Friday, March 5, 2010

The first 18 hours - hotel sex

I fell off the wagon pretty quickly.  It wasn't even 18 hours into the vow.  This guy I had been chatting with from out-of-town hit me up.  These things are usually hit or miss.  He was literally 4 blocks away from my office in a hotel.  I guess I had to. 

I meet him in the lobby and we head to the room.  He looks like his pics, a little geeky but for some reason it turns me on.  He's about 29, 5'10, 150, brown, blue, glasses.   We get in the room and I notice his pants are unzipped.  He's kinda embarrassed and he goes to zip them up and I stop him.  Quit wasting time.  We unzip and get into down to our underwear.  We head to the bed where we start kissing.  I pull his underwear off and he has a super rock hard dick.  About six inches.  I suck him for a bit and stop.  He changes places with me and starts blowing me.  We switch up again and I start blowing him  but this time I start finger fucking him.  He's moaning like a little bitch.  I know this is going exactly where I want it.  I start rubbing my cock against his hole and he nods over to the table which has a condom on it.  I grab it and put it on and push in.  I'm not too happy about the condom but I want his ass.  I don't go slowly, I'm just all in and he is very vocal and can see his face wince.  Too bad buddy.  It's time to get pounded and I do for a bit.  He's really vocal.  Eventually he comes and can't take it any longer.  He starts giving me head.  I get aggressive and really fuck his mouth.  He stops me and tells me to come on his chest.  Fuck that.   He made me wear a condom and couldn't fuck after he came, now more demands. I pound away at his mouth and start blowing my load and let him know I'm coming.  It ended up in his mouth, on his face, in his eye.  I cleaned up and left. 


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