Saturday, August 20, 2011

I wanted a hook-up and he wanted a date

I met this guy, Terrelle, he's 26, 6'0 tall, about 175 pound, black guy.  When we first met, he didn't seem too interested but about a week later we texted each other and decided to hang out.  It was definitely somewhere in the ambiguous is this a date or a hook up zone.  I knew what I wanted and it wasn't the date.  I arrived at his place and we were chatting and he asks me about grabbing something to eat or a drink.  I said sure and went over to him and kissed him.  Pretty soon that the food and drink was a distant memory.  I was hard almost immediately and I reached down and felt his rising.  I started undressing him and he suggests we take it in to the bedroom.  We kissed all the way to the bedroom and are pretty hot and bothered by time we get there.  We strip down and hit the bed.  He's a great kisser so we are enjoying things.  Without much hesitation, he starts down my chest and giving me head.  It was nice and I was into it, majorly pre-cumming.  The next thing I know, he pushes my ass up and starts eating me out.  I was squirming left and right and he knew I loved it.  He then tells me to turn over and he eats me out from behind.  He stops, lays on top of me and starts kissing me and grinding his cock along my ass. It's fairly obvious that he wants to fuck me and I'm into it.  He's pushing forward and I tell him not without a condom, so he grabs one.  He tries to fuck me doggy but I am too tight.  It's easier for me to start on top to get it ready to take a dick so we switch up.  I get on top of him and ride him eventually taking his BBC.  It hurts like a mother fucker but I do what I need to and deal with it. Meanwhile, my cock is spraying pre-cum like the faucet that was left with on. He fucks me until I can take it any longer and he beats off cumming all over my chest and me cumming on his.  Afterward it was kinda sweet as we laid there and kissed with our man juice rubbing into each other.  It was starting to get a bit intimate and I told him I needed to shower.  He brings me there and takes a shower with me.  As I'm leaving, I realize I like him but am not so sure about being his bottom boy.  I'm also pretty sure he thought of this as a date so another obstacle to deal with.

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