Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Breaking in new territory

This weekend I broke one of the original rules I had for the blog which was to keep it anonymous.  I met up with guy who emailed me based upon being a fan of the blog.  I had told myself that I would never do it.  I guess, never say never.  This is the first guy that I have ever been with that knew I was going to write about him.  The funny part is that I feel a little awkward writing about him.  I offered him the opportunity to write the post with an introduction by me.  We'll see if he follows through.


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  3. With the amount of people looking at your blog im surprised its first time! Hope to hear bowt it soon!

  4. Interesting! I hope it was a hot time!

  5. If You are telling the thruth (so rare here on these Hoax blogs) at least have some real pics when You and him are fucking. Not the stolen pics from Pornsites, CL, A4A You use to put up here.

  6. I've had a couple guys read my blog before hooking up, so they knew they were going to be written about. And yah, knowing the guy you just pounded is going to read it, looking to see how you'll portray him in your written world is a little weird. I think it taints my writing. I've skipped funny embarrassing details because I didn't want to hurt the guys feelings. It's a tough road being an objective blogger, aint it?

  7. @Seb: I had a couple of offers in the past but it never happened.

    @Jack: It's true,it makes you think about it. I don't regret doing it with him at all. I'm hoping to do it with him again.

    @Mattie: Your response is worthy of a post. So be on the lookout.

    @Guy007: I hope so....