I get up and start forcing my cock down his throat again and fuck his mouth.  He asks me to come on his chest and I blow my load all over his muscular chest and I notice that he already shot his load.  After he left, I did something I almost never do.  I sent him an email telling him that was hot.  He wrote me back on Friday and we have plans for him to suck me off next week.  I'm still hoping to get at his ass and am pretty sure that I will.

I should be so lucky

This blog may be ending soon.  And if it does, it is the best way I can do it, by pissing off a pussy stalker and the people at blogspot.  I will continue to blog until then but will be happy to just be a guy that fucks alot.  One thing that will not change is that I will out there doing exactly the same thing, just not writing about it.  As as side note, I've been thinking alot about ending the blog recently and have only continued to do so because of my followers.  Writing the blog has been a great experience in that I have learned alot about myself and about other people.  Unitl then, enjoy, even you stalkers.

A question.

I don't really consider this a bareback blog but have heard that used several times in reference to my blog.  I tend to think of my blog as a sex blog.  Sometimes I top raw, sometimes I use a condom.  It's mostly up to the bottom and what they want.  Answer the poll and let me know what you guys think.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

A comment that requires more

I received this comment from Mattie:
If You are telling the thruth (so rare here on these Hoax blogs) at least have some real pics when You and him are fucking. Not the stolen pics from Pornsites, CL, A4A You use to put up here...................................................................................................................................................................... I'm not sure you get it.  My blog is truthful.  I'm in my late 30's, masculine, depending on your viewpoint, beefy, stock, hunky, or could lose 10 pounds.  I consider myself handsome but that is in the eye of the beholder and some people may think I'm hot others not.  But enough guys do because I'm getting alot of dick and ass. I started this blog to write about the hot sex I was having.  I wanted an outlet to talk about it.  I never, ever thought that so many people would be interested in my sex life. I expected it to be my version of a diary. I didn't want, at the time I started this nor do I want today, to post pictures of me.  If I did, it would be very damaging to my career.  If I had to make a choice, I would ditch the blog before I posted my face pic on here.  After all, I have to eat, pay a mortgage, etc.  Not exactly glamorous but reality.  That being said, I have posted two pics on here and two people know who I am, one I had sex with and the other is a fellow blogger who lives outside of Illinois.  This may surprise some on here but I would never ask a guy to take pictures of us having sex.  Let alone post them.  I know others do but I am way to conservative for that.  I know, I used the term conservative and that probably would not be the one that most would use.  I've done some pretty crazy things over the past year.  I guess it depends on your perspective.  I would probably do it if the other guy wanted it but would never ask.    As for using other pics from the net, I think people like the pics and want more pics, not less. 
I'm not sure why this comment aggravated me.  I've had a lot of things said to me that were worse but I think just really hit a nerve. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Breaking in new territory

This weekend I broke one of the original rules I had for the blog which was to keep it anonymous.  I met up with guy who emailed me based upon being a fan of the blog.  I had told myself that I would never do it.  I guess, never say never.  This is the first guy that I have ever been with that knew I was going to write about him.  The funny part is that I feel a little awkward writing about him.  I offered him the opportunity to write the post with an introduction by me.  We'll see if he follows through.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Keeping track

I started the blog a little over a year ago but didn't keep track of all you men at first.  Since, I started keeping track of all the horny guys reading my blog, I had over 148,000 visits and 365,000 page views.  I guess you guys like it.  And want more. 

Friday, January 22, 2010

Fire crotch

I get this email the other day from this red headed dude.  With red heads, it's seems that they are either hot or really not hot.  Not a lot of in between.  This guy was on the cute side, mid 20's, about 5'8, 150 pounds.  He is also very much what he calls, bi-curious and I call not ready to deal with it.  He gets over here and we get undressed.  We started jacking our own cocks.  He mentioned that he wanted to give head so I asked him to go down on me.  And he asks if I have a condom.  I say no and he pauses and asks if I am clean.  I let him know that I totally am and he starts giving me head.  You could tell he was inexperienced but he did get better as he went on.  I wanted to try and get at his ass so I had him stop and I went down and started giving him head.  I was totally turned on looking at his red pubes and his pinkish cock.  I went to town on his cock, totally devouring it.  I stopped and spit in my hands and started to finger his ass. He jumped with shock when I stuck my finger in.  That didn't continue much longer.  He started sucking my cock again and I let him go until I was getting ready to come.  Just as I was cumming, I let him know, knowing he was not going to swallow  but I wanted him to taste what a man tasted like.  I blew my load mostly on his chest (except for the first squirt which was in his mouth and on his chin).  He spit out my cum and jacked off and left.  I love breaking in a guy, especially a hot red head.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Something newsworthy

Every once in awhile something weird pops up in the news that needs a comment.  This has hit the blogs and Chelsea Lately and I couldn't help myself.  Apparently this stud is a law student who was doing porn to pay for school.  Now, a professor is on a campaign to get him kicked out.  Hmm, so was this old buzzard doing cruising gay porn anyhow?  I wonder if he did it on school time?  It just drives me crazy to see this shit.  Plus, I like the idea of fucking a lawyer, they have been fucking us around for years, right.  He's kinda hot. 

Here's the link to the story: 

Monday, January 18, 2010

What's up with my regular boys.

I have had a request for some updates on the guys that I fuck regularly or semi regularly.  I'll start with the most popular ones:

1.  Jock Strap Boi:  I guess you guys like to see me bottom.  He's texted me a few times since our last hook-up but I haven't met up with him.  I will again but haven't been in the mood to bottom.  It is pretty clear that he is not going to bottom for me so unless I am in the mood take his cock, it's not going to happen.

2.  Lewis:  He is still around but is geographically undesirable.  He lives on the far south side and had no transportation.  Unless he is willing to take the train downtown, it takes too long because I have to pick him, drive back here and then drive him back after. That's at lease 90 minutes of driving so it isn't happening unless he takes the train or bus to me.  But I do miss his hot ass so, you never know.

3.  Waiter boi.  He's still around and I'm still fucking him.  I have a post to write about fucking in his parent's house.  I have to be careful with him as he is a bit needy and wants a relationship with me.  He knows I'm in one so I don't get it.

4.  River boi.  You just read a post on him.  Super hot.  Super fucked up.

5.  UofC boi.  I haven't heard much from him.  Every once in awhile I email him and we chat.  He's all serious with his man. But I've made it clear to him that I want to meet up again. Hopefully he will take the bf thing less seriously or be single. 

6.  Space.  He moved out of state and didn't tell me until after he moved.  I was kinda pissed because there is something about this guy.   I'm pretty sure he'll pop up again some day.  He always does.

7.  Beefy Latin Stud.  I haven't had any requests for info on him BUT this is one guy that I plan on hooking up with soon.  Now I know I told you that I haven't been in the mood to bottom but I will with this guy, pretty much anytime.  I have to make the move and call him.  He made it clear that he's around but won't hit me up that I have to call him if I want it.  Something about that just turns me on and makes me want another go with him, even if it means I have to take it.

Friday, January 15, 2010

River boy is never dull

It's never a dull moment with this guy.  I see him online and invites me over to where he is at.  Every time, it's a different place so I am never really sure what's going on.  I get there and he has a friend of his meet me downstairs and bring me up.  He's fucked up.  Geeking.  He's cute, 6'0, 160, sandy blond hair about 25.  He let's me know Rivers in the bathroom.  It's taking him a long time and meet and greet boy is looking at my lustily.  I push him down and he starts eating my cock through my jeans.  I take it out and he starts blowing me.  He stops for a bit and says what about river.  If he wanted it, he'd be here right now instead of you.  He continues to suck my cock when another dude, who's apartment this is comes in.  Meet and greet gets off my cock and apartment boy says hi and acts like nothing is up and he didn't see shit.  I zip up, meet and greet gives me his number and leaves.  Eventually, river comes out wearing only a towel.  He looks damn good.  The three of us are hanging out, river and apartment boy smoke up and apartment boy leaves again.  River and I get to it.  He gives me head for a bit to get me hard but wants my cock and scoots to the edge of the bed.  I lube up my cock and point it and stick it in.  River moans and I go in deep. We start fucking in a nice pace when apartment boy come back in.  River tries to pull away but I pull him back and stay inside of him.  Apartment boy is looking for something while I continue to fuck River.  Apartment boy make a comment about getting a room and we stop fucking and lie on the bed, naked, talking to him.  I thought he might jump in but he didn't.  He ended up leaving again after about 20 minutes.  River gets me hard again and I lift his legs and enter his hot latin hole again.  We're going at it all hot and heavy when apartment boy comes back again.  He's tweeking and doesn't know whay the fuck he's doing.  River is shy but we stay at it.  I keep fucking him and eventually see that apartment boy is watching us, jacking off.  That pretty much throws me over the edge and I nut inside River, giving him a nice load.  I pull out and we hang out naked watching apartment boy jack off but not be able to come. So far I've had a three way with him, fucked while the door was open and the roommate could watch, fucked in a stair well of his buddies apartment and now this scene.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Check this out

Writing a blog can be a lot harder than you realize.  You have to balance how much you put out there.  Sometimes it can be therapeutic, others it can exasperate problems.  I struggle with it often.  Sometimes I feel like I have told so much that there is little left that's mine.  At other times, I can sense the distance in what I'm writing.  My only goal is to not deprive myself or the other person that I am fucking from getting the most out of the experience.

Right now you might be wondering where is he is going with this.  A fellow blogger and follower of this blog, Hot Pig disappeared for a bit.  He wasn't gone long but he wrote about it, why he left and why he returned.  In all the stuff written in blogs, particularly sex blogs, it was the most revealing and forthright post that I have seen in quite awhile.  It was sad to see what happened and how he really put himself out there only to be rejected.  But it was on my mind well after I read it.  I only know him from his writing and the few comments he has made on here.  But I felt his pain.  And it resonated because I knew about how he entered into the relationship from his previous blog.  If you haven't check out his blog, you should.  He has great sex but is willing to show you more.
The pic is NOT him.  I didn't ask for his permission to post, so it just some eye candy boys.  But check out his pic because his ass is hotter.